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Autumnal equinox were on at this time !!!
All were enjoying , some where watching movies while others were playing !!!!! Many were dancing and singing but here a soul was down resting her head on the bed . Her hazel orbs showed deep immersed pain !!! Her face showed no expression . She was dull and for her , world didn’t exist !!!! She neither opened up with anyone nor allowed anyone to carry her as burden as she thought like that !!!!

Here an handsome lad is shown dressing up . His ruffled hair and honey coloured eyes added to his charm . He was applying fairness cream when his chotu brother like guy disturbed him by snatching the cream packet from him
“Hey purab !!!! What’s your problem ???”
“Abhi bhaiya it’s time to leave for the hospital !!!! Come soon !!!”
“Okay I ‘ll come !!! So what’s there for today !!”

“We need to go to the XYZ orphanage !!!! Today u forgot the date haan ???”
” Oh shit !!! Yeah today’s it’s 5years since we came out from that orphanage !!! Mumma will kill us !!!”
“Thanks bhaiya if u weren’t there then how would take care of an orphan like me !!!!”
“Dare you say that I ‘ll chuck you out !!!”
“Nope bhaiyyu !!!”
Both hugged the other and let their cry out
Both after finishing their chores , reached their orphanage and hugged their mumma !!!
“Mumma !!!!” Both screamed
“Why are u guys shouting ???? Couldn’t you guys see that I ‘m here ???”
“Yeah mumma !!! Didn’t you miss us ???”
“Yeah beta !!! I missed u a lot !!! U both were with me from the time of opening of the orphanage and u gave me a reason to live by calling me mumma !!!! Love u guys !!! I won’t forget u guys forever !!!”
Yeah they take care of the care taker as their own mother .
“Come with us mumma ???”

“I ‘ll come when the correct time comes !!!”
“But mu…….!!!” Before abhi could complete they heard sounds of throwing the plates and tumbler .
All at once rushed from that place to the site where the sounds were coming from .


“We were panicked listening to the sounds and it’s intensity. We rushed there to find a girl throwing plate and tumbler down. She must be at her mid 20’s I guess . She was pale and anaemic as though she had lost her beloved ones . Mumma then went to her and held her and made her eat forcefully though she was protesting. After her supper , mumma gave her the medicines and made her sleep by singing lullaby .”
She slammed the door and took us to our room.

“Beta I don’t know what’s her problem. By observing her for a period of 5 months I think she is suffering a lot . She had undergone distress I guess !!! She is not listening to anyone. She is just living for the sake of her sister. She herself got admitted in this orphanage and settled here . Her sister tried many a time to take her with her but she isn’t co operating !!!!”
“Don’t worry mumma !!!! I ‘ll take her case and make sure she comes out from that state !!!”
“What’s her name mumma ???”
“Pragya ”
Next day opened up with chirping of birds . As usual abhi woke up and wished everyone , dressed himself and ate his brunch and took pragya ‘s plate from mumma and marched to pragya ‘s room determined .
Abhi stood at the back of pragya but she didn’t turn or looked up to him.
He felt as though he had a connection with her . He was tachycardic . His BP was shooting up and he couldn’t express how he felt !!!!

He then gently touched her . She turned and horrified and pushed him
“Hey no no please leave me , don’t touch me !!!! Please I beg you . If u want I ‘ll give u money but please leave !!!! Please don’t touch me here and there and she was touching her inappropriate and private areas !!!! Please ” she was pleading him !!!”
Abhi ‘s heart broke into millons . He couldn’t register what’s happening here. He neared her . But she pushed him and cried loudly and was shaking a lot !!!!
Abhi tried to go near her but she pushed him and she grabbed a knife that was aside and tried to kill herself .
He got frustrated and slapped her hard that she fell down.
” Hey listen miss , I don’t want to molest you . See i ‘m ur doctor abhishek , I ‘m here to treat you !!!! Trust me !!!! ” Then she settled down a bit .
“Okay now I need to go !!! I ‘ll catch u up later !!!”
Abhi went to his room latched the door and pushed the things which were on the table . He fell on his knees and let out his feelings .

“Why it happens with me ??? Whenever I feel something close to me , I ‘m losing it far away !!!! First I had a happy family and happy memories !!!! Due to that dreadful accident I lost my mom and dad there !!!! Next I felt for pragya !!! But what happened ??? She accused me of molestation !!!! Yeah I fell for her . Her hazel orbs , cute bangs and long silky hair that fell on her back and long nose with cute juicy lips !!!! I fell for her inner Beauty !!!! She is such an innocent soul !!! I ‘ll get to know what happened and help her to come out of it for sure !! This is abhi ‘s promise !!!”
A lone tear escaped his eyes and he shut his eyes to wait for the next day that’s going to change his life .
Next day purab was strolling around were he bumped with a girl !!!!
He held her at a second and both wished time to stand still.
“Hey beautiful !!!! What’s ur lovely name ???”
Asshole !!!!
“Is it ???”
I ‘m telling your name !!!”
“Haha very funny !!!”
“Hey what’s happening here ???”

“Uncle see this guy is irritating me too the core !!!”
” Who me uncle ??? Purab then kill her !!!”
“Why do u need to kill me???”
“Because no one has said abhi as uncle !!! It’s u who called me uncle !!!”
“Sorry !!! Sorry !!!”
“Tell me why have u come here ???”

“To see pragya dii !!!”
Hearing pragya’s name abhi felt as though he is flying in the air !!!! He composed himself ,”oh u are pragya ‘s sister eh ??”
“Yeah !!!”
“I need to talk to you for few minutes with Ur permission. I thought I could treat her for both professional and personal cause !!!”
“What ???”

“I love your sister pragya !!!”
“I know !!!”
“How come ??”
“I can see it ur eyes !!”
“So can u please tell me about your sister ‘s condition !!! Please !!!”
Bulbul ‘s face fell after listening to his statement !!! She closed her eyes and tears started to flow !!!

“My dii wasn’t like that before !!! She was chirpy , bubbly and everyone love her too the core !!!! Such a sweet person .She never made me feel that I didn’t have maa and papa. First in academics , sports , music , guitar etc etc etc !!! Everyone loves her too the core . She was bubbly and lovely person. But that dreadful day changed her life. We used to be modern both by our thoughts and by our way of dressing too !! That day our uncle’s son came to India to visit our grandma . Dii was wearing a black off shoulder frock above her knees . He was eyeing her lustily . From that day on he used to follow her everywhere and he used to talk with us freely . So dii and he became close friends. He used to touch her inappropriately but dii used to neglect it . One day when we all went out dii didn’t accompany us as she wasn’t feeling well !!! That time he took advantage of the situation and he raped her brutally.

Bulbul couldn’t speak . Tears were following continuously .
Ummmm*sniff * she went into rape trauma syndrome after that . He didn’t leave her after that he used to repeatedly harass her that led her to come here”.
Bulbul broke down completely . Purab hugged her and consoled her . Abhi was emotionless.
He took his bike keys and went somewhere.

After sometime abhi came along with pragya ‘s cousin and took him fiercely to pragya’s room. Once pragya saw him her eyes turned red and she panicked . Abhi took her to him , “pragya slap him !!! Slap him how much ever u want !! Just for the sake of bulbul and any other girl !!! They shouldn’t suffer !!!”
Pragya felt a new confidence built inside her !!!! She went and slapped him repeatedly, “I thought you as my friend . Is that what u do for your friend ??? Get lost from her !!!! Don’t do it with anyone !!!”
He ran from that place and purab took bulbul with him so that the other two can converse .
Abhi went near her,” pragya I ‘m really sorry !!!! I got to know about you through bulbul . I want u too be as before , not for you but for the sake of bulbul . She really misses her pragya dii badly. So will u change ??? I ‘ll be your doctor as well as ur friend !!!! Will you accept me as ur Friend ??? ”

Pragya felt truth in his eyes and nodded her head !!!! She was numb and couldn’t speak anything
Abhi hugged her so that she could pour out her feelings . She cried out loudly pouring all her pain out . Abhi was also in tears. His tears fell on her shoulder and she saw him. But he hugged her and patted her back.

Pragya ‘s POV ,

“First time when I met him , I felt different . After bulbul I thought he has a special bond with me . Whenever I see him I feel butterflies in my stomach. I feel for him at the first site . Heheyyyy !!!! How I fell in love at first sight !!!! But whenever I see any guy !!! I develop a fear !!!! Oh gosh I accused him for molesting me !!! How bad ??? But I ‘m …… In my condition who ‘ll accept me ??? He is such a nice guy !!!! I don’t want him to waste his life by falling in love for me !!!”

Like this both dozed off in that sitting position like pragya is lying on abhi .
Next day pragya woke up first and saw a lone tear escaping from abhi ‘s eyes !!! She wiped his tears gently !!! Abhi woke up by the touch and both shared a painful eyelock tears were rolling down the cheeks for both .
Purab and bulbul coughed to bring them back to their world. Both felt embarrassed and sensed their position and composed themselves .
Purab started , ” dii this chipkali and I are best friends from now !!! So can we be Friends ???”
Pragya nodded her head and , “dare u say about her like that , I ‘ll kill you !!”.
“Okay dii !!!” He said with a cute pout . All bursted out laughing and all the three shared a group hug !!!

Abhi was smiling while tears rolling down !!! Pragya signed him to join and all four had a hug !!!
Days passed by and gradually both the couple fell in love with each other .
Pragya came out of the trauma and started enjoying like before and fell in head over heels for abhi and vice versa .
Abhi planned for a road trip and both the couples were on bike ride.
Pragya feared and hugged abhi whereas he was on cloud nine !!!
Around 5:00 pm , at the time of sunset abhi and pragya were watching the sunset whereas the other two went for sightseeing.

Abhi asked pragya to stand up and he knelt down in front of her
“The best love is the one that makes you a better person without changing you into someone , other tha yourself !!! You made me into a completely better person !!! Errr !!! Wait one second I forgot ….
Pragya interrupted him and knelt down to him and uttered , ” I DON’T NEED CHEESY ‘I LOVE YOU ‘S ‘ JUST HOLD MY HAND AND TELL ME I ‘M THERE FOR YOU !!”
Abhi hugged pragya and both let out their tears out of happiness !!! Abhi cupped pragya ‘s face and promised that he ‘ll be there during all her happy and sad times !!!.
Both were lost in each other eyes and pragya was about to kiss him when purab interrupted them , “bhabi it’s wrong to do before marriage !!!”

Pragya chased purab and both were fighting whereas abhi and bulbul were enjoying !!!
It started raining heavily when abhi tried to run from there pragya held him and encircled her arms around him , “hey abhi you Dumbo !!! In this climate who ‘ll run like this than enjoying with their lover !!!! ”
“But …. Abhi was up to something when pragya brushed lips with him !!!! At first it was pragya who was kissing him and later both participated and abhi took the lead !!! After the lack of oxygen both parted off and stared each other lovingly . Pragya was wearing a white shirt and floral skirt . Since they were wet , her body was visible through the shirt and her curves were perfect for him to drive him crazily . He carried her in the bridal style to their hotel room and both showered their love and were busy in making out . After that both cuddled and dozed off
After few days abhi and pragya as well as purab and bulbul married in a grand pompous way !!!! All showered their love and blessings for them !!!
Its their first night !!!

Pragya was removing her jewelleries when abhi stopped her . He first removed her necklace and kissed her neck , then her earrings and kissed her ears , then her waist chain and kissed her belly !!! She was shivered with his touch !!! Pragya was losing her control and held his shirt tight !!!! He turned her to face him and opened the Dori of the blouse and kissed her shoulders by pushing her blouse down . Then he removed her …..
Pragya murmured , ” hey stop watching us !!! Go do your work !!!”
He Then carried her to the bed and both consummated their marriage under the moonlight , due to the reflection of moon light their sweat appeared as pearl beads !!!!

After 5 years !!!!
Abhi held pragya by waist !!!! Pragya shivered by his touch tried to push him but he grabbed her waist tightly . She encircled her arms around his neck and both were about to kiss each other when a boy of about 3 years interrupted them .
“Papa what are you doing ???? Shame shame !!!”
“First purab used to disturb me , now you started haa ???”
” He only asked me to check out !!!” And he chuckled !!!
That’s it for abhi he carried that cute boy on his arms and kissed him !!!!
“Do u want a younger sister to play with you !!!”

“Yes papa !!!”
” Go and ask your purab dear !!! He ‘ll give u !!!”
“Sshhhhh !!!! Abhi ‘ll you talk to a kid like that !!!”
“Papa now I ‘ll go and ask him !!! Bye !!!”
Pragya bet him and hugged him !!!!

” Thank u so much for coming into my life !!!! Her voice chocked and she couldn’t utter . Abhi u know what whatever happens , I ‘LL STILL LOVE YOU !!!” With her chocking and crackled voice
” I TOO PRAGYA !!!” He kissed her forehead and hugged her back .

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