Aise Hogya Pyar (Part 3)

Hii friends.
I’m really sry for the late update…. Im so sad that there is less comments than 1 st episode . I think u all get bored in my story.. I will try my best level in this episode.. Pls keep support me.. n I wish all silent readers also comment something.. n thanku so much for ur valuable comments..
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Let’s directly to the story. .
All r leave to the respective place.. Tanu is with pragya for shifting pragya’s things to her flat. But pragya is confused its wrong or right going to tanu’s flat..
She tell this to her maa.. Her maa doesn’t give permission . she want to talk to tanus family.. Tanus mom talk to sarala .n they know each other before . so sarala gets happy that pragya is safe in that CLG.. So she give permission to pragya.. Tanu gets happy . After 2 hour pragya shifted to tanu’s flat
Tanu and pragya are in same room. Pragya decided that n tanu also like that..
Now moving to boys hstl. Abhi purab n nikhil r in same room. They r super excited .
All settle down …

In tanu’ s flat.
Tanu lying in bed. While pragya sit near study table .
Pragya : tanu.. I’m so lucky .. I get friend like u.. I’m so happy..
Tanu is chatting with nikhil she is not listening pragya..
Pragya : tanu ( in loud voice)
Tanu : pragya what happend ? All ok?
Pragya : r u hearing me ? Where r u?Tanu: vo I’m chatting .
Pragya : oo k
Tanu : what r u talking?
Pragya : vo thanku u so much taking me here. Actually i didn’t like that clg hstl..
Tanu : ooo not tell thanks for that . I’m so happy that I get ur company…
Pragya : now stop ur chatting . come lets study ..
Tanu : no from today give one day leave na..
Pragya : no leave. We will study in regular.. Its only theory.. If we complete theory then only we can sing na.. n about me music is passion ..
Tanu :ooo pragyaaaa.. Pls stop
I will come.. Don’t become lecturer..
Tanu comes to pragyaa n they start their studies.
The day passed .

Next morning
All r busy to going clg.. All arrives at the gate.. Today also seniors r sitting in the ground . tanu & pragya arrives at the gate. Neil called pragya . she move towards him tanu about to follow her another senior called her. While going to neil pragya collide with abhi and both of them fell down.
Pragya ‘s head stuck in a stone & Start’s bleeding.. Abhi gets panicked.. Its just small wound. But abhi behave its very big accident.. She lift pragya in his arm.. Pragya get surprised..
Pragya : hey how dare u to lift me ?,put me down..

Abhi ignored her word n walking…
Pragya : put me down otherwise I will complaint against u…
Pragya start to beat abhi.. Its also never affect abhi . abhi bring her to medical room. n put her down..
Pragya : hey how dare u? Abhi closed her mouth..
Pragya’s eyes gets widened.. The nurse clear the wound n apply medicine.
Pragya : hey how dare u to touch me first u lift me n now u closing my mouth
Abhi : ho jansi ki rani… I don’t have any intention to touch u.. this wound is because of me so I do this . now my responsibility is over..
Pragya : did I told u to do this ?,
Abhi : oo sry I’m.mistaken I never help any person with injuries…
Pragya didn’t respond n looks down .
Abhi : n I think we r classmate n I help u sry.
Pragya gets sad.
Pragya ( in mind) I think he is a bad person I never like boys like this.but I’m so bad he want to help me but I mistaken him.
Abhi ( In mind) I think she is so nice girl so I help her . she is like jansi ki rani .. Nahi partake hei
Pragya about to stand n abhi about to leave but she falls down .. Abhi suddenly comes to her n help to stand .
abhi makes her sit .
Pragya : vo im really sry.. n thanku for the help..
Friends n forward her hand .

Abhi get surprised n forward his hand also ..
Pragya : vo can I ask u something ?
Abhi : of course .
Pragya ( in low voice) actually I don’t know ur name…
Abhi (laughed) : oo my name is abhishek prem mehra
Pragya : n my name is….
Abhi I know pragya right ?
Pragya surprisingly haa . how u know..
Abhi : I hear yesterday that gundoos calling u ?
Pragya : gundoos? Who?
Abhi : vo nikhil ki friend
Pragya : oo tanu n give a stern look.
Abhi : ooo sry I don’t know her name..

The bell rang .
Pragya how I go to cls?
Abhi : if u have no prblm I will lift u …
Pragya gets shy n give a stern look at him .
Abhi: ok don’t worry I will help u to walk..
Pragya stand n walk with the help of abhi. when they enterd to the cls tanu run towards them
Tanu : oo pragya wht happen ?,r u alright..
U fine na? How happen this . she start her bak bak
Abhi : hey gundoos r u hav eyes ? Don’t u see her leg is hurt . first help me .. Then u can talk her…
Finally pragya sat down with the help of abhi & tanu ..
Pragya describe all the things to tanu during the cls tym.
without hearing full story tanu start to talk bad about abhi.. Pragya gets anger she is fuming ..
Pragya : tanu can u stop it.. Without hearing u r talking bad about someone n discribe all the matter . tanu gets sad hearing this..
While during the cls abhi is only thinking about pragya he is just looking at her..
n finally the cls get over all r goes out.. Except pranu n abhi’s gang..
Tanu : pragya now how will we go . u can’t walk urslef n how I can manage u?
We will help u

A sound comes from back ya its abhi .
Pragya : thanku abhishek I will manage my self ..
Abhi :oye jansi ki rani I know u thik urself as rani don’t be over smart . telling this abhi lift her.
Pragya : ok u can help me but now put me down I will walk . .
Abhi : that’s gud girl n put her down .
Tanu : ok guyzz thanks for ur help the car arrives at the gate let’s move..
Abhi : car? For wht? Hstl na?
Nikhil : actually pragya is in tanus home .
Purab n abhi look at nikhil .
Abhi : how u know this?
Nikhil : voooo tanu told me this..
Finally they reach tanus home . tanu offers tea for them .. n. Long chit chat..
n the days passed the friendship between the 5 become more stronger.. n abhis feeling towards pragya gets more stronger..

But he didnt express that because he afraid of lost pragya ‘s friendship ..
Pragya also have feelingtowards abhi but she never like to give the name of love.. She named as friendship .. While they r unaware about tankhil ..
But their love story is goes more straightly..
n also the bond between pranu gets more stronger
Today I’m stopping here.

Precap : the reaveling of tankhil love in front of abhigya n purab ..

Hope u all like this n sry for late update..

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