Airlines fanfic Fab3 – Part 10



everyone is in rathore house, sleeping. But megha is just lying on bed, not really sleeping. She remembers her husband, paras’s death.

in DIB office,
KK: (on phone) what? When? Where? Who?
Megha: What happened sir?

KK puts the phone on speaker. Paras is on the other side.

Paras: I’ve got them. Sir just send some force.
Megha: Paras, r u alright?

A sound of bullet is heard. Everyone is dazed, megha supershocked. But then….

Paras: Don’t worry m alright just send…

Nd he cuts the phon. KK gets ready..

Megha: I’ll also come.
KK: No we cannot allow you
Megha: Please sir
KK: Please understand mrgha, u r not alone, u r having another life within you.

update credit to dia

sry fr shrt update

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  1. Good but plz make it a little longer.

  2. Cutie,,, m sorry dr

    i didnt hav tym to typ it yesterday nd i had to update tday

    nd i ws typing it whn i ws going to school so shrt update

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