Aise kaise jaane doon! -Episode- 18

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Naina: uhhhh!!! I knew it!! That’s why she had been pulling me to put mehendi with so much of love!
Meghna: I don’t understand what her problem is!
Naina got up and left in search of her cousin!
She found her and ran behind her! But her cousin had tied a string to the door.. such that Naina would trip and fall. Her cousin just loved to play pranks on her!
Karan’s family had stayed just next door! Karan was walking in there to check if they were ready, for the sangeeth!

He was walking in when he saw that string.. and saw Naina running towards this… her cousin ran over it.. but Naina hadn’t notice it. She tripped…
Karan ran towards her and held onto her shoulders.. He couldn’t hold her properly so his hands slipped off her shoulders and she landed upon his chest!
Naina’s Cousin was even more irritated! She walked away immediately!
Naina: Karan?!?
Naina stepped back.
Karan: Naina? You okay?

He cupped her face!
Naina nodded and left a sigh!
Karan: I came on behalf of Kunal Bhai to ask if my Bhabhi was ready for the Sangeeth night!
Naina: Yeah she is! You guys better hold onto your seats before you get blown away by her performance!
Karan laughed at her, broke that string and went in..
He spoke to his Bhabhi.. Naina was still standing outside.. she couldn’t believe that her cousin was doing all such nonsense!
Naina was looking at the floor and dreaming!

Karan slowly went next to her ears!
Karan: booh!
Naina jerked as she got scared!
She turned.. she stared at him!
Karan: Why were you running after you cousin? You looked really mad at her! What’s the matter?
Naina explained the whole thing!
Karan laughed! Pulled her cheeks!
Karan : Naina, you are very cute and funny!

Naina was like.. what the hell? What is he laughing at? I believe in all this! She turned away and walked off!
Karan laughed and left!

Sangeeth was awesome! They all enjoyed! NK noticed the happiness of the sister and their mother, he couldn’t bare it. He had a plan, cooking up in his mind! ( I don’t want to explain everything! Songs I mean !Just imagine it yourself!??✌?️)

The next day came pretty fast!

Meghna’s venue: (pretty similar to the serial but with my touch)
Their relative: Arey! Shardha! When will Naina put haldi? When is she gonna get married? Can we put a little haldi on her too?
The ladies started laughing.. though there wasn’t anything funny to laugh at!
Shardha: No . Naina will get married later! I want to spend some time with her! Can’t let go off her now itself!

Kunal’s side:
They had all applied haldi on Kunal.

Karan and Khyati were playing with Kunal.. they had cover Kunal’s face with a lot of haldi.. such that it was hard to realise that he was the groom and not a thief who was hiding his identity! Nirmala scolded both her children and sent Karan to give the rest of the Haldi to his Bhabhi! NK was irritated with the whole program! He was ready with the plan to get Shardha screwed .. but was waiting for the right time!

At Meghna’s side:
Shardha: Cheeku… just check if they are done with the haldi rasam!
Naina: Yes ma!

She walked out of the ladies group and took out her phone to call when Vaibhu pushed her.. she turned facing towards the door and picked up her phone that had fallen down! She saw Karan coming and standing at the door with the plate of haldi! He looked smart and handsome.. he got attention from most of the girls present there! He walked in as Shardha gestured him to come in! He walked in and noticed that they all were sitting in a mandap and he had been wearing shoes.. He was trying to remove it.. seeing him struggle with the shoes, Naina ran towards him!
Naina: Karan, wait I’ll help you! I’ll remove the shoes for you!
Karan: No Naina! It’s ok! I’ll do it myself!
She bent down and removed the shoelaces by then.

Karan: Naina..
Naina stood up straight and looked at him and smiled.. he gave in and smiled back at her! Soon a bunch of kids jumped in the scene! They punched the pate of haldi!
Karan held onto the plate,but the haldi fell on Both their faces!
Relative: Bola tha na? But I didn’t have to apply instead god wanted to apply haldi on them! It was his wish too!

Naina and Karan looked at each other! Such an awkward moment! Naina left the place immediately! Karan went ahead kept the plate of haldi , smiled at everyone , wore his shoes and left!
Nairan were in their own wash rooms.. looking in the mirror!
Nairan: What is happening?!? Oh god?!?

Naina didn’t want it to turn out just like what the relative had said!
They wiped the haldi off their faces thinking about each other!
A little shorter than last time! But I hope you liked it!

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  1. Superb episode di
    Nairan part is awesome
    Post next episode asap
    But this time long episode.
    BYE Di

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much ☺️ Durga! Ya sure the next one is going to be longer!

  2. Jiya09

    Beautiful episode. Loved it. Nairan helping each other , how cute!! Waiting for the next part.??

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Jiya!☺️ The next one will come soon!

  3. Are you a maharana pratap fan?

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      Huh? ?Actually no! Why ?what happened?

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    I loved it Resh.Short but cute.Post ASAP.

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  5. Very nice Reshma sorry for late comment. I LOVE IT. Hmmm….they will soon feel that they love each other that will be more interesting. Post soon naa loads of love to u.☺

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      I hope you won’t be let down in the next episode! I know this one was pretty similar to the serial! Thank you so much ? and loads of love to you too Ayonija!?❤️️

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    Sorry about the late reply but I loved it try 2 make it abit more longer love u more day by day ?????

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      I hope the next episode doesn’t let you down!? I’ll make sure that it would be longer! Thanks so much for the love I received from you! Catch the shower of my love through the upcoming episodes..But I don’t know about the next one!? Hope you like the next one!

  7. Amazing one. All the depictions and wedding rituals were presented in an awesome way. A wonderful episode in all aspects for sure..

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Minerva!☺️?❤️️

  8. Seyal

    I loved it l loved it l loved it a lot….. Can l guess the plan of nk.. I will try to…l think its the marriage of nairan along with meghnal…. Pls post soon….

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      Seyal! Thank you so much! Ya you will know soon!

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