Airlines fanfic Fab3 – Part 14


Part 14

Riya is running along with her suitcase…..she comes near the plane but……..

Riya: Ouchh….ou

she bumps into a guy….they both fall….the guy gets up and offers his hand to her….

Riya: Thanx (gets up) and sorry
Guy: No…actually m sorry… was my mistake also

They go inside the plane….riya goes to register her name as additional crew while that guy sits….riya comes to sit and her seat is with that guy….the guy gets up to make her space but his id card falls….riya picks it up and gives it to him…she sits

well what riya knows about that guy is that he is the son of the owner of inde airlines as in the three seconds she read….

Name: Vedant Vij
S/o: Amit Vij

flight takes off


At airport
Vikas is doing something secretly…he has almost done it but…..

Sam: Dad!!

Here niki is waiting outside to check whether riya has caught her flight or not…she confirms it with the receptionist and gets a positive answer….she turns to go and sees……..

Vikas and sam
vIkas: No i didn’t do anything….i didn’t add sugar to my coff….
Sam: Dad! Ur daughter is a doctor and u….
Vikas: Sam, son i beg u plz don’t tell this to riya or kaira…
Sam(smirking): Nd what will i get in return…..
Vikas: Whatever u ask…increment in pocket money or a new smartphone or…..
Sam: Dad…m not a kid….i earn myself…..
Vikas: So what…..
Sam: I’ll ask u later…nd m taking this coffee….nd don’t try to do this again otherwise i’ll forget all about this deal….

Sam leaves. Vikas is super sad

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  1. richa (titli)

    heyy dr just nw got tym to c i will read later fulll epi nd noo need to write missing report dr as the fics were posted late but u r missing frm ma bth updates soooo missing repoirt 4 u reporter dia

  2. richa (titli)

    suno suno sunoooo Reporter diaaaaaaa jo kii meriii fic missing ki report likhne waali thi woh missing ficks k aane k baad khud hi missing ho gayiii me dhoondh rahi hoon aap b dhoondhiye 😛
    LOL tc byyy cu soon may b sun byy

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