Aise kaise jaane doon! -Episode- 16

I’m very very very sorry for being this late! There was a problem with the wifi connection! I couldn’t comment on few of your post and couldn’t read few! I hope you all aren’t angry with me! I’m very sorry for all that!
Epi 15??
Epi 16:
Karan had walked out angrily..
Naina’s face dropped down but Kunal’s news brought her face back
Kunal: Woh pagal hein! Waise I actually wanted to say that.. Papa ne shaadi ke liye haan bol diya hein!
Meghna blushed..
Naina: wah! Kya baat hein? Tum dono baath karo.. Mein abhi aayi!
She went down and told ma about it!
Shardha: Yeh toh bohoth acchi khabhar hein! Distribute the sweets cheeku!
Naina: haan ma! She distributed the sweets to everyone in the house and ran upstairs to feed her sister. She saw that she was still busy talking to her jeeju! She went in and stuffed the sweet(probably a ladoo) into Meghna’s mouth!
Meghna:jheeghu (cheeku)….
Her mouth was still open..
Naina ran out kept the sweets and went upstairs again and found that her sister was struggling with the sweets and also talking to Kunal..
Naina: Uff! Kitni deer baath karengi aap, Di?
Meghna: Tere jeeju ne kaha tha ki he will listen to me all throughout his life time!
Kunal: shaayadh… galti ho gayi!!!??
Meghna: Kunal?!?
Kunal laughed while Meghna narrowed her eyelids and kept her hands on her hips!
Kunal: Arrey, Topper ,Mein mazak kar raha tha! You know na… I love you… and these three words aren’t a joke for me!
Meghna released her self from that position..
Meghna: I know Kunal…waise….
Naina took her phone from the bed and left.. she didn’t want to hear the love birds talk..she walked to the terrace..
She sat down in one corner and looked at her phone.. after 15 minutes she decided to call Karan..
1st time, he didn’t pick up the phone..
Neither on the 2nd..nor on the 3rd..
The 4th time he picked the call..
Naina: Hello!!
Karan: Kya hein? What do you want?
Naina: Karan why are you angry with me?
What did I do?
Karan: Why did you call me? U don’t care about my existence then why did you call? What do you want from me!
Naina: Karan!!! What are you even saying?? Yes, I called to speak to you.. but Jeeju was there! Whom should I greet first? U or jeeju? When we are discussing about something I can’t come out of the whole thing and say a hi to you! I’ve never asked anything from you Karan, other than your own happiness! How could you ask me such questions?
Naina ended the call immediately.. She Knew that she might say something that would hurt Karan,so, before that could have happened, she ended the call!
This conversation hurt both Karan and Naina..Karan felt like killing him self! He thought of apologising to Naina but.. she never picked his call again!
Naina felt hurt.. She had never asked for anything from Karan other than his happiness!- these words echoed in his ears! She didn’t understand why his questions hurt her so much!
They cried in pain.. What was the feeling they had? They didn’t know!
Days passed by… Meghnal’s engagement was fixed , they were all ready to got to Jaipur for the engagement!
They reached there, got themselves ready and went into the party hall!
Shardha and Naina held Meghna’s hands and brought her in. Kunal was lost somewhere.. in her beauty!!
Karan was sorry for what he said to Naina.. he wanted to apologise to her! He had prepared a lot on how to apologise to Naina. He looked up from the floor and noticed Naina coming in with his Bhabhi!Her beauty was mesmerising for Karan!He didn’t know why she looked extremely beautiful today!
Khyati elbowed her brother, Kunal..
Khyati: Bhabhi ko dekha?
Kunal: Mein dekh raha hoon!
Khyati: Toh dekhna band karo! Nazar lag jayegi bhabhi ki!
Kunal stared at Khyati..
Nirmala: Chup ho jao tum dono! Karan, engagement ring lana Zara!
Karan nodded and left.. In the whole scene only Karan and Naina are sad.. they are not able to hide their sadness!
Shardha signaled Naina to bring the engagement rings!
In a room their were two trays, with one ring for Kunal and another for Meghna..
Karan and Naina bumped into each other…
before he could say anything she went in took both the trays, passed one to him and was about to leave with the other tray in her hand.
Karan: Naina, please don’t do this, it hurts a lot!
Naina: You are not the only one on Earth, Karan.. Even others get hurt!
They didn’t want a conversation like this because it hurt both of them equally..
They went and stood next to their Siblings…
Soon Meghnal exchanged their rings! Everyone clapped!
All uncles and aunties were very busy gossiping.. while the young cousins were busy dancing, singing and playing games.. All were enjoying in their on way!

Chauhan and Solanki family were sitting together and deciding on the marriage date with the Swamiji..
Karan and Naina were busy taking care of the guests!
Vishal, Vaibhav and Khyati were sitting together.. their were few of Naina’s far relatives sitting with them..
1 relative: Naina, sit here na.. why are you running all around..
Naina nodded, smiled and sat down next to Vaibhav.. Karan was walking by…
Khyati: Karan bhai!! You also sit down na!
Why are you roaming all around?
She tapped on the seat next to her!
Karan walked towards her, smiled and sat down!
Vishal: Naina tum itni disturbed kyun lag rahi ho?
Naina: kuch nahi Bhaiya!
1 relative: Did you fight with someone dearer to you?
Naina: No!!
Trying to avoid eye contact from anyone!
*Kaisi Dilon ki yeh hein dooriyan.. Kaisi dilon ki yeh hein dooriya… hai re kaisi yeh majbooriyan …milke dil ,mil na kadam sang na chale… kya dil se hui khatha? Tu sithamgar tu hi saudayi.. tu hi mujhme, tu hi khudhayi.. tu khaid hai tu hi rihayi.. oh piya oh piya.. ohhh piya..oh piyaa!!*
Play this part in this scene!??
2nd relative:why are you lying , Naina? U get hurt only by people who occupy a big part of your heart. The more it hurts,the more important the person is to you..And it shows you are hurt ,Naina! By someone close to you!
Karan felt really very bad! Naina and Karan looked at each other.. they had an eyelock..
Khyati(whispered) : Bhai? Is everything ok? You don’t look fine!
Karan: hmm…
He looked away with guilt and anger!
He got up and left! Naina looked up! After sometime she too got up and left!
Kunal and Meghna had observed all this from far! Soon they got up and decided to walk all around… thinking about Karan and Naina…
Kunal suddenly stopped, he had an idea. Meghna turned around to look at him.
Meghna understood that Kunal had a plan… just by observing his facial expression..
Kunal: Meghna..I have a great i..
Meghna: No! Don’t! I don’t want to know! I know it’s gonna be bad! No, Kunal! No!
She made faces and raised her hand to stop him from saying anything but he held onto her hand..
Kunal: Topper please yaar! The problem will be solved soon!!
He then tells the plan.. at first she says a no but later he makes her agree!
Meghna and Kunal walked in different directions..
Meghna found Karan..
Meghna: Karan!
Karan: Haan, Bhabhi?
Meghna: Karan, Kunal tumse baath karna chatha hein..You wait in that room, he will come soon!
Pointing at a room!
On the other side..
Kunal found Naina distributing soft drinks..
Kunal: Hey my cute saali!
Naina turned around with the tray!
Naina: Hi Jeeju! I forgot to tell you that you look really handsome today! You want something?
Forwarding the tray of soft drinks
Kunal: You are looking even more cuter than earlier, Naina! Arey, why are holding these trays and standing.. there are many to do this work..
He took the tray from Naina’s hand and kept it on a table.
Kunal:Waise Meghna tumse milna chahthi thi! She will come to that room next to the staircase.. go fast!
Naina: ok, jeeju!
She left!
Karan had already been waiting there in that room..
Karan: Why did bhai call me to this storeroom??And where is he?
Naina entered.. The room was a little dark.. Naina walked carefully..
Naina: Meghu Di?
Karan: Naina?!?
Naina: Karan??
What will happen next?
Socho! Socho!
I really hope you liked this one!?☺️✌?️?

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