Aise kaise jaane doon! – Episode- 25

Hello everyone! I felt bored.. so I thought of uploading one today! Thank you for all the love! Looks like almost all of us are busy with tests, exams, assignment, schools,colleges,etc etc…. so the comments and all have reduced! But I believe that all of you are at least getting
time to read through the ffs!
Ep 25:

Karan and Naina went to a restaurant.. got themselves seated opposite each other and ordered for some food!
Naina was looking down at the table.. Karan slowly looked at Naina after the waiter left.
Karan: I’m sorry for yesterday! I said it by mistake!
Naina: its ok!
Karan then looked back at the table and so did Naina.
Naina was burning in anger. She didn’t understand..she thought,I’m his wife and still he can’t even utter those three words?why? Wait.. Naina why are you angry? This shouldn’t worry you! Why do you care! You both don’t believe in this relation most of the time, don’t you act most of the time in front of the family that you both are happy? Then why is this tearing you apart? Naina?!? Do you love him???
She didn’t understand.. she thought for a while about everyone and also Karan and then blabbered to herself,” I don’t”
Karan slowly looked up..
Karan:Woh kaun tha?
Innocently asked Naina. She looked up she didn’t understand.
Karan looked stupid..
Karan: That guy.. He was talking to you when I came to pick you?
Naina: I told you na? Rohan ,he is my boss.
She replied.. she felt that he was jealous!
She just smiled at him as he turned to look for the waiter..Inner Naina: What are you laughing for Naina? He was just being a caring friend! He wasn’t jealous! So shut up!
Naina immediately stopped smiling..fine she told her inner self!
Naina: Toh? How was your day?
Karan: Hmm.. fine.. (not interested) Urs?(he sat up straight, excited.. waiting to hear)
Naina: Good enough.. I enjoyed it!……………….
She kept talking while he slowly kept his hand on the table and placed his chin in his hand.. He watched her talk..

Soon the waiter came..
waiter: Excuse me!
Naina stopped talking and saw Karan still watching her.. she pushed him back and he came out of his dreamland!
Karan was embarrassed.. Waiter smiled, placed the dishes and left..
Karan and Naina started eating..
Naina: Karan?
Karan: huh?
Naina: What happened at office today.. you didn’t look happy when I asked you about it!
Karan: Nothing ,yaar! That place is not for me, I feel! I’m not satisfied! I don’t feel happy there!
Naina: Then why are you working there? Do what you feel like!
Karan just looked at Naina.. Then back into
Naina: What do you want to do Karan?
She asked him sweetly..

Karan looked up..and smiled as he talked his heart out! But slowly as he spoke the level of happiness kept reducing..
Karan: Naina.. I want to sing! Singing! That is for me! But….if I leave my work for it then what if I don’t do good in there! Then..
Naina: So then you should do it simultaneously..
Karan: I didn’t understand..
Naina: Matalab… see Karan you will need a financial support so as to move ahead with your passion and I know that you don’t want anyone of us to support you financially..You want to do it yourself, I appreciate that! And for this financial support, lean on to your job! Start with few minor concerts.. grab people’s attention and slowly when you feel your are stable enough..then..
Karan: I can do my dream work! My own concert! You are just awesome,Naina!
Naina: Akhir Mein..
Karan: biwi kiski ho?
Naina: friend kiski hoon!
They said it together!
Naina just smiled..
Karan immediately changed the topic back again..
Karan: So, you mean to say that I should continue with my work in the office and same time showcase my talent and collect good audience for my dream work,right?
Naina: Exactly! But Karan..for this you should be focused ! Don’t deviate.. I know.. going ahead with your passion while going on with your work at the same time is a little tough but I promise you.. I will support you till my last breath!
Karan was happy very happy but as he heard her last sentence..he screamed!
Karan: Naina! Please don’t speak out such things! Shush!
He kept his finger on his lips indicating her to keep quiet.. She smiled at him.. They had an eyelock.. Soon it was broken by the
Waiter who came up asking them if the wanted anything and he kept the bill and left..They finished their food ,payed the bills and went back to work!
He later picked her from office and reached home!

Meghnal also had reached home!
All of them freshened up and came down!
Karan and Kunal sat on the sofa with their phones.. Soon Karan kept his and his brother’s phone aside and then told him about the discussion he had with Naina in the restaurant..
Naina and Meghna were done helping Nirmala.. Meghna had left her phone there in the garden. Naina left from there saying she would bring it.
Sandhya watched all this..
Soon Naina walked into the Garden..
Karan noticed Naina walking towards the Garden and he continued talking..
Naina walked in.. she didn’t notice but their was something slippery there..and she fell down..
He suddenly saw something from the corner of his eyes… and looked there and got up in shock!
Karan: Naina!!!
He screamed.
She hit her head on the swing and fell on her right hand.. she screamed in pain! Karan ran towards her and sat down, took her in his hands.. he then noticed blood on her head!

Kunal got up from their and ran towards them!
Nirmala and Meghna ran out of the kitchen and ran towards them..Dadaji and NK came out of their rooms hearing the noise.. while Sakshi and Khyati ran out of Khyati’s room! Sandhya too ran towards them !
Karan: Naina!!!
She was unconscious..
Kunal: Karan, pick her up we might need to take her to the hospital! She is badly hurt!
Karan picked her up in his arms as all of them stood in shock,worried..

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  1. Rosie25

    I loved it and it was kind of worrying but I m happy karan was there hate sandhya

    1. Resh

      Thank you Rosie?❤️️…Sandhya is always irritating..ik

  2. I wasn’t expecting that. You know the care you showcase between Karan and Naina is sooo good that it’s unexplainable. I sometimes would like to imagine it as i read it in the story and it’s amazing because the FF is so unpredictable. Great storyline Di so carry on the brilliant work 🙂

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Zaynab!!?Sure.. I never had plan of ending it any time soon!??✌?️U all have to bear me.. no other option!

  3. Jiya09

    A very beautiful episode !! I just loved it .. Nairan scene was so cute. Jealous Karan ?. Naina is hurt ( so sad ) !! Don’t know what will happen next , but eagerly waiting for it. Nairan’s care of each other is so good. U r such a fab writer yaar, I just love u and ur ff ! Hope it will never end and I will get to read it.?? Just waiting for it. Update soon .

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Jiya!!? Yes yes.. J Karan! ? I’m so sorry!!?? I forgot the precap! If this doesn’t end then all of you will throw eggs and tomatoes!! ??
      Love you too!!!?❤️

    2. Superb episode
      What will happen to naina
      Please post next chapter asap

      What about your exams di?
      I think you will get good marks

      Waiting for next episode
      Post asap

      1. Resh

        Thank you so much Durga!? Don’t worry Naina will be fine! I’m sorry I forgot to post the precap along with the episode..
        My exams are still going on.. TU has become my stress buster..
        Thank you for your wishes!
        The next one will up in few days!?❤️️

  4. Nakur

    Superb work. I thought Rohan asked the waiter to destroy Nairan moments

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Nakur!? No chill! Rohan didn’t do anything of that sort..

  5. Immensely amazing. The descriptions of the various scenes and the beautiful dialogues present in each one of them were awesome. Karan’s inquisitiveness about the man accompanying his wife to his action of sitting up straight in order to listen to her was so very adorable. Naina being herself and the manner in which she debated with her innner self about whether karan loved her was so cute. Their conversation following the sweet scene between them with karan speaking his heart out and naina motivating him and his superb replies to all of her wonderful thoughts was lovely.
    The scene at home with karan speaking about his day’s activities with kunal showed the depths of their bond for sure. Sandhya’s heinous act at the end and Naina suffering due to the accident caused due to her deeds was indeed shocking. Hoping for a swift recovery for mrs karan chauhan and some wondrous moments of love between NaiRan…

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Minerva!? Your comments mean a lot to me! I hope I don’t let you down. There are many moments of love amid Nairan coming up! Hope you would like those!

  6. ARK

    Nice work Resh!!
    Especially the restaurant part was beautiful. I m not following from the beginning but still enjoyed it. Such a sweet bonding between the pair. Loved it.

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much ARK!!?❤️️ Do try and go through the earlier ones if you wish to!??

  7. Di post next chapter asap
    Waiting eagerly for next chapter
    Please post soon

    1. Resh

      I’m really very sorry Durga but you will have to wait for 2 to 3 days for the next epi! I need to check it before sending and all, so.. lot of work..I can’t post them now as I have exams… try and understand,dear! Surely after 2days or so!

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