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Abhi married Pragya becoz Dadi insists him..Abhi was in love with Tanu..
Abhi proposes Tanu to Marry..but she refused becoz of her career..
So he decided to marry Pragya in respect of Dadi..
After that Aaliya make Tanu realises that she missed Abhi forever..
Aaliya and Tanu planned to stop the marriage.
Nothing happened.
Abhi and Pragya got married..

Abhi says that he loves some other person..only becoz Dadi urging..he did this..
Pragya was not angry with him..she respects their marriage..They became friends..Slowly Pragya fall in love with Abhi..she knows that Abhi doesn’t love her..so she kept quiet..in between Aaliya and Tanu tried to separate them..and they convince Abhi for remarrying Tanu..Abhi said this decision to Pragya..
At first Pragya become angry, shocked..then realises he never loved her.so she said that she will never be a disturbances for his second marriage..and also she convinces Dadi..make her understands The fact Abhi doesn’t love her..Dadi, bulbul (except Tanu and Aaliya) everyone trying their best to save this marriage..

This was the Last day..for Pragya in Mehra house..she want to spend this day as a bahu of Mehra house..so she first decided to go to temple with Dadi at first..then she book for one whole day with Abhi..she request him to be with her one full day..

Returning from Temple..

Pragya: Dadi..don be sad..i am not goin anywhere..if u want to see me just give me a call..na ..just think about me..i will be there..


Pragya:Dadi..pls this is my last day in this house..i want to fill this with happiness..not with worries..pls..try to understand..i was happily married to ur grandson..nd now too happily leaving..just take rest..

Abhi Pragya..goin for their last date..before separating..

In car..

Abhi: so where we goin..which five star hotel,..or mall..or ..

Pragya:buzz buzz..this is my date..i want this to be my favourite..no mall ..no five star hotel..just drive ur car..i will say where to stop.

Abhi:ok Madam..suno i know its very difficult for u..but this is good for both of us..

Pragya:don worry ji..i am leaving happily..ji stop here..lets go for a walk..

Abhi: here..am rock star man..i can’t..will get crowd here..

Pragya: pls na..my last wish..


They stepped out of car..

Pragya hold Abhi hand..they both walked..

Abhi:where we goin?

Pragya:just roaming..u know ..lets go and sit in that bench..

They sat..there were many children playin..Pragya enjoy by seeing those children..suddenly one child fell down..
Abhi goes there,.

Abhi:Arrey..be careful,,u will get some,.

Child was crying a lot..

Abhi: see its small injury..it will be ok,,

Pragya:Arrey Rockstar ji..wat u doing..he was crying..

Abhi:ya am trying to pacify..but..

Pragya:hmm..wait..arrey beta..is this paining..come lets see..where it is? Ha its too small..u r a brave boy..u crying For this..no u stronger..come lets eat ice cream..

Abhi:wow..ice cream

Pragya:suniye..buy ice cream for us..

Abhi:me..hey iam the rockstar.,how..

Pragya:its my date,,u should obey me..

Abhi bought icecream for them..Pragya eat those icecream with child..

Abhi:(she was so innocent..how could she be so happy..she was in the biggest trouble,,but she was not showing..i am sorry pragya..may ur upcoming life will be beautiful..like u)

Pragya:suniye.,our next stop is beach..its time to sunset,,

They reached beach..

Pragya sat beside Abhi..she enjoyed the scene fully..

Abhi: arrey fuggy..wat u enjoying in this sunny..

Pragya:see there..sun setting..isn’t this beautiful? It will fade in a minute..now no more hot..cool breeze..birds song..waves sound…its like ur music concert..before our marriage i will came for this concert wenever i got time,.

Pani puri..could u pls buy pani poori for mee?

Abhi:how much u eat? Just now u ate ice cream..


Abhi: yes this is ur date..fine come..

Pragya:vaise..i know u r not ik with this street food..so i will eat..u just wait for me

Abhi:wat ? Who said i am not ok with this..i will eat ..even more than u..

Pragya:Accha..bet? If i win wat will u do?

Abhi:u say..if i win wat will u do?

Pragya:i ..i will

Abhi:tk ..i will say.u should come to my house every friday to meet my dadi..u know she was very upset..u r the only way..

Pragya:wo..achha tk..lekin i won..u should come here for this rock concert wenever u having free time..

Abhi: Deal..

They ate a lot..Pragya struggle to ate ..Abhi finds that pragya was struggling to eat more..

He just dropped his pani puri..

Pragya: hey..i won..mein jeet gayi…hey….

Abhi saw her smile, innocence, childish attitude..Pragya hugged him..they shared a eye lock..suddenly they realises what happen..he felt something newly for her..

Then again they stepped in car..
Abhi thinks
Suddenly wat happen to me..y i feel like..i don want to leave her..her smile..her fingers..something strange..
Pragya say something..its like empty..

Pragya: Suniye..am sorry for that..i just got excited..and

Abhi: no thats ok.,aage where going?

Pragya: our home..

Abhi: haan?

Pragya: sorry ur home,,

Abhi feels sorry
Abhi: But y home? There is more time ..lets go somewhere..u will be happy..

Pragya: am saying..we now goin for ur home..i mean terrace..pls come..its my last,,then i will go home with this full sweet memories..

Its become dark..they went to terrace..it was very silent,,pragya standing alone by seeing the sky..

Abhi: hey wat u doin..counting stars?

Pragya: no just watching..i just want this day to end with u ..happily..no one..with this calm..cold breeze..stars..moon..

Abhi: Pragya..i just want to tel u something..i am really sorry..i know its difficult for u to break this..but u will be not happy here..and i..if two persons not happy with their marriage..its not good to continue..i am sure i will make ur life beautiful..after this..

Pragya: sshhh..i am not worrying about leaving u..and who says i am not happy in this marriage..shall i something..i am in love with u..i love u so much more than anyone..wen u says that u love some other in first day of our marriage..i was very angry..but i control becoz of my family..maa..dadi..i decided to adjust..live wat given for me..lekin dheere dheere i got to know about ur real side..u very inocent grand son..superb jamaai raja..such a caring bhai..smart rockstar..i just can’t stop myself from loving u,.and its hurting me a little..that u r not loving me.but wen i see your happiness i just want that ..i don need anything,.

Abhi: Pragya..sorry ..i don’t know..u having this much love..and am sorry i cant able to..

Pragya: shhh..i don say this to hurt u..i just..ok let me say something


sorry..i just want u too be happy..
Tk ab meri time over..i am goin to sleep now..tomorrow i will be leaving..bye..sweet dreams

Abhi:(How could u be this soft hearted..i just betray u..u giving love in return..)

Bulbul:jiju..my dhi is always like this..if you give her only 1% love..she will give 100% in return..jiju she loves u so much..she sacrifice so much for others..she doesn’t say a word to her loved ones..just don leave my dhi..pls..

Abhi was in big dilema..he never want to leave Pragya..he realises his feeling for her..

Next morning
Pragya comes to hall with suitcase to bid a farewell..she says bye for all..she comes to abhi..

Pragya:suniye..i am sorry if i did anything wrong..forgive me if anything hurts u..i am goin forever..i will send divorce papers..to u..in two days..i said to robin to prepare ur coffee as u like..prepare ur favourite breakfast..aur aap pls kudko aur dadi ko kyal rak lijiye..after that call me for ur marriage..i will be there in all sadaay..as ur best friend..and.. and..

They hug each other..
They never want to leave each other..after a long time..they seperate..


Pragya was in entrance…she touched the gate..

Abhi: Fuggyyy…math ja..I don know..wat i am feeling..i was like empty..wen u leaving me..i don want this to happen..pls don go..i don’t want u to go..plsss..

Pragya: no..i can’t..i am no one to u..how could i..

Bulbul: haan jiju..y should my dhi need to be here..there is no use..

Abhi: bulbul tu bhi na..u yesterday ask me not to leave ur dhi..now u just sayin..

Bulbul: haan lekin i said my dhi feelings..but now she decided to leave..

Abhi: arrey..how could she decide that..i am her husband..she should ask me..i need to say something..na?

Everyone: kya??

Abhi: kya kya?

Everyone: wat do u want to say?

Abhi: wo …I love you..don leave me..

Pragya: suniye..


Abhi kissed her in forehead..and says.. I’M HERE FOR U..

they hug each other..

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