Airlines fanfic Fab3 – Part 13



Megha is in the room

megha(thinking): I lost my everything that day….my mom, bhai, bhabhi, my best friend….everything

megha: What? But nurse said….
Shefali: She is there

They both go to nurse

Shefali: Excuse me, salujas’ baby?
Nurse: Let me check….ummm….in couch no. 5
Megha: But we checkd there
Shefali: And its empty
Nurse: What??

Nurse checks and two babies are missing….another nurse comes and…….

Nurse2: We got 2 men outside with babies…they were stealing….
Shefali: What? Is this the security in ur hospital?
Megha: We’ll sue this place
Nurse2: Ma’am please calm down…we have caught them and babies are safe

They go to the place. Their baby (niki) is with the wardboy. The wardboy turns towards them but….
One of the theives gets off the guards, takes niki and runs…..megha, shefali and the;w guards run but shefali falls….

Megha: R u ok??
Shefali: Don’t worry abt me….get her….

Megha and the guards run outside hospital nd catch the theif….megha takes niki and as they turn towards the hospital….
There is a blast inside the hospital
fb ends

Megha(thinking): No 1 was left alive who was in hospital

she cries silently and sleeps

morning chaos

Megha: Kuhu get up u have to go to school…..
Niki: Where is my id card
Riya: Bhai m gonna kill u
Kuhu: Mumma let me sleep
Kaira: What happened riya?
Megha: Get up fast…no excuses
Sam: Nothing mom…i just broke her charger
Vikas: Will any1 tell me where is breakfast

After much much and much of chaos megha and kaira manage to send fab3 and vikas to office and kuhu to school….after that megha goes to her office…..

Inde airlines
everyone is assigned their flights.

Niki: M for mumbai
Riya: Nd m for bangalore

a voice comes stating that bangalore flight will take off in 5 minutes.

Riya: Oh damn

…..and she runs

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