Aise Hogya Pyar (Part 2)

Hlo friendssss… Thanks for ur support…im really happy seeing all like my story… Hopefully writing another episode…
Its 1 st BA music cls.. Purab sit in second last bench..n pragya in the second row…. Purab sit near nikhil..
Nikhil : hlo bro.. Whts ur name..
Purab : purab khanna . and ur?
Nikhil : im nikhil .
Purab : wov. Friends..
n purab forward his hand..
Nikhil : ofcourse n forward his hand also..
Purab : n nikhil where are u staying.?
Nikhil : ooo im from punjab… So im in clg hostel.. And wht about u?
Purab : im from gujrath . so im also in clg hstl
Nik: vow thats nice.
While pragya sit near tanu. .
Tanu : hlo.. Im tanushree
Pragya : im pragya .
Tanu : where are u staying?
Pragya : in clg hstl . im from punjab.. And u?
Tanu : im also from punjab.. But im not in clg hstl . my papa has a flat im just staying there..
Pragya : u alone staying in a flat?
Tanu : no papa arrange a servant for me. She is very close to my family..
Pragya : thats nice… U can have anything u want..
Tanu : ya.. n if u dont mind u can stay with me.. We can study together.. Thats good idea..
Pragya : thanks.. But i dont have tell anything about this now .. I want to ask my mom…
Tanu : its ok.. I will tell my mom to talk to ur mom.
Pragya : ok .but first i will talk to my mom.. Then i will tell u .
Tanu is just talking to prgya.. But pragya is just listeng to her… She is less talkative.. She just want to focus on her studying.. But tanu is just oposite.. She just join the clg for enjoying and also for nikhil. Actually they are in love.. They met in school youthfestival. They both participate in light music..
Fb shown ..
Its youthfestival..
Back stage . tanu and nikhil waiting for their turn. Tanu is just drinking water.. She is so nervous .. She some time stand another walk. She drink also 10 bottle. Nikhil is laughing see this .. Tanu notice nikhil laughing.. She goes near him .
Tanu : hey.. Why are u laughing ?
Nikhil stop laughing and make his face serious..
Nikhi : wht? Laugh? Who? Me? Never..
They start their argument..tanu is not leaving a chance to nikhill.. She is just talking.. Atlast nikhil close her mouth with his hand..
Tanu push his hand..n about to slap nikhil .. But nikhil give her water bottle ..
Nikhil : i know u nervous na .. Pls drink this water..
Tanu drink water..
Nikhil : i know u r nervous about ur song na.. Just chill yarr.. U can do it .. Its possible thing na .. n. n i think u sang well.. Come on… I know its stage fear . u know one thing the audience are dont know anything about music.. Just think like that n sang .. . tanu get relaxed.. Tanu about to say something her chance came.. She sang well.. n she come running to nikhil and say thanku..
Tanu : really thanku.. U give me power to sing.. Thanku so much.. . next turn is nikhil . nikhil also sang well. Nikhil got first place n tanu get second place..
They become friends.. In higher secondary schoolThey become cls mates and music bring them more closer.. Tanu likes to sing but about nikhil its his passion so he join this clg..tanu cant live without seeing nikhil she also joined this clg .
Fb ends..
Lecturer come to cls.. All wish him . she check the student list and called the name..
Lecturer: abhishek. .
Again called the name.. But no respond… At that time a sound came from outside the cls.. All are turn to that side . its abhi. . a
Abhi :present madam . may i come in?,
Lec : whts this abhishek . this is first day n ur late today also..
Abhi : im not late . im arrive at 9.00 . but some of the seniors want to know about me…so i just tell stories about me.. n forgot to come cls.. Sry maam i didnt do anymore..
( In mind.. Next time im not come here)
Lec : ok come in … While get into cls abhi give a eye sight a girl..pragya see that n get irrittated she doesnt like such a type of boys.. While going to last becnch abhi ke vachase pragya ki book fell down .
.Abhi pick up the book
Abhi : sry .
Pragya : its ok . n take her book
Abhi smiled at her.. But she didnt respond. He give a eye sight.. Its make pragya more anger. She then only look at her book .
Abhi goes to last bench but there is no space .so he thought to sit in second last raw near purab n purab allow him to it there..n they become friend.. n abhi purab nikhil become friends n they are in same hostel..
Abhi find something special in pragya n he like her attittude at first sight.. . Pragya is active at cls from first cls .. She is answering and listenging cls carefully.. Abhi is just looking at her.. Lecturer notice this .,
Lec : abhishek. ; wht are u looking at girl side im taking cls..
Abhi come into sense .
Abhi : i know mam im new here na .. So im looking them in curiosity how they studying where anyone is sleeping in ur cls.. Thats all..
Lec : dont be oversmart just listen here..n sit down. . abhi sit making sad face n look at pragya .
But pragya didnt listen this n she is busy in preparing lecture note..
Abhi( in mind) oo thank god she did nt look at me.. If she look at me i will burn at here.. Actually i think she didnt like all this she bujji ( in my place we call this name for who come school only for study n any other matter affect them) ya bujji its suitable to her n smile ..
And at last the cls get over ..
Pragya is stand to leave..
Abhi also looking at her.
Tanu stop pragya…
Tanu : just wait here n show nikhil Im come here with him Im just coming seeing him .. Pls wait for me.. Pragya node. . tanu comes to nikhil..
While abhi staring at pragya.. Pragya see this n turn her face .
Purab comes to pragya n talk to her .
Purab : dont u going to hstl ?
Pragya : vo tanu ..n show her..
Purab : oo waiting for her . im also waiting for nikhil.. Pragya smiled at him..
While abhi irrittatted seeing all these. He comes towards purab n drag him
Purab : wht happen abhi ?
Abhi : did u know her.

Purab : actually no.. Today i just meet her ..
Abhi : whts her name ?
Purab : pragya .. .
Abhi ( in mind) : nice name..
While tanu n nikhil comes there
Tankhil : just move ..
All node they move firstly.. n abhi pragya n purab move together. .
She is talking to purab.. Abhi is looking at her . she disnt mind him.. Its irrittate abhi..
Today im stoping here.. Just wait n see how they talk
How pragya likes abhi? Wait for next episode.
I dont know its nice one or not. U guys u can tell how is my story..pls give ur valuavle support to me. Keep supporting me.. n once again thanks for supporting me..

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