Airlines fanfic Fab3 – Part 9


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recap: Everyone see video clip

Its night. Sam is driving and vikas is reading something on his phone while the ladies (niki, riya nd megha) are sleeping. They reach rathore house.

Sam: Wake up
Vikas: Wake up
Sam: Now only one way left

He does something on his phone and alarm plays ”gud morning, the time is 8’o clock”. Niki wakes up and shouts waking rest two…

Niki: Oh shoot m late m late m….ohh its 8 already…..(realising the truth) ohh uh…
Sam: Its 1 of night
Vikas: Gud idea

they enter the house to find kaira waiting for them

Kaira: Stop laughing loudly sam…..kuhu is sleeping…
Sam: Ohh sorry…
Kaira: K now go nd sleep…gud nyt….

Every1 says gud nyt and go to their rooms (megha nd niki in guestroomS.

In an dark room a man is sitting and some men standig.

Man: Now we have to start….nd our first priority will be inde airlines.

Precap: Riya bumps into a man.

Update credit to dia

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