Airlines fanfic Fab3 – Part 5


recap: Anika is in her first flight. They get to know about a chip in jaipur

Niki: You know sam, i’m so so much happy, i mean i’m flying i’m….ahhhhh
Sam: I was also like this
Niki: And this flight is very much special as you are with me.

They both look at each other and smile

Niki: Concentrate
Sam: Like you’ll let me
Niki: We’re about to land so i should announce……
{ >good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we are about to land in jaipur, i would request you all to tie your seat belts. First officer anika saluja with captain samar rathore.< } They land the flight succesSfully. Then they meet at airport. After that the whole crew depart towards jaipur palace. Niki, sam, riya and kritisha are in one car. Kritisha: We've talked to owner and seemingly no problem for finding.... Riya: But ma'am its a large hotel and we're just 4 Niki: Yes ma'am how can we??? Kritisha: It is in the history room....we have to find in that. They reach the hotel and after an hour of rest in their respective rooms they meet outside history room. And then they enter the room was a big room with at least five hundered drawers....they kept finding it for atleast 3 Hours but could not.... Niki: We're trying since 3 hours, we checked each and every drawer, but still Kritisha: I think i should tell KK sir and megha ma'am [She calls KK] KK: Hello...kritisha, u got the chip? Kritisha: Sorry sir we couldn't find it. Precap: Niki gets the chip

Update credit to dia

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  1. Hmmm.It’s mysterious like real Airlines.And so I’m feeling as if ‘m reading Airlines.Keep going:-)

  2. Tnq mahima

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