Airlines Fan fiction part 4


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Next day in airport.
Ananya was in deep thoughts because of Mahima’s mail and was thinking that who could be the person suddenly someone tugged her shoulder and she found that it was Rohit and he was just smiling at her.
He then said that,”you look cute when u r tensed”. Ananya was just stunned at this compliment. She then saw Akash standing there and understood that Akash has listened all the words. Rohit was just talking to her in different issues. But she was not paying attention at this. In her mind he was just wanted to talk to Akash and tell him that she was unable to tolerate the silent treatment that Akash is giving her.

In cockpit
Ananya reached there and saw Akash was not present there. She was wandering where he was suddenly Captain Rathore came inside the cockpit and said that now no one is interested flying with her.And thayts why Akash changed his flight schedules.Ananya remained silent at this.
When she landed to her home first thing she do to go to her home and hug her mother tightly. Her mother was not able to understand what happen to her pretty daughter. Ananya just lied that she missed her a lot . What else she could tell her should she tell her that she was fighting with herself and not be able to win. Later she slept for some time and went to meet Karan.
At karan’s house

Ananya said to Karan that they need to find the person as he or she can be helpful to them. Perhaps they both wanted to do something for the nation. She was just making random guesses and Karan was just declining all of them giving some reasons.
Suddenly Ananya said Akash name and Karan said that he can not be. But Mahima said that Akash was the most effected person after Mahima’s death. But Karan said that as they fight outside so no one can suspect them maybe Mahima and her companion must have planned something like this.
Kran then seriously said that she should admit thatshe has fallen for Akash so much. Then Ananya shouted that she was not in love Love only hurts us and she will be a suffer like her mother as she loved her dad so much and he left them alone.

On the other Akash was just wondering why Rohit was so playful all the timeas in the interviews it is written that Rohit maffatlal is some sorts of grumpy.
Anaaya left Karan’s house and started walking towards her home suddenly she felt a needle picking in her hand and realized that she was fainting
Np: What happened to Ananya and who kidnapped her and for why..

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