Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode 42

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Recap: Varun gets to know the truth! He cries while Sakshi consoles him.. Nairan teasing Vishyati.. Shardha and Naina’s cute talk.. Meghnal tease Nairan! Varun thanks Sakshi..
Episode :42

Varun’s thought: Naina, i know you are putting up a show so that the rest of them stays happy. I know you don’t want to hurt anyone. I know that you don’t love him. And I doubt if he does. I will remove you from this trap!
This also means..
I still have a chance to make my place in your heart.. I love you Naina! And I can do anything for you!

His eyes teared up as he thought all this and saw the whole gang laughing and teasing each other at the other table. He decided to leave and make a plan to free Naina from this relation.

He was moving out but then planned to use the washroom before leaving. He asked one of the waiter there and he showed him the way to the washroom!
It was pretty dark in that area.

He soon got in and used the washroom.
He came out and bumped into some furniture. He was about to fall but someone held him. He looked up and found a lady. He stood up and at that time his phone fell off from his pocket by mistake. He saw it falling. He was about catch it but then it slipped from his hand.
The person held it instead.
Lady: This phone fell from your hands, don’t let the other things fall from your hands , those things that are meant only for you!

Varun stood up and looked at the lady. She too stood straight, gave the phone to him and smiled at him.
Varun:Who are you?
Lady: someone who has the same motive as you..
Varun : what motive?
Lady: motive.. is to break that relation that was force on two people.. just few months back.
Varun(a little scared): I didn’t understand..
Lady: I see love in eyes, all for Naina. I know that you want to break her relationship with Karan.

Varun was completely shocked.. he stood still..
Lady: relax.. relax.. I have got a plan.. you just got to execute it and then soon Naina will be yours! Don’t you want her?
Varun: but what if Naina…

Lady: we will hide this.. keep this as a secret forever! And their relation is meant to be broken for their own good you see! This relation was forced upon two of them. I know they still don’t call each other as husband-wife. It’s all a show that they put up to please everyone. She does this for her sister and Karan does it for his brother.
I know that you can help, break this relation and free them, to live their dreams.
Varun: but.. what can I do for them?

Lady: it’s very simple..
They have a muted conversation..
Varun’s thought: i don’t know if this plan will work.. I just hope I’m not doing anything wrong!
He stretched his hand forward,hesitantly. And shook hands with the lady.
He then walked out of the place! And also left the venue!
At the table:
Naina(keeping her hands on her hips): ho gaya aap sabhi ka?
Everyone giggled once again.
Kunal: picture abhi baaki hai, meri sweet saali!
A beautiful evening ended like that. All the guests and the family members had tasty food and went to sleep.
Meghnal’s room:
Meghna was in her night suit, combing her hair.

Kunal came from back and pulled her cheeks.
Meghna: Kunal!
She said and giggled.

Meghna: what’s wrong with you?
Kunal leant forward and hugged from her back, over her shoulders. While she held his hands and leant back on him.
Kunal kept his chin on her shoulder. Then gave a small peck on her cheek!
Meghna: aww.. why is my husband being so sweet today?
Both of them were looking at each other through the mirror.

Kunal: Nothing! Just want tell my wife that my love for her will never decrease forever!
Meghna smile and kept her right hand on his cheek.
She turned towards her right to kiss on his cheek but then Kunal turned his head immediately! And her kiss landed on his lips instead of his cheeks! She moved back in shock.
Meghna knew it was his trick. He broke the hug but stayed in the same position.
Meghna: haww…

she giggled and blushed. And turned to give a small smack on his hand. But he missed it so she got up from ther and walked back.
Soon both of them landed on the bed, fighting.
Scene shifts to Nairan:
Naina and Karan were already on the bed.
They were laying on their backs facing the ceiling, so they look at each other when they speak.
Karan: aaj toh bohoth maja aya na?

Naina: yeah! It was so much fun.
Karan: I enjoyed after really long! I had stopped celebrating Navratri. So this one was after a very long time. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Naina muttered to herself: and I’m extremely happy to know that you are happy!
Karan: Did you say something?
Naina: no, I was just saying that, it’s great that you enjoyed it.
Nairan: Khyati and Vishal bhai..

they giggled as they said it the same time.
Naina: I think they like each other.
Karan muttered to himself: just like us.
Naina: huh? You said something?

Karan: no nothing..
Karan’s thought: Karan?! What are you even saying.. wait! Do you like Naina?
I don’t know! Then? And how do you know if Naina likes you? Simply assuming things.
He smacked his head lightly.
Naina: Karan?
Karan: yeah?

Naina: good night… (sweetly)
Karan: good night.. (same tone)
They smiled to themselves and went to sleep!
Khyati’s room:
Khyati was on her bed. Laying on her back. Dreaming looking at the ceiling.
Suddenly , a broad smile appeared on her face!
She turned towards her right and looked at her phone that was keep next to the table lamp (obviously on the table next to her bed!

She now layed on her stomach. Both her hands holding her chin and her elbows resting on the bed. She continuously stared at her phone and suddenly giggled and blushed!
Yeah, Vishyati had exchanged their numbers.
She picked up the phone and opened the gallery. She checked the pictures that were taken. So many selfies with Vishal!
She blushed as she went through each picture.

She took one of the best picture and saved it as her home screen. She then kept on staring at it. She took his no. saved it as Vishal ❤️ and put a pic there too!
This girl had gone completely crazy!

In Vishal’s room:
Vishal layed flat on his bed, staring at the ceiling then he checked his pocket.
He found a pic and added her no. as Khyati❤️️ and added that pic there.

He held the phone in his right hand. And his left hand was behind his head. He had clicked a pic of Khyati, without her knowing. He took that picture and looked at. A small smile appeared on his face.

Vishal: should I call her?
Khyati: No no! What will he think?
Vishal: then what shall I do?
Khyati: or? Shall I?
Vishal: no no! She might have slept by now!
Khyati: yeah! I can’t disturb him now!

Vishal:but I can message for sure..
both of them message..
“Hi ! Are you awake?”
And then both of them clicked on backspace!
Khyati: Khyati?!?!? Kya yaar! Tu toh pagal ho gayi hein!
Vishal turned around and dug his face into the pillow.. saying
Vishal: Vishal!! Kya kar raha tha? So ja yaar! Tu na, definitely pagal ho Gaya hein!
Precap: fast forward of a month or two! ?? sorry!
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AND ,YES! Please do tell me if you guys want me put in some Diwali special episode,ok? Or else we will get back to some normal days thing,ok? Please do comment your opinions, below!
Love you all!

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  1. Hi Reshma Di, loved the update. I loved Nairan’s mutters especially Karan’s mutter. Vishyati were so cuute as well. Thank you ? for updating and please update soon.
    Lots of llove,

    1. Resh

      Hi Sofia!
      Thank you so much! ☺️
      Hey don’t thank me for updating.. I’m sorry for replying late.. I’ll update soon..
      loads of love to you too! ?❤️️

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    Hi Reshma.I loved it to the core.I don’t know about what people think and why they are disliking your ff.Ok that’s their opinion.I can’t tell how much happy I am .Meghnal were fully cute.And the romantic scene was a bang on.I could literally imagine it.(Don’t think bad about me at this.Just kidding);-);-);-). Nairan as always cute.Vishyati were really a bang on.I Don’t want to talk about Varun and make myself off.I will focus on all good things that are happening.You know positivity.And yeah thanks for your encouragement in the last ff.I wasn’t able to reply.A leap is gonna come.Excited for it and hope Varuns and that lady’s plan doesn’t work out.And lead to something ultha.Like revealing of love for each other by nairan.All the lines you wrote is so nice.Hats off.Loads of love.Post ASAP.

    1. Resh

      Hey Amena!
      Thank you so much yaar! ☺️☺️
      Chill I won’t judge you! Who doesn’t want such scenes.. only if they had it on the serial too! I miss it!
      Yeah.. focus on the good! ?
      That’s okay! I’m happy you read it! Well, we’ll see! Maybe they will realise their love through that.
      Thank you so much yaar! ?❤️☺️
      Loads and loads of love to you too!

  3. Jiya09

    Did Karan said ” Just like us ” ??!!! I can’t believe my eyes!!! Nairan’s talk was so so so cute… I can’t believe my eyes.. Karan is thinking about if Naina loves him or not!!! ? And Vishyati scene was also cute.. They thinking and doing the same thing!! Wow!!. And last but not the least , our Kunal always the naughty and romantic one.. Meghnal scene was also amazing… In all total I loved it.. Don’t know what’s the plan between Varun and that lady and I don’t want this plan to get successful also..
    And hey , I’m also getting one dislike from 3 or 4 episodes , so Hifi!!??… And I will surely love to read a diwali special episode.. ( I guess it will be a bonus with the actual story ? )… Eagerly waiting for the next episode… Please please do update soon.. Loads and loads of love to you..❤❤❤❤

    1. Resh

      Yes! Yes yes! He said it! ☺️ Naina’s arrow of love struck Karan’s heart, unknowingly.. you can see the result your self… Thank you so much yaar! ☺️❤️
      Let’s see what happens!
      By the way you are decently getting one dislike but I get 2 extra for free! ? Anyways hifi ??
      And yes.. as you per your saying.. I’m writing a Diwali special.. it will come up soon!
      I hope you guys don’t get irritated bored and pissed!
      Thank you so much again!
      And loads and loads of love to you too! ??❤️

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  5. Ff was good
    Sorry for being too late in commenting
    U keep on writing??

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much,Palak! ☺️
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    Next one please……. :-):-)

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