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Pragya goenka, was topper of her school,she was a nerd looking girl wearing glasses. She was pretty and always indulged in studies. She had crush on schools hottest boy abhishek khurana, with whom she secretly fell in love ……….

Pragya was looking at abhishek ,who passed by her class. She was admiring him. She had deeply fell in live with him. Her castles in air were blown, when storm of abhi loves a girl came. That storm shattered her soul,she didn’t expect this. Her eyes swollen with tears that were threatening to fall. She excused to go washroom,after going there she cried hard,she composed herself n went. She tried hard to concentrate in studies, but failed, she got average marks. She started to change for abhis love . Her change was not only by her modern outfits from casuals , but also from her heart. She can’t accept the truth that abhi loves someone ,she changed herself into the girl ,she never was. She killed the innocent girl in her to beast one,a beast to gain her love.

Pragya was wearing a royal blue one piece that came up till her knees.she put foundation n mascara,her hairs loose she was looking angelic. She walked into school with her high heels making sound of her arrival. She was sitting in library n reading a novel ,when a ball of crushed paper hit her. She saw in direction of paper ball came,but can’t spot anyone. So,she took that paper n unfolded it. It was from abhi stating her to meet him in canteen. Her happiness knew no bounds,she immediately got up n walked to the canteen. On entering the canteen her eyes searched for somebody, her love. She was so happy that he noticed her Alas.Her magnificent Hazel eyes spotted him. He was wearing a white shirt n black denim ,he was looking dashing,like a Greek god. She was like the pleothara of beauty. He gestured her to sit. They spoke for a long time. At last, he proposed her, the time she longed for. She felt as if the world was under her feet,she nodded yes. Tears flew from her big doe eyes.

She loved him after all, her heart was thumping loud. They both hanged out a lot. She fell in more n more in love with him. Little did she knew about the upcoming tornado that was going to tear her apart. All was well ,until one day the weather was chilly,rain drops pitter pattered against windows n wind chimes making a music,that day they got intimate, she lost her virginity to him, the man she most loved. It was calm before the storm.

Next morning ,pragya woke up n got ready, she was little disappointed as abhi already went. She got ready with extreme happiness, when she saw a scene,her world was collapsed. She saw abhi proposing tanu,her friend she was shattered. Tanu too accepted. When she confronted abhi,he told that he used her to get tanu,he acted. She asked then last night. Abhi said just one night stand.Pragya was ashamed ,she ran up to washroom, she looked into the mirror,she saw of what she became

Tears were not enough yo describe her pain. She was crying hard clutching her knees close to her chest. She saw someone leaning on washroom door,it was abhi. She asked what he was doing there. He said consoling my friend. She asked friend huh ,pls get out of my sight. He said never ever, when you need a shoulder to share ,you always have me. She was stunned ,she listened this somewhere. She muttered lone friend,so u were the one nice game u have played. Abhi said I’m not the one.pragya asked what ur not. He said abhishek khurana ,I’m his twin brother abhiveer khurana. Pragya was shocked,she thought he was playing games n went. He was following her,she was little irritated, when she saw abhi with tanu,she came to knew that abhiveer didn’t play . I was no more interested in classes.so I just went home. I saw abhiveer standing there,as I knew it was him. He was one who first asked me for a genuine date.

I first refused thinking he may be like his brother. But he was different. I was so happy after many days to get a friend. Many badmouthed me,that I slept with abhi to gain his love ,but couldn’t.I was shattered to hear all this. I was broken when he supported me. Abhishek has said everyone ,what we did. I was rather ashamed to have fallen in love with him.veer was there for me. I slowly came out of this. I even gained my first position, it was all because of him. Today ,I’m standing on this stage to receive my award for best young scientist award. I always dreamed if becoming a scientist, when my parents rejected saying I can’t. But veer said I can ,I will, he gave me the support . I’m happy that I realised I love him, I thanked god for giving him in my life.I heard whole stage going fits of claps. I saw the people who once hurted me n my own parents who disowned me, after one night matter spread like forest fire, it had caused many destruction in me, which helped me yo learn life. Igave them a last look.

Veer has arranged a success party, for me. The party was going on a full swing ,when I dragged veer,along with me. I kneeled down n proposed him. He was silent ,so I thought he rejected me. Tears made its own way through my eyes. He hugged me n proposed me.I stayed in his embrace. He asked him what I want, he asked shall I bring the stars for you.I replied “I’ll Never Ask You To Bring The Stars for me,But I Would Love To Sit And Watch Them With You”. I hugged him so tight..I saw abhi staring us along with his gf,tanu. I was not the girl he left behind.

I was the one who left him behind.

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  1. I would give 8 out of 10

  2. Sowji

    Good story line…I will give rate 8 out 10…I vote for this…

  3. Saranya24

    Suprb i ll gve 9/10 loved it?????

  4. Vigneswari

    I would give 7/10

  5. Best emotional part !
    i’ll give 9/10

  6. Really a lovely story
    My point is 8

  7. Really a lovely story
    My point is 8

  8. 9 on 10…

  9. Nice ? yarr ??8/ 10

  10. Santhiyalathamanian

    good. I like that”I was not that girl he …… ” I vote for it .7\10.
    S some girls still being ditched by boys. Fall in studies.

  11. I would give 9/10 because I’d abhiveer did this I would have given 10 but abhi did na soo 9.

  12. Prathi

    I vote for it 10/10 different concept loved it very much…

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    Superrrrrrrrrrr…. I will give 8/10… Hey jolly again I had vote it…

  14. Karthu

    10/10 really different… Nice inspired…

  15. 8/10 very nice with a different concept..loved it.

  16. SamyuSam

    Noo words… 9/10

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  18. Such a different plot .totally loved it ??????????? 10/10 I give

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