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Abhi: Hello !!
Pragya: who’s this. ??
Abhi: Hey I m A.Ab….Abbh..
Abhi thought:
I should not tell her my real name else if people come to knw my ID they will irritate me here too.
Pragya: A.Ab….Abbh what ?.
Abhi: m Ravi. I came to knw that u r looking for a groom from xyz site.
Pragya was confused about what to answer and thought that he must be here for tym pass.
Pragya: hello m Kiran yes, my mom asked me to get married. Bt I m not really interested in it.
Abhi: Then u r not going to marry right ?
Pragya: No I’ll, bt at right tym.

Abhi: When this right tym will come ?
Pragya: When I’ll find someone who loves me for my quality not for beauty or money.
Abhi: It means u are searching for ur love.
Pragya smiled: Hmmmm
They chit chat for several months bt never insisted to meet. They were just like frnds to each other.
Or u can say best frnd.Both loved to talk to eachother and waited whole day to chat in evening. Bt none of them disclosed their real identity.
Days passed normal tym of their chatting was from 8 to 9 normally.
Which extended gradually to 10. Unknowingly this tym turned to 12.

Abhi: Sweety I want to say something.
Pragya: Hanji,kahiye
Abhi: Our names are like made for each other na ‘ Ravi ki Kiran’
Pragya blushed hearing this.
Abhi: And…..
Pragya: And!!?????
Abhi: and Nothing.
Pragya: I knw what u want to say
Abhi shoked a little: What .. !!?? U already knw ?

Pragya: Yes…!!
U want to say that those magical words na…ur favourite.

Abhi was confused with Pragya’s words.

Pragya: Hello Mr. are u listening to me ??

Abhi came to senses

Abhi: Yes M listening to u.
And w8ing for that words to listen from u.
Pragya: ohhkk
(Ohhh God I love her )…
Abhi: That’s not fair sweety.
Pragya: Gd nyt
Pragya smiled sheepishly.

Nxt morng.
When they were bsy in their respective works were thinking about each other.
They started hallucinating about their dream partners.
They haven’t seen each other yet so they were imagining their better halves.
In the evening
Abhi: Hey Sweety
Prabhi: Hloo Dear
Abhi : We have been chatting for a long tym. And knw a lot about each other bt haven’t met yet. Soo….
Pragya: Soo……??
Abhi: So let’s meet to knw each other more.
Pragya: Even I was thinking the same.
Abhi: So let’s meet tomorrow.
Pragya: Ohkk dear.
Abhi: Let’s meet at coffee shop.

Pragya: No. Not coffee shop.
Abhi: Then..?
Pragya: At lover’s point.
Is it ohhk for u ??
Abhi: Ohkk .
Bt as we don’t knw each other by face,how I’ll identify u?
Pragya: Don’t worry dear. I’ll be wearing Pink saree ,with a pink Rose in hand. And for u mmm..
U are to come in formal with a white rose.
Abhi: Great. Ohhkk now I have to get ready to meet my sweet dream girl. So I m bsy and can’t talk to u now. Bye…meet u tomorrow my Darling
Pragya blushed a little and said gud bye.

The nxt day
Both were ready in their decided dresses. And w8ing for their meeting.
Abhi at the main gate of lover’s point and searching for his Kiran.
She saw a lady in pink saree, sitting on the bench.
When he approached that lady….he saw a fat lady wearing pink saree.
Abhi at once stepped back seeing her.
Bt he thought of all sweet memories he shared,sweet moments spent with her. He went forward and presented her the white rose.

Lady accepted the rose and side hugged him.
Abhi: I love u Kiran….I love u…
Lady: Bt I’m little fat (she said in a sad tone)
Abhi: I love u for ur qualities… And they never said me u will have a petite figure or adorable face.
I just love u by the way u speak.

He was about to kiss her when she placed her hand in between to stop him. He was shocked by her action and was confused.

Before he could say anything she said him: The girl u r looking for is not me.
Abhi couldn’t understand what she was saying.
Lady: A girl came to me and asked me to sit here. And gave me this rose.
Abhi: Where is she now ??
Lady pointed to a direction. Abhi saw a girl wearing pink saree was coming towards her.
She was like an angel from haven, her face has innocence of a child. He was totally lost in her beauty.
When she came near him Abhi was not in position to say something.
He gestured her as if asking If she is Kiran.
She also just nodded her head as yes. Both were lost in each other’s eyes. And both hugged each other.
That Lady was still standing there and was eyeing this.
She turned towards Pragya and told her: I don’t knw about ur story bt he loves u selflessly. He is ur true love. Never ever loose him.
Pragya couldn’t say anything. She was moved to tears by his true love.
Bith thanked the lady and moved to a coffee shop.

They both were on their first date.
And were discussing about each other.
Pragya: As per we planned we must disclose our identity now.
Abhi: U r right Darling
Pragya: So what’s ur real name Ravi.
Abhi: I’m Abhi….Abhisheik Prem Mehra
Pragya: Abhi myself is Pragya…Pragya Arrora
Abhi: Ohhh so nice name my darlu

Pragya couldn’t control her shyness and looked down blushingly.

Abhi: So Miss Pragya Arrora… Would u like to become Mrs. Pragya Abhisheik Mehra
Abhi kneeled down and presented her a ring.
Pragya blushed hard. But more than that she was overwhelmed by his proposal. She accepted her ring and both went to Pragya’s house.
They told about their love and their decision to marry…
Both family agreed and fixed thier marriage.
On wedding day both were happy. They married each other happily.
On their wedding night Abhi was mesmerized by her beauty. Pragya was looking so adorable to him.
They became two bodies and one soul.

Rest u can imagine by urself….
Love to my fav couple Abhigya..

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