Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode 41

So sorry for being late again! I think I’ve disappointed you all with my earlier episode. I just hope this one would change your mind.

Recap: Varun’s entry.. Vishal’s entry.. Vishyati moments.. Karan angry and jealous of Varun. Sakshi and Karan’s plan.. Karan dances with Naina while Varun gets to know Naina’s truth!


Varun: Bhabhi?
Sakshi: yeah!
Varun: wait is she married to that Karan?
His eyes were widened. His heart ached. He felt the pain of a needle pierced into his heart, when he saw Sakshi nodding a yes to his question with a smile on her face.
Varun took a step back dreaming. His eyes were filled.
Sakshi didn’t understand what was wrong.
He took another step back. And tear fell of his eye.

Sakshi held Varun and took him to the side. Made him sit at a table in the corner. Now Varun’s tears were unstoppable.. they continued to flow..
Sakshi sat down next to him and kept her hand on his shoulders.
Varun: Naina is married? When? If yes ,then why didn’t she tell me? Am I not her friend? She didn’t tell me about this.. I trusted her and she didn’t even bother to inform me? How can she forget me?…………….. how can she get married? I loved her… (the last line wasn’t heard by Sakshi)
he broke down saying this!

He started crying a bit louder.. no one could hear as the table was in one corner and the music was loud.
Sakshi felt sad. She understood that he didn’t know that Naina was married. She understood that he felt betrayed.. after him being her best friend she (Naina) didn’t inform him about it or maybe she assumed that he knew it so didn’t inform him when they met… she cleared up her thoughts and leant a bit forward to explain the situation to Varun.. and clear up the mess in his mind…
Sakshi: Varun.. please listen to me for once and then decide if you really want to call Naina as a betrayer!

Please don’t call her that.. it wasn’t her fault neither was it Karan’s fault.. This marriage happened all of a sudden. Even I was shocked when I got to know.
What actually happened was that……………(she explained all the past)..
Varun stopped crying. He sat up straight.
Varun: so, this marriage was forced upon them?

Sakshi: yeah exactly!
Varun: So does that mean they aware putting up a show now?
Sakshi: I hope not! I really hope they aren’t acting in front of us to keep our hearts.. because I know them both.. they don’t like hurting anyone, so they bear all the difficulties that come in their ways. Just to keep all of us happy.
I just hope it’s not like that.. because I can see the small spark of blossoming love in their eyes!

Varun(thinking): this means ki beta Varun, you still have a chance! Since all this drama was forced upon them. I can help them out by breaking this relation.. but I really don’t know how.
Someone was watching all this from a little far..

Naina and Karan’s place:
Naina and Karan were dancing happily.. they were lost in each other’s smile.. but suddenly Naina saw something and stopped dancing and she curiously stared at it. Karan saw this and he stopped and turned around and saw two people dancing.. he then noticed that it was Vishal and Khyati. They both were busy dancing.

Naina and Karan looked at each other and smiled.
Naina and Karan planned to walk towards them. But it would be difficult because of crowd, that was busy showcasing their dandiya moves.. Karan held Naina’s hand. She looked up in shock. She felt that electric shock in her hand. And both of them managed to pass through the whole crowd to reach Vishyati.

They then started their work they started dancing next to them.
Vishal and Khyati were very busy looking into each other’s eyes.
Karan and Naina purposely pushed Vishal and Khyati(respectively) , acting as though they bumped into them by mistake. And then they acted to look surprised.
Karan(to Khyati): Khyati? Tum yahan thi? Mein tumhe kabse doond raha tha.. tum dikhi nahi kahi..
Naina(to Vishal): Vishal bhaiya? Aap kab aye? toh humse milne kyun nahi aye? Aap aakar pehle mujhse milthe the na? Aaj Kya hua? (Last line in a teasing manner)
He stammered..

Karan: arey Vishal! (Keeping his hands over Vishal) aap yahan? Vaise aap humse milne kyun nahi aye?
He stammered again..
Karan: Is everything alright Vishal? Why are you stammering huh? (Teasingly)
Naina: yeah.. and Khyati where were you? I didn’t see you since a very long time.. By the way what are you both doing here,TOGETHER?
She teased them.

Karan: Naina, I feel something yummy is cooking here.
Saying this Karan stood towards Naina’s left and kept his right elbow on Naina’s shoulders, looking at Khyati and Vishal..
Naina folded her hands and said,
Naina: I too can smell it yaar! Kuch chal raha hein kya? Aap dono ke beech?
She raised her eyebrows and smiled. Karan was watching his Naina question them.
Vishyati: Nahi toh!
They almost screamed.

Vishal: woh na, cheeku aur jeeju, hum bad dance kar rahe the.
Khyati: haan!
Agreeing to Vishal.
Karan took off his hands from Naina’s shoulder. Nairan looked at each other, winked and giggled. Then turned and looked at Vishyati who were looking at each other and then looking away.
Naina: waise Bhaiya.. Ma nahi ayi?
Vishal: woh dekho! (pointing at a table)

Naina: ok thanks bye! She jogged towards her mom. Karan wanted to go after her, so he excused himself by telling them,

Karan: continue.. continue..
He then turned around and walked fast to reach the table.
Shardha, Nirmala, Meghna and Kunal were already seated at that table.
Naina went from Shardha’s back and shut her eyes(Shardha’s) with her(Naina’s) hands..
Shardha smiled.. (Shardha is sitting all through out)
Karan smiled as he reached the table and saw her behaving like a small kid.
Shardha held Naina’s hand and guessed.
Shardha: Naina?

Naina: you always recognise me early.
She removed her hand but then Shardha held her hands and pulled her forward.
Shardha smiled at Naina’s sad face. She held her chin.
Shardha: How wouldn’t I recognise my daughter, hmm?
Naina smiled at her mom. Shardha stretched her arms out for her daughter. They hugged each other.
Karan came and stood next to his mom.

His smile became wider when he saw the mother-daughter love!
They soon broke the hug.
Meghna: ma? Aapne mujhe jhappi nahi di..
She complained.
Kunal saw her cuteness and pulled her cheeks..
Kunal: kitni cute hein meri topper?!

He said in a very cute way. Meghna blushed but then she faked anger. She kept her hands on her hips and glared at Kunal. While the rest of them laughed at their cuteness.
Naina: Actually, Di you are not the one who is supposed to be angry right now, it’s me?
Meghna: angry at whom? Kunal?
Naina: No,Di! It’s you!
Meghna: huh? Arey what did I do?
Naina: why didn’t you inform me that ma came? You came to meet her but you didn’t bother to inform me! Hmp!
She folded her hands and looked away from her sister. (Faking anger..Naina can’t be angry with her sister)
Meghna: Oye drama queen, its not my fault..ask your jeeju also!
Naina turned and looked at them.
Kunal: yeah.. my nahi and my saali were busy romancing in their own dreamland. So, we couldn’t interrupt.
Naina blushed hard. Karan was too smiling.

On the other side. Varun got up.
Varun: Thank you Sakshi for clear my questions on Naina!
Sakshi: you are always welcome!
She smiled and got up.. then she left.
He turned around and saw Karan and Naina standing next to the table.

Precap: Varun’s thought: this means..
I still have a chance to make my place in her heart..
Varun meets someone and shakes hand, hesitantly agreeing to the plan!

Sorry if there are any mistakes.. I just hope you guys liked this one.. sorry for disappointing u all in the last one!??

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  1. Jiya09

    Naina and Karan are so cuteeee!! And the way they were teasing Vishal and Khyati , I was like ” you were also doing the same thing ok!! “? So now Varun is ready to break Nairan’s relation. And I guess the other person is Sandhya? She is too much. Always puts her nose in every matter , in serial and most of the stories!! Mother – daughters and jeeju scene was also cute. In total I lovedddd it.. Please post soon! Will be waiting for it eagerly … Loads of love.❤❤

    1. Resh

      Yeah no? They were doing the same thing. That and all won’t be noticed by them! ? Let’s see if your guess is right or not.. yeah.. yeah.. she is one nosy! ??
      Thank you so much! yaar!
      I’ll definitely try soon! Let me push myself and type the upcoming ones and post it..
      Loads and loads of love to you too dear! ?❤️️☺️

  2. Nairan scenes were awesome…post soon..

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Aafia! ☺️Will definitely try and post soon! ?❤️️

  3. Hi, Di. Today’s update was really good. Nairan teasing Vishyati was soo cute. I wonder what Varun is going to do now, hope Nairan get through it together. Thanks for updating and please update soon.

    1. Resh

      Hi Sofia! Thank you so much dear! ☺️Whatever will happen, will be for their good! So it will depend on how you all will take it!
      Will surely try and post soon!
      Ur are welcome
      And loads of love to you! ?❤️

  4. #nairanlover:-)

    Hi Reshma.I loved it.Thank god Varun came to know.But why is he turning villian type of a person?And nairan the way they teased vishyati was so cute.Karan held Nainas hand awwwwwww.Cant get over it.Sorry for late comment.I will just tell you the series of tension I am going through 1)Exam 2)Pimple in eye 3)Not getting proper sleep.I may sound quite annoying but sorry for it as I thought to share with you.I read it earlier only but as I was busy I couldn’t able to comment.Post ASAP.Dont go anywhere now.And yeah the last chapter was not annoying.Loads of love

    1. Resh

      Hi Amena!
      Sorry if there are any errors in the following msg because my keypad is acting crazy! ?
      Thank you so much!☺️
      See, Sakshi didn’t inform Varun about the present Nairan, who love each other but deny to express it to each other! So he thinks that they need to be pulled out of this unwanted and forced relationship!
      1)Exam: some shit made only for tension! It is useless because it still cannot calculate your unique talents!
      Those who get full marks are not always as successful as those with average marks! Chill! So you just need to relax! Peace out and study stuffs that are possible and write all that you remember! I Don’t stress yourself! Breath in and breath out! Eat good food and get some good sleep please! And a big ALL THE BEST from my side!
      2)pimple: on the eye! I know it bad as we can’t click pics but.. take real good care of yourself! It will go away soon! Wear goggles! ? Don’t slap me for that!??
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      That’s okay, I get it! You were busy. You read it, that’s enough! You can comment when time permits!
      I’ll definitely post the next one soon!
      Yeah I won’t go anywhere!
      I just felt it! I don’t think people would click on the dislike button simply! I think either the person doesn’t like the ff! Or he/she has a deep grudge on me!
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