Aise kaise jaane doon! -Episode 1

Here goes the episode 1..Hope u like and if you did then please do comment below..Thank you for the cute comments you all post?☺️

It was the last day of their vacations for our
leads:Meghna, Naina, Kunal and they were all set leave to their hostel and houses so as to attend their first day in college
the next day.. Meghna and Kunal were from
the same college. Naina and Karan too were from the same college but different from their siblings…
Meghna and Naina were all set to go to their
hostel when their mother had entered the room with the pooja thali..after their cute chat..
Shardha: Are you both ready to leave?
Naina: Yes mumma..
Meghna: Mumma I don’t want to go!
Shardha: Gudiya…
Naina: (mockingly) Kya gudiya.. Bacho ko tarah baatein kar rahi ho..
She laughed and started running as she saw her sister running behind her..They ran all around the house. Shardha watched them

At Chauhan Mansion
Kunal had already met his dad and masima,
before they left for office. He had told that he
will be going back to his house near his
College.Karan ingnored his dad and only bothered to meet his Masima.Then the
brothers informed Nirmala, Dadaji and khyati
and left in two different cars.The brothers never
spoke to each other.. they went to their
respective houses ,were workers had set the
house for both the brothers comfort..

At Boondi:
Meghna and Naina caught a taxi and left
towards their destinations.Shardha felt really
tensed for her daughters..

Soon Meghna had reached her hostel.. Naina
was on the way to her hostel..suddenly the taxi broke down mid way.
Naina:Arrey , Bhaiya, Kay hua?
The driver: Madam gassing ruk gays hein.
She jumped out and opened the bonnet and checked..The driver stood there watching her. He didn’t know that she, being a girl could
repair a car..
Naina:ek wire toot gaya hein… you should take it to the nearest workshop, Bhaiya..Mein chali jathi hoon..yeh leejiye apke paise..
The driver: You are great Madam..and he smiled at her
She smiled back at him and took her bag..

Kunal was dropped at his house..
Karan was still in his car.. on his way suddenly his car stopped..
Karan:Ab Kay hua?
Driver:someone’s car broke down
Karan:oh god! I hate this..
He got down and saw a girl talking to the driver and picking up her luggage.
He went towards the girl..
Karan: Excuse me..
Since her hair was left open, it slightly brushed Karan’s face.She was our cute Naina..He fell for her beauty. She turned around and smiled
at him. He stood still but suddenly he
remembered his past and then came back to reality..
Karan: who do you think you are, huh?
Naina:Oh hello!! Can’t you see that the
car broke down..If you can help otherwise walk off!
Karan turned to walk away ,Naina ran and
stood in front of him.
Naina: Arey..I’m sorry.. Can you help me please… you just have to drop me.. you see, I have too much to carry..I can’t walk till there..
Karan:Why would I care about you
He said this and started walking towards the car. Naina walked in front of him one again..showed a puppy face..
He remembered something and then said..
Karan: ok fine.. driver kept her luggage in the car..
Naina jumped with happiness: thank you so the way what’s your name?
Karan: Karan
Naina: oh nice to meet you Karan..I’m Naina!
Saying this she forwarded her hand but he turned away and sat in his car..He had tears in his eyes..
Naina smile disappeared she kept her hands on her hip and nodded as Karan sat in..
Her luggage was kept in and she opened the door to sit in the back seat.. Karan stopped her..
Karan: No! Sit in the front!
Naina shut the door and sat in the front..
Naina(to herself): akdu!!
Karan(to himself): batameez!!

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  1. #nairanlover:-)

    Nice episode.Post ASAP

    1. Resh

      Hey thank you ? the next one will be up soon..

  2. Claire

    First chapter was really good?… Is Karan’s past somewhat similar to what it is in the show??Anyways… Great start??… Loved your Work?… Post soon 🙂

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Claire..I’ll surely post soon..but no I don’t think you’ll find it similar to the show…you’ll get to know soon ??

  3. Resh

    So sorry for the typos..I can’t stop laughing at them,myself ??please ignore them..I’ll try and reduce it next time..

  4. Nice storyline. Post ASAP

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much ?..will surely post soon!!

  5. Minerva

    Wait, did it have any errors? I dont think so…
    And even if it had, the glory of the episode has already overshadowed it completely. The episode was immensely fabulousand the wordplay was amazing. Karan and Kunal’s attitude is absolutely in contrast with that of the solanki sisters. It would be great to see the changes upcoming after the siblings meet.
    The first meeting between NaiRan was indeed lovely. Am absolutely smitten by the magic created by this story

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Minerva…❤️️Thank you so much for appreciating my work.. I’ll definitely bring in more scenes that all of you would love to read.. ☺️ it means a lot to me….

  6. Ayonija

    Ver nice. Their nok-jhok was really cute. Sorry for late commenting but i have read ur all chapters upto Chapter 4. I like ur story very much.

    1. Resh

      Aww!! Seriously u are so cute Ayonija! Love you yaar! Thank you so much ☺️

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