Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode 40

Hi people.. really sorry for being a ditcher.. but the reason was that my exams were goin on.. and few of you may know my phone was taken away.. so I couldn’t post anything.. So, sooo sorry for being so damn late! But please don’t stop going through the ff.. love you all for the support till now! ?❤️️?
Recap: I left you guys with the last dandiya night..Ik that’s were I dropped you guys.. so sorry for the inconvenience…
(Guys after this celebration scene I’ll jump of to Diwali!)
Episode 40 (yay!!!??)
They both joined the rest of them at the party.. As Naina came in all of the Sadi that she was looking beautiful and Sakshi tickled Karan and teased him with Naina.. slowly everyone went back to dance..
Karan was dancing better than earlier though his concentration was still on Naina.. watching her dance.. she was about to reach him when someone jumps in.. and dances with Naina.. Karan frowns.. and he stares at the person as he cannot see the person’s face.. Naina noticed Karan’s facial expressions and understood.. so she giggled.
By then Khyati came to dance with Karan so that he doesn’t feel lonely but then seeing someone going in she walked away leaving Karan alone again.. Sakshi danced and moved towards him and dance with him..
Khyati dances with her dandiyas and reach the person (none other than our Vishal bhaiya) to dance when she suddenly is blocked by two dancers.. they were purposely blocking her from moving forward.. she stood there and looked at the two of them.. it was Meghnal..
Kunal: Kyu Khyati, jaldi mein kahan jaa rahi ho?
Khyati felt caught..

Sakshi and Karan’s side:
Sakshi: Can you get that smell?
Karan(frustrated): What smell?
Sakshi: I can smell something burning! Actually I can smell SOMEONE burning?
Karan(trying to deny): who is burning? I’m not burning? Why should I burn?

Khyati and Meghnal’s side:
Khyati(acting innocent) : kuch nahi I was just changing places..
Meghna: ohhhhoo..
Khyati: kya bhabhi?
Meghna: kuch nahi! Tum jao..
Meghnal moved away from there.. and smiled at their cute Khyati..

Naina’s side:
Naina: Arey! Varun?!? Tum? At last tum aa gaye! I thought you won’t come..
Varun: My bestie called so how can I not come?
Naina: yeah right..

Sakshi and Karan:
Sakshi: wait wait.. I never mentioned that it was you.. so see.. you just admitted it without me telling it..
Karan was about to reply.. when he saw the person who was dancing with Naina all this time… VARUN!!!
Now, he lost his control.. he didn’t understand why.. he stopped dancing and walked towards the side..

Sakshi stomped after Karan… Nirmala saw this and walked towards them… she giggled at the way Sakshi walked after Karan.. Sakshi was imitating the way Karan was walking.. He went and sat down next to one of the round table.
Sakshi followed and sat next to him. Nirmala sat on the other side. She held Karan’s chin.
Nirmala: Kya hua beta? Why do you look so lost? Are you tired?
Sakshi (interrupted) : Ma, I’ll tell you.. she went and sat next to Nirmala and she pointed at Naina.. dancing with Varun..
Nirmala: oho.. so Karan is feeling jealous?
Karan looked down at the table.
He was lost somewhere. Nirmala kept her hand on his shoulder.
Nirmala: Beta, why are you sitting like this for that? Go and dance with Naina! Don’t sit here like this.. go.. go na!
She said pushing Karan. Karan got up Sakshi too got up, so did Nirmala.
Nirmala smiled at Sakshi and left. Sakshi went forward.
Sakshi: Bhai I have a plan. You take Bhabhi while I stop that guy from coming to you and Naina.. fine?
Karan smiled.. he was pretty excited to do this. Sakshi went and interrupted the two of them.
Naina was tired and she also found it a bit to weird, Varun wasn’t moving.. he didn’t
let anyone exchange places.. Naina was trying to find a way out of this awkward situation. Just then she saw Sakshi and Karan..
They started dancing next to them. Slowly Sakshi came in between.
Sakshi: Bhabhi, can you dance with bhai?
Naina smiled in approval and stood in front of Karan and started dancing. Sakshi turned towards Varun.
Varun was standing there. Frozen..
Varun asked Sakshi for confirmation..
Varun: BHABHI?
Really sorry for being late and if this one is small then sorry again.. ?
And sorry if there are any mistakes.. I try and post the next one soon!

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  1. The living dead

    Awesome, continue soon. So cute, jealous Karan…???

    1. Resh

      ☺️ Hi Thank you for waiting.. I’m happy that you liked it.. I think I’m kinda running out ideas.. anyways I’ll try and make the next one a bang on! Because I didn’t like this episode..
      Thank you so much one again!

      1. The living dead

        Thank you for posting yaar, I’ll definitely wait til you update ’cause I loved your ff so much and seriously Nairan are definition of true love and understanding

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    Hi Reshma.First of all let me say you that I was missing you alot.Even I said JIYA about it.Ok before going on a long leave please say and go that you are having exam or whatever reason.Keep this in mind before going on a Leave.Sorry if sondes harsh.Dont worry I will wait for you.Everyday I check if anyone has uploaded a new chapter.Every day I used to search if you have updated something.Seriously not even joking.Ok let’s come to today’s chapter it was fab.Yes it was not the way you usually write but it was really awesome.I liked it.Hmmmm so Varun is basically gonna know as Naina is married.I will be waiting for it.And karan jealousy loved it.Sakshi is also too good.Vishyati are nice too.Meghnal as always cute and caring.I am missing nairan or say anridh alot.Loads of love.I really wanted to write a big comment but because of my exams every Monday I am going busy.Post ASAP.Will be waiting.

    1. Resh

      I’m sooo sorry! Yaar even I wasn’t informed! My phone was taken away suddenly so didn’t get time to inform any one about it! That God you liked it.. I think I should add in few Nairan scenes if possible in the next one.. let’s see.. I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting.. and btw you have all the right to be harsh on a ditched like me! It’s ok if the comment is not that big! I’ll always love it!?❤️
      All the best for your exams!!
      And loads of love to you too

    2. Good luck ? for your exams Didi. I am sure you’ll do well. ?

      1. Resh

        Thanks for your wishe dear I’m done with my exams now! ?

  3. Awww! Jealous Karan! Varun gets to know that Naina is married to Karan! Hopefully he will sop chasing Naina. Plz do post your next episode soon! Loved this chapter!

    1. Resh

      Hi Naina! Thank you so much ? yeah hopefully! I’ll try my best and post the next one soon! ☺️?❤️️
      Thank you so much once again!

  4. nice
    Post asap
    When will next part come

    1. Resh

      Hi Palak! Thank you so much! ☺️? I’ll definitely try and post the next one soon! !

  5. Jiya09

    Reshhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I’m so happy u posted…. I loved it.. I hope from now u will post regularly! Ur ff is so amazing.. And a jealous Karan is best.. Finally Varun came to know about Naina that she is married.. Hope he will not do something. And between Vishyati something something is happening.? Meghnal like always was cute. And thanks to Nirmala and Sakshi , because of them Karan got time with Naina. Karan yaar admit that u love Naina.. Waiting to see Varun’s reaction.. Please post ASAP.. Keep writing.. Loads and Loads and Loads of love to u..❤❤❤❤❤
    And wish u a happy and safe diwali.?

    1. Resh

      Jiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!thank you so much yaar! Yeah will try and be pretty regular as possible! Yeah something something! ??? Next one will include Varun’s reaction..
      loads and loads of love to you too!
      And happy Diwali! Though I’m late!

  6. Hi Reshma Di, don’t be sorry about taking a break because of your exams but next time , if you can, please tell us beforehand. Anyway today’s update was soo good. Karan being jealous of Varun and Naina and Meghnal teasing Khyati about Vishal. Soo cute. I’m looking forward to seeing more Nairan secnes and hopefully some Vishyati scenes as well. Please make there be more Nairan scenes though because in the serial Vishyati had more romantic scenes than Nairan. Thank you for posting and please post soon.
    Loads and loads of love,
    Sofia ❤?

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much dear!
      Yeah I’ll try to inform you guys beforehand!
      Surely the whole ff is basically dedicated to Nairan.. for masala in between we’ll bring in Vishyati!
      Thanks again
      Loads of love to you! ?☺️❤️️

  7. Aafiya

    Awesome.. Post soon

    1. Resh

      Hi Aafiya! Thank you so much! ? Will post soon! ❤️️

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