Aise kaise jaane doon! -Episode- 17

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Immediately they heard the door shut.. The room was a little dark, such that they could see each other.
Naina turned to run towards the door but by mistake she tripped over something…she was about to fall.. when Karan held onto her hand.. he then pulled her up straight! And turned her around!She was leaning on him with her hands on his chest! Suddenly she hurt her leg!
Naina: Ahh!!
Karan: Naina!?? Are you ok? Kya hua?
Naina: Nothing..ah.. I’m fine…ahhh!! Pushing him away..but
Karan immediately picked Naina up in his arms.

Naina: Karan? What are you doing?Ahh!!
Karan: Naina, shush! You got hurt twice…all because of me!
Karan found a bench and made her sit there..
Naina: Karan please! I’ve no interest in talking about that!

Karan: Naina.. I can’t stay without talking to my best friend! I never wanted to fight! I know it was a very silly reason..but I don’t know why it hurt me! I felt really bad, since my best friend had ignored me.. and after all that drama..when you called me..what did I do? ??? I just screamed at you! I’m sorry , Naina! I didn’t mean to say anything of that sort..And Today, you tripped and twisted your leg, again, all because of Me!!

Ugh!!! I hate myself.. I’m really very sorry Naina! I really didn’t mean to!
Naina had tears in her eyes.. she couldn’t see Karan like this.. he had been kneeling down, holding onto one of her hand and apologising… with his eyes filled with tears.. she shut her eyes!
Naina: Karan… it was my mistake too! I’m really very sorry!
Karan looked up from her hand to her face and found tears flowing out! He cupped Naina’s face. In a shock she looked into Karan’s eyes..

Karan wiped her tears..
Karan: No Naina! It was me.. I said all unwanted things.. I shouldn’t have! I’m sorry! I don’t want even a tear to come out your eyes..Stop crying! Now give me smile!
She immediately gave a smile.. then cupped Karan face.. he had tears flowing out in happiness..
She wiped those tears!
Naina: Ab tum kyun ro rahe ho? Now YOU give me a “sweet Karan smile”!

Karan smiled..
Soon the door opened.. They looked back at the door and they were shocked!
Karan gets up from the floor. Naina tried getting up but Karan stopped her from getting up..They looked at the door. The door opened completely!
Naina slowly smiled at door!
Meghna was standing next to Kunal, holding his hands and resting her head on his shoulders…
Karan nodded no..

Karan: who’s idea?
Meghna pointed at Kunal…She took her head off his shoulders.
Meghna: All problems solved?
Naina smiled and nodded.
Karan ran towards Kunal.. Kunal didn’t know what to do.. was Karan running to beat him up? He couldn’t move as Meghna was holding onto his hands and she was busy talking to Naina..Naina noticed Karan and..
Naina: Kar…
Before she could finish.

Karan ran into his brother and hugged him tight!
Karan: Thank you so much bhai!
Kunal was shocked.
Meghna noticed it left Kunal’s hand and then Kunal hugged him back!
They walked back into the hall!
Swamiji was leaving.. Meghna and Kunal took his blessings..And Swamiji left.
Kunal(turning to his fam): What did Swamiji say?
Nirmala: Swamiji told that there are two auspicious days for the marriage.
One is 2 weeks later and another one is 4 months later! So we decided to get our Bahu home ,as soon as possible!

Meghna smiled at her, took her blessings and side-hugged her.NK walked away from there! Dadaji was smiling at them. Kunal took his Dadu’s blessings and stood next to him!
NK walked to Sandhya: Sandhyaji iss shaadi ke baad Nirmala ko samjha dena ki woh uss ladki ki saas hein aur ma nahi!
Sandhya just nodded..Sandhya joined them and..
Sandhya: Tum dono ki shaadi Boondi Mein hogi!
Meghna was excited.. she looked at Kunal and smiled with happiness! She turned to find her mother..
Meghna: Ma! Shaadi Boondi Mein hogi?!?

Shardha: Yes, Gudiya!
She kept her hand on her daughter’s cheek..
Dadaji: Shardhaji, if you need any sort of help in the arrangements please don’t hesitate to inform us.. as you know we aren’t taking your daughter but taking our daughter home! So we are also your family.. if there is any trouble then don’t hesitate to call us, we are always there!
Shardha: Thank you so much, Bauji ….for your kind words! We will do the arrangements for the marriage, you don’t have to worry! We will just need your blessings and nothing else!
NK had seen all the drama from far away! He didn’t like it as his dad gave so much of importance to someone else more than him! He was angry! He had only one plan! He just wanted to destroy Shardha’s happiness! And ruin her daughters life!
Karan and Naina joined the rest while NK watched this from far.. He was deciding on how to destroy Shardha’s happiness!

Naina: Ma! I heard that di is going to get married in just 2 week from now?!?
Shardha: Yes,Cheeku!
Naina hugged her sister from the side!
All of them were happy!!

A week and a half had passed by really fast!
It was the Mehendi ceremony!
Naina was running into Meghna’s room..
Naina: Di! Are you in there!
Meghna (screamed from inside): Yeah, cheeku.. 1 minute!
She slowly walked upto the door and opened it for her sister.
Naina was fed up of her sister. Meghna was talking to Kunal.. At Kunal’s room..Karan ran into Kunal’s room.

Naina and Karan : Arey! No one is running away! You are gonna get married to each other!
Kunal and Meghna immediately stopped talking and looked at their siblings.. They were shocked as their siblings spoke the same thing! They then whispered a bye and a kiss and went down to the venue with their siblings!
Meghna’s venue:
Badi mami: Meghna beta, kitni sundar lag rahi ho tum! Kisi ki nazar na lage!
She took a little bit of Kajal and put a dot behind Meghna’s neck.
Naina smiled at her sister!

Naina looked all around and found that the number of guests had increased by minutes!
Naina sat down next to her sister.. but one of her cousin pulled her from there and made her sit!
Cousin: to mehendiwala: She is the one!
Naina: huh?!?
Cousin: He will put the design!

Naina knew that this cousin always had a problem with her but then for sometime she thought that she had changed! Her cousin gets to know few of the happenings of Naina’s life..And when they meet, she creates some or the other problem!
And she did the same this time! A nice intricate design was applied a little lesser than her sister as usual!
She was waiting for her sister’s to finish she sat next to Meghna, they were checking out the design, on Naina’s hand!
Meghna: wow, Naina! Look at that.. it’s really good na?

Naina: ha Di!
Slowly they read something written on Naina’s hand!
Meghna & Naina:(in shock) KARAN?!?!
I’m really very sorry if there are any grammatical errors!??

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  1. Jiya09

    Amaaaazing episode!! I just simply loved it.Karan’s name on Naina’s hand!!? Waiting for the next episode..

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Jiya! Happy that you liked it !☺️❤️️

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    I was not shocked but really happy to see karan’s name on naianas hand.Greedy me:-).It was awesome.Meghnal scene’s were also a bang on.Loved them too.Post ASAP.

    1. Resh

      Thanks you so much amena! Even I’m greedy in that case 😉

  3. It was so nive Reshma. My fav. Part was that when Meghnal plan worked and Nairan solve there prob. then everything was fine Last part was so amazing. Post soon. Loads of love

    1. *nice

    2. Resh

      Thank you so much Ayonija!! Loads and loads of love to you!

  4. Rosie25

    I absolutely loved it u never fail 2 make me smile and I hope u are having a good day/night/morning seeing as I don’t know wa time this is gonna be published and resh I love u so so much by the way wa do u eat 2 get these ideas haan????????

    1. Resh

      I didn’t have a good day until I read through all the comments which brought a smile onto my face! Btw even I love you so much! ?❤️️☺️And I have normal Indian food only!??

  5. Seyal

    Resh… was so very nice…..l couldn’t stop smiling when l was reading ….when l read the last part l was only thinking about karan’s reaction….l am so excited for the next epi…pls post asap…
    Loads of love-seyal??

    1. Resh

      Seyal!! Thank you so much?! Even I can’t stop smiling as I go through all your comments! I’ll update the next one as soon as possible!?❤️️??

  6. Resh di you are writing very well
    This episode is superb
    No words to say
    I liked nairan part no I loved that part
    Please post next episode asap
    Waiting for your next episode

    1. Resh

      Thanks you so much Durga! The next one will come up soon! So sweet of you!?❤️️?

  7. Super amazing. A wonderful turn of events complete with beautiful dialogues. An episode which threw light upon all the different highs and lows of life. The eagerness, anxiety and patience of NaiRan for their siblings was awesome. Hope for the mehndi to show it’s true colours soon..

    1. Resh

      Haha! We’ll see that! But Thank you so so much,Minerva! So nice to read your comment! ?❤️️?

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