Airlines fanfiction part 2


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Next day She went to the office and found that her co pilot was absent and so she had to fly with Akash. She reached the cockpit and saw that Akash was already there and was doing the procedure which was always done by Ananya. Though Ananya noticed that, she didn’t say anything. She sat beside him and greeted him. He replied in a cold voice and didn’t say anything. Akash did the take off without saying to Ananya as he could not bear that she was lying to him. Ananya was very surprised at this as Akash is very talkative. She thought that Natasha might told him not to talk with her. She was thinking why she was feeling so sad she should not feel so as she is a DIB agent in Delhi. But it may be happened that Akash is the terrorist then she had to arrest Akash but her heart was saying that he cannot do anything bad. But she knew that Akash was a mysterious one.[Mancala] was playing in the bg.

They reached the airport and found that only one room was available for both of them Anaya was not tensed because it happened before but suddenly Akash refused. But Mr. Sen said that it was night and they both should take some rest because they have a return flight.

In the hotel room
Ananya was waiting for important mail to come and suddenly she saw Akash coming there and pretended to call the hotel stuff and Akash under stood that he was just pretending. So he left the room and went outside. He was not able to realize what she was doing. In his mind he know that Ananya could not do anything bad. Ananya was talking to his senior. But suddenly she thought that she do not know that where Akash was. She went to the lobby to search him. She saw him sitting with Natasha. Her mind was telling that she should be happy but her heart was telling something else. Ananya was thinking that she was just fighting with herself. Suddenly someone tapped her shoulder she turned and saw Karan was there. And as usual they two began to pretend that they were fighting. This time Akash knew that they were pretending so he shouted that they should stop pretending. Ananya and Karan were just shocked at this. Akash just then understood that what he had done. He then just told that he was just joking to stop them both. Ananya was sure that he was not joking. However when they both entered the room Ananya said that she was going to order the food and asked him what he would take. He replied that he had his food.So, Ananya ordered for herself. Karan called her to come out. She came outside and Karan said that Once Mahima had gave him one mail and told him that he should open the mail when she was not around.

FB shows that Mahima wand Karan were in Karan’s house. Suddenly Mahima said to Karan that she loves him a lo Then Karan told that they should get married then. But Mahima said that she has a lot of responsibility towards the nation. Karan was just shocked listening that Then she said that about her mom and sis. Suddenly Mahima said that she had something for him in a mail. Karan said in which mail. Mahima said that she had sent it to him but he should open it when Mahima was not around.
Karan said that now it is high time he opened the mail.
NE: what would be in the mail?

I will update in Next Friday. Till then stay happy.

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