Airlines fanfic Fab3 – Part 7



I’ll use Fab3 for niki riya nd sam together.

Recap: Fab3 and kritisha get the chip

Fab3 and kritisha all are back to delhi and they are now in SIU conference room
(KK, megha, Fab3, vikas, kritisha along with others)

KK: Now…we got the chip now lets see whats it about…..arpit! Whats the info…
Arpit: Sir this chip contains a presentation but its having a 4 digit password….its impossible to hack it but we can try just1 time….
KK: So…what should we do now??
Arpit: Sir we got to know that this presentation is made 21 years ago….
Vikas: So it means its about what happened then
Megha: It was….
Niki: My biRthday!! What all happened was on the day i was born and…

There was an awkward silence…

KK: Whats the date??
Riya: 3rd march, 0303

Arpit enters the password and……(megha goes in flashback)

in hospital akash, ananya’s family, megha and her mom are outside a ward. Nurse comes.

Nurse: Congrats!!! Its a girl..

Every1 gets super happy.

Precap fb: Megha and shefali go to get the baby but find her missing.

Update credit to dia

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