Airlines fanfic Fab3 – Part 3


Recap: Anika and Riyanna are all set to have their first day at job in inde air along with samar who is just promoted

Amit: Gud mrng…. As u all know i m the owner od inde airlines and u are the new recruits. Pilots, airhostess nd docs…..(boring lecture goes on evry1 feels sleepy)…..Of it. So i’ll stop here U all may leave out
niki: Godd itna bori toh kbhi history ka lecture bhi nhi hua.
riya: Srsly nd…niki! Kritisha ma’am…
Niki: Where??
riya: There…lets go
niki: Kritisha ma’am…gud mr……..
Kritisha: Shhhh wt r u both doing?? Dnt call me ma’am
Riya: But ma’am wha…..
Kritisha: U r doc, u r pilot, nd m a airhostess. So, m ur senior THERE
not here. So, be careful our real motive should not be revealed here.
Niki: K ma’a..umm…kritisha
Riya: Got it
they go to their respective rooms…….samar comes to niki
sam: Niki guess what.. Ur first flight is delhi to jaipur nd its with me
niki: Really!!
Sam: Nd riya would be with us
niki: Ahh!!! Its the best day in the world for me. My first flight with my bestest friend among crew nd my boyfrnd as pilot.
Sam: Mine too…i mn my gf as my co-pilot. Btw its time for our flight so lets go.
They leave

Precap: In the flight kritisha gives a note to sam and signs him not to say anything.

Note: Really sorry for late nd short update.

Update credit to dia

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