Airlines fanfiction part 3


Hello guys Hope you all are fine..
Here I come with my third part. Enjoy reading and do not forget to comment.

Ananya said that she can not come now as Akash can ask her questions. Karan just said that Ananya should not give Akash so importance. Anaya said that she was not giving any kind of that. Karan replied that he never thought that he will seriously fall in love with Mahima but he did. Karan said ,”tumhe pata nahi chalega di kab tumhe pyaar ho jaye ga”….
Anaya just then said that she will never fall in love because of her past she learnt that love can not give us nothing but pain just like karan have. Karan said that he had Mahima’s memory that will help her to lead a simple life.
Just then Ananya spotted Akash there and ignored Karan. She quietly left the place. After Ananya left the place Akash remembered what he heard.And learnt that Ananya will never love him because of her past.He was curious to know about Ananya’s past.
But who knew that destiny had thought something else for him………

At night in hotel room
Anaya just quietly entered the room and saw Akash was sleeping. So, she just called Karan and went to meet him.
Ananya went to a café and saw Karan was sitting there. They two together opened the mail and saw Mahima’s writing was there along with a video. When they opened the video they saw that a person was talking to Mahima only Mahima was able to be seen and they could heard the voice of the person and with their talk they both can say that the man was Mahima’s boss. Suddenly he mentions that Mahima was a DIB agent. Ananya and Karan as just shocked at this. There was some writing too. Which mentions

Dear Karan,
When you will read the letter I know that I will be not in the world. I always wanted to tell you the truth of mine that I m a DIB agent. I was here to do my duty but ended up falling in love with you. Sometimes by your talk I really think that it will be great if you will also be a DIB agent. Hahaha just trying to lighten your mind. Our boss has send us in a secret we r here.Yes Karan you guess it right I have a companion too.But I m afraid to tell you the name if some how it got displaced. But I got to know that AR is also a DIB agent. I wanted to tell my companion about it. But just now I have to go to a secret place but I will tell him. I have to leave….Goodbye
Yours Mahima

Ananya was not able to say anything as she do not have any word to say Karan.
She was wondering who could be the companion.
NE: will Akash be able to know the reason behind Ananya’s disbelief towards love.
I will try to update next day..

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  1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Superrrr chappy dear…… Loved it… Keep writing like this….
    I will be not in tu from 23 September to 15 October bcz of my exams starting from 27 September. So, till then take care, bye bye, lots of love???

    1. Madeha124567

      Okk best of luck for your exam

  2. NafisaRatree

    Nice episode. Desperately waiting for the next episode..

    1. Madeha124567

      Wait koro matha asle ar beche thakle likbo

    2. Madeha124567

      Ar ha thank you ?
      Valo kore porasuna koro ????

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