Aise kaise jaane doon! -Episode- 21

Hi!!!! All of you are just awesome!! Thank so so much.. for being so sweet!! Thank you for all that love I received!?? People please do tell me if you want me to add a recap along with the precap..

Naina noticed Karan’s expression!
He wasn’t excited. In fact he never liked Rakesh because he was always rude!
So he was shocked and nervous..
Rakesh: Hi Karan! Hope you guys don’t mind me joining in!
He pulled a chair and sat down , with Karan on his left and Naina on his right!
But Rakesh got up suddenly! Went and ordered something for himself.. while:
Karan: Naina, he is Rakesh! He was in my college.. he is a bit rude.. don’t mind if he says something.. He knows about me and Nidhi! So he might blabber something! You can go if you want to! A conversation with him is always bitter! So I suggest you avoid it!
Naina: It’s okay, Karan! I choose to stay!
Karan just smiled at her weakly..

Rakesh came back and sat down..
Rakesh: Karan, how are you man? Heard about Nidhi! I felt bad about it! So sad man!
Karan didn’t speak a word. He felt very uncomfortable and upset as he remembered his past once again! Naina was boiling. She didn’t like it at all!
Rakesh: I heard that you got married recently! Who is that? I’m sure is she must be some random girl with some sort of defect! Just like Nidhi!
Karan grew angry.. he didn’t understand for what! Was it for calling Nidhi as a girl with defect or was it because he called Naina , his wife , a lady with some sort of a defect.. he didn’t know! But both hurt him equally!
Karan: Mind your tongue!!!
He couldn’t control it! But soon He raised his head up in pride!

He looked at Naina..
Karan: She is my wife! Naina this is Rakesh! And Rakesh this is Naina!
Rakesh: Hi!( he turned towards her) Oh My God!! You don’t deserve her! Your are very beautiful!! Why did you marry, Karan? You deserve better, beautiful! Someone like me!
Keeping his hand on Naina’s hand! Naina immediately took her hands of the table.. got up from there and sat next to Karan..
Naina: who are you to decide? I don’t deserve better but I deserve the best! And I got the best one as my life partner!
Saying this she hugged Karan’s hand! Karan felt a current pass through his body! His heart was beating faster and he had butterflies in his stomach! He felt wonderful!
Naina: You think I’m stupid? To leave a gem like Karan and get married to JERK?!?
Rakesh picked up his phone..
Rakesh: I’m sorry for disturbing you guys! I’m a little busy! See you later!

Naina: Actually Never!
Rakesh left from there!
Naina released Karan’s hand and drank her coffee! Karan was teary eyed! But he hid it!
Karan: Thank you Naina!
Naina was busy drinking coffee!
Naina: Thank you?!?
Karan: Ya!!

Naina: So I will always get a Thank you for telling the truth of my life to all random jerks is it?
Karan: woh..Naina.. Mein..
Naina turned towards him..
Naina kept her hand on his shoulders and smiled at him.. stopping him from saying anything and assuring him that she understands him!
They silently drank their coffee and
Karan felt very special. He didn’t know if he liked her or loved her but after this incident it had gone a step higher!

Naina was clueless. She had just realised what she had told Rakesh, about Karan! She secretly face palmed.. She smiled at herself and watched Karan walk in front of her. Karan stood there, waiting for Naina so as to cross the road..He held Naina’s hand and crossed the road. They felt happy and cared for.Naina watched him silently. They reached the other side and he slowly released her hand. They drove back home. Silently..

They reached Chauhan Mansion. There was another surprise entry! Karan’s childhood friend!Karan entered first.
He looked at the couch and found. NK smiling at some one. Kunal was seated and Meghna was standing behind him. Sandhya stood next to NK. While Nirmala served snacks and juice to the guest!
Nirmala turned and saw Karan enter.

Nirmala: Karan?
She smiled at him.
Naina too entered… and saw the scene. Hearing the name “Karan ” the guest jumped up. And ran towards him.
Karan saw her.
Karan: Sakshi?!?!
Sakshi ran towards him and hugged him..
Sakshi: Karan!!! Tu kaisa hein?
She broke the hug.

Karan: I’m fine! How are you? And when did you come?
Sakshi: I’m fine! I came few minutes back!
Chal.. I have lots to talk about!
She pulled him upstairs when she noticed Naina at the door.
Naina was burning inside she didn’t know why. She didn’t like the way Sakshi behaved!
Sakshi: Naina?
Sakshi looked at Karan immediately.
Karan: Sakshi, even I have a lot to tell you about! (Turned Naina) Can you take her upstairs I’ll go get my phone, I left it in my car!

Naina nodded and took her upstairs to their room! Everybody went back to their own work.
Karan took his phone and went upstairs.
Meanwhile in the room:
Sakshi: Without an introduction I guessed that you were Naina! Patha hein kaise?
Naina (smiled): Kaise?

Sakshi: Because, whenever I contact Karan, the only thing he wanted talk about was Naina , Naina and Naina! Once upon a time it was Nidhi.. but soon it changed.. also I’m happy for that! He had been depressed until he met you! I recognised the magic in you when he spoke to me cheerfully after many years!
Naina was speechless. She thought: What did she want to imply? That Karan loves me?? The same love he had for Nidhi??
Love?!?! No ways! That’s not possible! I know he can’t place me in Nidhi’s place in his heart! Why am I expecting love from him now? NAINA?!?! Shut up! You are overthinking! There is nothing!
Sakshi: Naina? What are you doing here by the way?
Karan came back to the room!
Karan: actually.. we got married because of dad! On Kunal bhai’s wedding!
He explained the whole thing!

Sakshi sat down, her jaws dropped open.
Sakshi: oh my god! NK uncle! What’s wrong with him! God! I think I should talk to him!
She got up and walked forward.. but Karan hugged her waist, pulled her up kept her aside and shut the door!
Karan walked forward kept his phone on the table and sat on the chair.
Karan: Tu kahi nahi ja rahi!
Sakshi: Oho! I get it ! U don’t want Naina to go right? What if uncle agrees then?… Naina will go away, so Karan doesn’t want that to happen ! So cute!

She went and pulled his cheeks.
Naina felt awkward.
Naina: I’ll come back in sometime! You want anything..
Sakshi: No, Naina! I’m full! Were are you running to?
Naina: I have some work in the kitchen! I’ll come back soon!
Sakshi:ok! (Naina left from there and Sakshi turned towards Karan) I didn’t get my answer yet!
Karan: Nothing like that! She is my best friend! I didn’t want to ruin her life! The thing that stops us from fighting back is our love for our siblings! We don’t want to ruin their lives!
Sakshi smiled at him.
Sakshi: you have a very pure heart Karan!
But don’t tell me that you don’t like Naina.. not even a bit!
Karan avoided eye contact.
Sakshi pulled his face up to look at her!

Sakshi: It’s not wrong to love her! She not the wrong person! I know she is your best friend! So cute you are, you care about everyone!
Karan smiled at her and she hugged him.

Immediately Naina entered with a tray of snacks and juice.
They broke the hug.
Naina felt a little uncomfortable. She smiled and kept the tray on the table. Karan: Toh Sakshi! Tell me yaar.. how was college and all!
Sakshi: All cool! You know what? College had closed just yesterday and I’m already missing it!
Karan: College is always fun, right Naina?

Naina: Ya ya!
They kept talking then finally came down for dinner..soon they went back to their rooms.

Precap: Naina: Masima woh..
Sandhya immediately turned towards Naina.
Sandhya: Masima, woh..Kya? Mujhe patha tha ki tum kuch na kuch toh karogi!
Naina cries and runs out of the house..

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  1. #nairanlover:-)

    Hi Resh.It is the best one out of all I read maybe because it was a quite long wait.So leave it.Loved it.And last time I forgot to say something to you that how can I leave you or say AISE KAISE JAANE DOON.Lol.Jealousy is the best part I think as it leads to realisation.The much awaited nairan or anridh musically is not coming.Think so they are busy.Off screen mastiff of them is nice and funny see it once if you haven’t.Last thing I wanted to ask you Can we be friends?And your real name is Resh only or Reshma.Wanted to know.Post ASAP.Loads of love

    1. Resh

      Hey! Thank you so much Amena!! You are really very sweet yaar! Love you so much dude! ??❤️️ Same with me Aise Kaise Jaane Doon!?! ? Not gonna let you all live peacefully!?✌? You are very much updated about them,Nairan! Wow! Please do tell me and about musically.. please do send the video link when you get time!? I never saw their off screen masti?? Gosh I’m so not updated about a thing!? My name is Reshma! And I thought that we were already friends.. or is this formality? Anyways Happy friendship day!??❤️️ And Jealousy leads to realisation we will see if they realise.. today’s mahasangam was nice no? I loved it!

      1. #nairanlover:-)

        Ya I loved it.I asked you just to become your friend fully.Though already we are now fully confirmed.I was not able to see the episode though but I saw it.Every sat exam you know.Thats why

  2. Jiya09

    Finally the mystery ends!! Thank god that girl is not Nidhi!! Jealous Naina?
    Praying to god to not make sakshi negative. Today’s episode was just superbbbb!!!!!! Again mystery with the precap… Update soon! Eagerly waiting for it! Love u and ur ff!!

    1. Resh

      I know mystery ends! ? PHEW! Yay! It’s not Nidhi!? Please pray to god for me too, to not to make Sakshi negative? You would want to come and kill me now! I have written few episodes after this but I’ve still not decided.. I think she is positive!?✌?️? Thank you so much, Jiya!?? Ik mystery again.. you will definitely kill me for that.. hope you are not let down in the next or in the upcoming ones!
      And I love you too for your cute and lovely support!❤️️

      1. Jiya09

        U will never let us down. U r just superb. And if sakshi turns negative also, I know Naina will fight and get her karan back!! And this jealously track is good. Hope they will realise their love for each other in this track really soon.!!????

  3. Rosie25

    I can’t wait for the next episode

  4. Rosie25

    As always I love u and yr work ?????

    1. Resh

      What a coincidence Rosie! Even I love you and your work!?? Thank you so much, Rosie!❤️ The next one will come up soon!

  5. This was something utterly amazing for sure. The flames of the fire of jealousy have never ever been unsuccessful in igniting the fires of love. Someone somewhere is indeed there to act as a catalyst to bring two budding lovers together. Rakesh acting as one with his ‘jerk’ of an attitude and Sakshi with her ‘happy go-lucky’ one are indeed incredible assets to the story. Hope for some more of the sakshi-influenced wonderful scenes of NaiRan real soon…

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Minerva?❤️️! Yes you might find few scenes of Nairan, influenced by Sakshi! Hope you won’t be let down by the upcoming episodes..☺️?

  6. Hey Resh it was amazing. The best part was then when Naina take Karan side and scolded Rakesh for misbehave with Karan and her. That was the part i love the most. By this they will increaase their bond. Oh wow!! New entry Sakshi. She is very nice. And Naina feeling it like a little jealous and you update regularly that’s the main thing i love the most. I hope u will update the next one soon. Post soon pls…pls.
    Loads of love Reshma❤

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Ayonija!! ?❤️️That’s even my fav part! I post only when I get time to.. so please don’t feel bad if it is not posted! ?? I’ll try and post the next one as soon as possible! Loads of love to you too!!

  7. Superb episode

  8. Waiting for next episode
    Post next episode asap

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Durga! ? The next one is on its way!❤️

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