Airlines Fan fiction part 5

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Here I m with my 5th episode.

Ananya opened her eyes and saw some people are around her. She pretended that she was in deep sleep but was listening all their words. Then a person came and all presented there addressed him as sir Ananya then opened her eyes but could not see the man’s face. Then, she realized that she was in a farmhouse which belongs to the man. On the other hand Karan was worried for her as she was not taking the call.
Suddenly he recalled that there is a GPS in Ananya’s watch.So ,he went to the headquaters to track her down.
On the other hand When man left all the goons presented there were falling asleep. Taking advantage of the situation Ananya fled from there.

She reached the headquater and meet Karan. Karan was angry that time and she was not understanding why he was that much angry. Karan said that it was Akash who kidnapped her. Anaya said that that was not possible. Karan than said that Ananya should stop trusting Akash that much.Ananya said that she was not trusting Akash whereas it was the proof which was indicating that he was innocent. She said that the man was eating peanuts and Akash is allergic to peanuts.
Then she said that someone wants them to prove that Akash was the man culprit. Then their informer called them and said that he got some news that the terrorists’ mission is ID2877.
So, Ananya and Karan went to airport. They were not understanding what can be the code.
Akash was just suspecting Rohit.When he was just thinking that His boss came there and said to him that he was just suspecting him because of he was jealous.

His boss said that Ananya was a nice and simple girl and he really wants that Ananya should not get involved in the crimes and etc.He continued that she was just like her mother who always wanted to help others but always fallen into deep problem. Akash then said that how come he know about aunty. He then just left the place. Akash then just understand that there is some relation between them which he was unaware about.

The following day…..
Ananya woke up from bed and saw that her mother was not presented there.She then went to the kitchen and understood that her mother was preparing the cake. Suddenly she just throw the icing and said that she do not want to celebrate that man;s birthday who left them when they need him most. Her mother said that he might have some reasons of his own. Ananya then angrily left the place and went to airport..
Sorry for the late update. I just got flu That’s why….
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Only 2 episodes are left.
Well my younger sister elsa has written a fanfic named the supernova team. Plz do read it.

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