Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode 35

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Recap: Nairan’s sweet moment.. NK and Dadaji talk.. Nairan meet Varun..

Epi 35
Karan’s anger increased when he saw Varun’s face. But tried and controlled it.
Varun broke out a smile. And walked forward and gave him a hug. Karan too did the same.
Varun: Hey bro! I heard you sing! I came in towards the end! But you sing really well!
Karan: Thanks..
He looked at his watch it was 8:30
Karan: Naina, do you want to stay for some more time or shall we go home?
Naina looked at her watch and replied..
Naina: I think we’ll leave.. bye Varun!
She waved at him and smiled. So did Varun.
Karan and Varun smiled at each other. And soon they parted ways..
Nairan sat in the car and drove back home..

Naina: Karan?
Karan: hmm..
Naina: you know what? You have a new talent now!
Karan: What talent? Singing?
Naina: Nahi.. tum ab ladkiyan patana bhi seekh gaye ho! Woh bhi toh ek talent hai!
Karan: Talent? Ladkiyan patana? Aur who bhi Mein? Meine kab pataye?
Naina: arey! Your singing was enough for them! Plus your looks! Didn’t you see? All the girls at the venue went crazy! All were after you, in the name autograph
Karan: Bas bhi toh karo! How much will you praise me now? Btw not all the girls okay!
Naina: oh please! It was ALL the girls!!
Naina was a little jealous about the fact that girls were after him..but she was a bit shocked to hear his reply..

Karan: Oh so you aren’t a girl! All the other girls in the venue went head over heels for me…except you.. which means you aren’t a girl!
Naina: Karan…
She pulled his ears..playfully.. then she left.. and then smiled at her self..
Karan: waise.. poochne wali bath hein.. all the girls were after me for autograph and all but only you stood away.. why?
He was expecting her answer to evolve somewhere around Varun but..
They reached home as he asked this to her… and she spoke as she got off the car..
Naina: I’m your only wife! They all aren’t your wives.. so they try and get a glimpse of you when they can but I have you with me..all my life.. So why should I behave like those girls..

Karan felt like he was cared about when he heard her words.. he felt the warmth of their relation. He didn’t expect this. So he was slightly taken aback.. he came out of the car and went in..

They went and had dinner with the whole family… They soon finished having their food and all got busy with their own works..
Karan was walking towards his room when..
Sandhya: Karan?
She called from the other end..

Karan: Ji, Masima?
Sandhya: Karan, kaha jate ho tum aaj kal?
I don’t see you at home most of the time..
earlier and all you used to tell me before
Voice: Now.. he has his wife na ,Sandhya?
Sandhya turned around in shock.. she was planning to spoil Nairan’s relationship but that voice spoiled it..
She found Nirmala standing behind her..

Sandhya gave a fake smile..
Sandhya thought,” it’s okay, Nirmala.. I still know how to bring a small crack in their relation..
Sandhya: Yeah, that’s true.. he stopped sharing this with us,now.. I’m happy to see him growing.. he has his wife now.. he loves her more than us.. so he shares everything with her..
Karan was shocked to hear that.. he felt like he was doing something wrong..
Sandhya side hugged Karan..
Nirmala came forward and touched his cheek..

Nirmala: woh toh hein! And I’m happy that my son has changed now..
Karan smiled at her weakly and excused himself from there and went into his room.
Nirmala talked to Sandhya about something and then left.
Sandhya walked to her room grinning wickedly…

Nirmala walked into the Kitchen..
Meghna and Naina were busy talking and doing their work..
Nirmala walked in as saw the two sisters and smiled at them happily..

Meghna noticed Nirmala walking in with a smile on her face.
Meghna: Kya hua ma? You look really happy,today!
Nirmala walked forward and stood between Meghna and Naina.
She smiled looking at them. While they looked at her confused..
Naina: Ma, are you gonna look and smile like this for the whole day?
Nirmala: I don’t mind doing that..
She side hugged both of them.

Nirmala: I’m really happy to have you both as my bahus..
Meghna and Naina looked at each other and smiled..
Nirmala: Actually..No.. I’m not happy to have you both as my bahus…
She said.. in a serious tone.
Their smiled faded. They looked back at Nirmala in shock…
Meghna(muttered): Ma?

Nirmala smiled at the two of them.. and lightly smacked on the back of their heads..
Nirmala: I’m happy to have you both as my daughters.. I got two more kids in my family. I’m so happy to find many good changes in my sons. And all the credit goes to the both of you..
Saying this she placed her hands on both of their cheeks. Both of them held her hand and smiled at her,looked at each other and then back at Nirmala.. they then leant forward and hugged Nirmala together.

Nirmala: Kunal, he is doing better than earlier in every aspect.. and the most unbelievable fact is that Karan has also changed a lot.. he started changing from the day he met you,Naina. I’m so happy.
I’m blessed to have you both.

Naina and Meghna: Thank you so much ma..
Meghna: Actually ma, its we who are blessed to be here with all of you.
Something clicked in both Naina and Meghna’s mind. Sandhya..
They remembered the few incidents..
Naina falling down and Kunal’s accident..
Naina’s POV: oh no.. I forgot to ask Di about theses incidents.. I know they are somewhere related to Masima..

Nirmala walked to her room..
Naina pulled Meghna and asked her about the incident..
Naina: Di, I know that you would have found out.. please tell me.
Meghna: No cheeku… I don’t know.
Naina placed her hands on her hip and stared at Meghna..
Naina: Di, jhoot math bolo.. ik you would have found it out long back. Ik you are the best detective.. so please..

With so much Meghna decided to speak up..
Meghna: Cheeku.. remember I called you the next day?
Naina: Yeah but you told me about some lost earring..
Meghna: That was because Masima had come there.. I couldn’t tell you the truth..
Naina: which means you got to know who the culprit is?
Meghna: It is Masima!

Naina’s jaw dropped open..
Naina: Di.. what are you saying?
Meghna: the truth.. i don’t know why..
Naina: Di… I have a great feeling the jeeju’s accident was also plotted by her then..
Meghna: What?!
Naina: idk di.. I really think it is her..
Meghna: we need to find out soon..

They then walked towards their rooms…
But someone was watching them all this while…
Voice: Tum dono doondthe reh jaoge!! You see how I will spoil your lives….

Precap: Person’s face revealed.. Karan ignoring Naina.. Dadaji sending Nairan to the market.. Meeting Varun in the market..
I’m sorry once again to be a very bad person and not posting it earlier.. I hope you liked this episode…
please do tell me what you think about this episode!?

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