Airlines fanfic Fab3 – Part 6


Readers, m really sorry because this update is very late and very short. I m seriously going with a tight schedule. I know its too short but it was so late so i had to update at least this much. I have to update 3 ffs. So I’ll try to update one of my fics daily with short episodes so link does not get broken.

Recap: Anika, riyanna, samar and kritisha fail to find the microchip

Kritisha: KK sir said that we should…..

Niki cries

Niki: What a daughter i am….i am not able to find out who killed my parents….let alone punish them
Riya: Shh niki..don’t cry

Sam hugs niki

Sam: Whát happened…
Kritisha: Anika….please be strong…..

Niki gets off sam and by mistake pushes riya, by which riya falls….riya’s hand touches the corner of the room and…

Sam: Riya!! Riya u alright?
Niki: I m sorry i’ve just gone mad…
Riya: Its ok niki…m alright
Kritisha: Got hurt anywhere??
Riya: No ma’a…whats that??

Riya was pointing towards the point where her hand touched…it was in the corner of the room…it was a small opening with only one small thing inside it…niki checked it

Niki: Ahhh….its the chip…we’ve got it..
Kritisha: Whãt?
Sam: Really
Riy: Omg

they 4 get happy

Update credit to dia

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  3. Arre we read ur ff.. why do you think so..? Have confidence in yourself.. and plz continue writting..

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