Aise kaise jaane doon! -Episode 12!

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So sorry guys! I wanted to help you guys imagine Nidhi! But I don’t know who would play her part the best ! Please do suggest an actresses name! We will see who will look good here!

Cool breeze hit Naina, causing her to shiver a bit.. Karan offered his blanket to her. She sat closer and used a part of the blanket while Karan used the other side!
Naina: Batao! You wanted to say something, right!
Karan goes back in the past. He narrated his story.
Nothing was like this before. I was never like this before. Dad didn’t like me from the very first. He always supported Kunal bhai! But that was never a problem! We were each other’s best friends. We never hid anything from each other! I was the most talkative , while bhai was most of the time silent and was always the obedient and descent one!

4 years back.. I had been doing my PU 2nd year.. That’s when Nidhi entered the college and my life. Girls of my class loved to crowd around me, listen to me talking and cracking jokes. I had assumed that she would be one of them. Few girls had already crowded around me but they didn’t have my attention! I was lost. I pushed aside the crowd and walked forward. Expecting her to ask for something as she was new. My friend Kabir stood behind me and tapped on my shoulders. I turned to look busy. I wanted her to call me. But I felt a cool breeze, she had whizzed past me! My jaws almost dropped open. But suddenly she stopped and turned around. I looked back at Kabir. And made an unnecessary conversation.
“Excuse me! ” said a sweet voice from my back. I turned around. It was her, she grew even more beautiful as I saw her closer! Her hair played with the breeze, she kept pushing her hair aside. She had worn decent Indian clothes unlike the rest of the girls. She ignored me! She walked towards Kabir! And knew each other! My heart ached!
Kabir : Hey! Hi! Meri yaad kaisi aayi tumhe?
“Bhai, I need help!” She told Kabir. Kabir nodded.
Then Kabir introduced her to me.
Kabir: Karan this is Nidhi , she is my cousin sister and Nidhi this is Karan, he is my best friend!
My heart started to beat faster! My heart grew impatient, after knowing that they were cousins!
Karan and Nidhi: Hi!
Nidhi turned to Kabir: Bhai I have no clue where to go! I don’t know my class!
Karan: What’s your subject?
Nidhi: Science!

Karan: oh! Check the notice board there!
I pointed towards the notice board. She walked towards the board! I was overjoyed
That was my subject! She might be in my class! My heart was beating in such a way that I felt like it would jump out of my chest and go sit with her heart. Kabir he my head at the back! I stopped dreaming!
She checked the list and walked towards us!
Nidhi: Thank you Karan and Bhai!
She walked away. I wanted to go with her! I noticed someone screaming! Slowly it became louder!
Karan jumped back: kya hein?
Kabir: Kya dekh raha hein? Nidhi? She won’t talk to you! She doesn’t like people like you!
Karan: shut up! We’ll see!
Kabir: chill yaar I was just joking!
I just stomped off from there. I reached the classroom! I found few girls crowded around! I was walking to my place to find that the girls were ragging the new comers!

One girl: oh! So, first day itself you will grab a chance, isn’t it? You think Karan would ever even bother to look at your face? Who told you to go talk to Karan ,huh?
I suddenly understood whom they were ragging. I ran up there ! Pushed few girls aside and found Nidhi sitting with another girl!
I shouted at Sema. He knew that it was her!
Karan: what are you doing??
I stared at Sema with anger, fire in my eyes!
Sema pulled herself back, she was the one who asked Nidhi questions, she had tried ragging her! She was scared seeing me
Sema: Karan.. woh.. actually we were trying make friends with her!
Karan: Oh come on,Sema! I’m not deaf! I heard all that! You definitely don’t have to explain a thing to me!
Sema: Kara…
Karan: Get back to your places and mind your own businesses!
I was still angry , I realised that I was shouting! All the girls went back to their places! I cooled myself out!
Karan: I’m sorry!

I always hated people ragging. I could never stand such situations. Nidhi had been looking at me all throughout but as the girls left and I spoke to her and her friend, she looked down.
Karan: I hope you girls are ok!
Maria: yeah we are fine! Thank you so much for helping us! I’m Maria and she is Nidhi! What’s your name?
Karan: Karan!
Nidhi kept staring at the floor. After the intro Karan walked away!
Nidhi silently noticed Karan!
In just few days Maria had become my friend. While Nidhi still continued to ignore me. Kabir loved irritating and teasing Maria.. So it was fun to hear their conversations!
One day..
Kabir and I had our own bikes. We had left an hour and half ,late. On the nearest bus stop we spotted Nidhi and Maria. On enquiring, they told us that they had been waiting for the bus, for an hour or so!
We offer to drop them back. Maria agreed while Nidhi denied! Maria pulled Nidhi aside, questioned her and soon Nidhi agreed! Nidhi was planning to get onto Kabir’s bike but before that Maria jumped onto his bike. So , Nidhi had no other option but to sit behind me! I slowly moved forward, leaving space for her to sit and I wore my college bag behind me. So that she could feel comfortable!
She sat down behind me without touching me!
I kept talking. She was listening but then she acted deaf in between!
After sometime I asked her a question!
Karan: Tum hamesha chup kyon rehthi ho?
Nidhi: Tum hamesha yoon baatein kyon karte rahthe ho?

Karan suddenly noticed a speed breaker in front and he applied a brake. This caused a jerk and Nidhi unknowingly kept her hand on Karan’s back! She then immediately took her hands away, worried!
Nidhi(shouts): bike roko! Stop it right now! NOW!
Karan: okay! Okay! Calm down!
Nidhi: RIGHT NOW, Karan!
Karan halted. Nidhi jumped down!
Nidhi: I’ll go walking! You can go!
Avoiding eye contact!
She was about to walk off. When Karan held her hands! She released her hand!
Nidhi: Leave me alone!!
Her voice breaking!
Karan: I really don’t know what your problem with me is! I don’t think I am that bad,a person! I don’t understand! What have I done to you? I know it wasn’t just the speed breaker! If that is the problem then let me tell you that I didn’t do it on purpose! I busy talking to you ..then I …..

Nidhi started crying! I wanted to hold her and console her but I knew that she wouldn’t like it!
Karan: Nidhi… I ……
I couldn’t bear it anymore!
Karan: Nidhi… please sit on the bike.. I won’t speak a word.. I will make sure that there won’t be any jerks .. I’ll drop you home! Please!
The ride back was silent! I told brother all about her and the ride!

Next morning I had reached college really early! I had my guitar in my hand! I sat on the corridor leaning on the pillar!
I suddenly saw two legs in front of me! I looked up!
Nidhi: I’m sorry for yesterday, Karan! I didn’t mean to be rude but…
Karan: But , what Nidhi?
What do you think it is? You gotta wait??! Hope you enjoyed this one! ☺️❤️ lots of love to all of you!!

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  1. Rosie25

    Resh as always u never fail 2 disappoint me absolutely loved it and i love u loved the way u used the flashback love u ??

    1. Rosie25

      I mean impress sorry about the wrong word

      1. Resh

        Thank you so much Rosie!☺️❤️ I happy to know that you are impressed with the story! I get what you wanted to say! ☺️?

      2. Rosie25

        What about kanchi kaur

    2. Resh

      Any suggestions on which actress will do Nidhi’s part the best?

  2. Wow great EP really fantastic

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Robin!☺️

  3. Minerva

    Truly fantabulous. The conceptualisation and presentation was indeed amazing. Karan’s inclination towards nidhi and his narration of her uncommon acts is wonderfully portrayed. Karia’s couple is surely awesome. Nonetheless, nidhi’s nature surely remains as an intriguing mystery right now..

    1. Resh

      Thank You So Much Minerva!!☺️❤️️ Mystery will be disclosed in the coming episode!! Hope you all would like it!

  4. Wonderful part is going on. Please post soon my Fav. FF. Love it a lot and u too. I guess that Niddhi has skin allergy. So, she was avoiding Karan for eye contact and touching her. But waiting for the truth be revealed. Pls..pls..pls.. post soon. Very excited for it. Load of love- Ayonija

    1. Resh

      Ayonija! You will know it soon! Thank you so much ☺️?? love you loads❤️️There will be a msg for u in the next epi! Don’t guess it already! Please wait for it!?

  5. #nairanlover:-)

    It was an awesome episode.Maybe Pranali can play it well that is role of Michigan.Though I don’t like her much but she suits to the character.And the one when karan said girls would make a crowd around me and listen to my jokes that was totally similar to Samridh bhaiyya because always he will be cracking jokes many a times quite lame but also I love his sense of humour.Post asap.Loads of love.

    1. Resh

      He his damn cute!? By the way Pranali is not bad! I don’t like her much but ya as you said she might play that character well! Thank you so much! ☺️❤️

  6. #nairanlover:-)

    Nidhi* not Michigan.p.s sorry.

  7. #nairanlover:-)

    Ya I know that she is not bad.I don’t hate her but just not love her too much as Ankitta and Samridh.Sahita too.I love them too.I like Pranali but don’t love her.Thats it.Nothing like I hate her or something.

  8. Seyal

    Hai resh,missed me!!! l know that u won’t ??? was a little busy uaar but the chapters were awesome… Loved it… I couldn’t figure out another girl…ya pranali is a noce choice… Anyways loved it…..
    Loads of love-Seyal ??

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much☺️❤️ Seyal! Yes I missed you?? thank you for your conformation too!☺️It’s ok! People are pretty busy these days!

  9. Seyal

    *nice choice

  10. hiii resh ….cute epi the past story was just amazing …super it

    1. Resh

      Hi!!? Thank you so much Aysha!!! Thank you for commenting too! Hope you would like the upcoming ones too!!☺️❤️

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