Airlines fanfiction (Prologue)

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Im writing after the 19th episode

A DIB agent saw Ananya with the red dairy and informed Akash about it. Akash is thinking how to gain the dairy from Ananya. He decided that he should enter into Ananya’s house that night unknowing that he was going to face a reality there.

At night. Ananya’s house
Akash silently entered the house and find it very dark. He thought that Ananya must be slept. Suddenly he saw Ananya coming from her room and going to a room. He silently followed her. Ananya locked the room from inside so he went to the balcony to see what she was doing in the room. He saw Ananya opening a cupboard.He was surprised to see a man there.He was unconscious and tied with a rope. Ananya was giving him a injection. The man woke up after some time and was trying to release himself. Ananya said,”all your attempts are in vain as I tied it very roughly but if you answered all my questions clearly I assure you that I will lessen your punishment.”
The person said that he didn’t know anything. Suddenly Ananya gave him a tight slap. Akash was surprised to see Ananya in this form as he always thought Ananya was a timed girl. He was not understand what to do. Suddenly he heard someone’s footstep so he hid behind a bush. He saw a man entering the room but he could not saw his face. The man addressed Ananya as didi. Then Akash finally saw the face it was Karan the first officer who always stays with Rathore. He was wondering what Karan was doing here suddenly Karan said that let me handle this idiot and you go and sleep. Ananya was about to say something suddenly Akash phone rang. He manages to stop it but Ananya said that she heard some noise. So Akash left the place immediately so that no one can suspect him.

In Akash’s residence:
Akash was not believing in his eyes what he saw in the house. Suddenly his boss entered the room and said that why he did not bring the red diary. He said that he did not find the diary. His boss told him to remain careful and left the place. Akash thought that for the first time in life I lied to sir and for whom Ananya. I don’t know about her. She lied to me. But I have to find the reason who was the man in her house. [Ya rabba plays]

At the same time in Ananya’s house:
Anaya said to Karan, “No, I can’t leave from here I want to know why he wanted to kill Akash. Fb shows Ananya saw some people in the pool side. She went to there and saw Akash drowning and saved him. The man said that I got a letter with some money in which I got an instruction to kill Akash. Karan asked the man who sent him the letter.The man said that he did not know who sent the letter to him.Ananya became angry again and wanted to hit the man suddenly Karan stop her hand and said that he had a better plan. He said to the man that he will lessen his punishment if he would help them. He man said that he only knew that the terrorist are trying to do something in a plane and the plane’s number is the name of the mission. Ananya was wondering what could be the plan suddenly Karan asked Ananya if she had Mahima’s diary Ananya replies in the affirmative. But she could not give it to him as she promised to give it to Megha. Karan said that he loved her but cannot expressed it. Ananya said that she understand his pain but Karan said that she won’t understand as she never loved anyone she always loved her job more than anything else. Ananya didn’t say anything to him. Because he was saying the truth. But in this case she wasn’t paying much attention and she decided that she would leave the airlines as soon as the case is over.

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