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(Swabhimaan OS Nairan)
“Finally…… Finally……. I can be immortal…… I will sacrifice all this seven pure innocent brides to you my evil daemon…. Please accept my gift”
Man stab the beautiful last bride who lies on the bed, other six brides started to scream then mist covered them and man started to laugh.
Lights on everyone started to clap. All the actors bow to the audience. It was the famous play about seven brides. Girl came out of the theater. It was raining heavily and almost past ten. She took a call to her mother

“Hello ma… drama just ended ….. ya I’m on my way…. It went well …” she started to walk down the road while talking to her mother. Few street lights were on, there is no one on the road. then she turns to small down street which was completely isolated and bit dark.
Suddenly her call ended “what…” she looked at the phone it was turned off
“Great ….. Battery dead…. Common Nisha you can run” Nisha started walk fast while holding her umbrella tightly. She felt someone following her. Then she stopped, her heart beats fast “whose that?’’ she suddenly turned to see who it was
“Miyaw….” It was stray cat, since it almost rain stopped stray cats walked out from their dens.
Nisha felt relief “oooo… it’s you” then she turned to walk to her home and just then she started scream with fear because of the man who stand in front of her with an ugly face. He hit her with a stick and made her faint.

“Breaking news.. 5th kidnap took placed last night. Last night another girl got kidnapped around 10 o’ clock ..”
“wo… another one… I can’t believe this” Divya was stretching her arms.
“ same area…. Be careful Divya… it’s your area” girl with innocent eyes look very concern about her friend.
“Naina… Divya…. Stop talking and start practicing” all the ballerina dancers started to practice once again due to their teachers command.
Naina and Divya met in the dance academy and became good friends. Both are trying to get in to best university in France to become a ballerina dancer.
“Naina .. I have to go home earlier Harsh will be wait outside for me bye..”

“Bye… now where are you.. Going”
“Washroom I should be looking nice” Divya winked to naina and left the practicing room. It’s near to eight a clock. Their teacher also leaves the academy saying
“Naina go home quickly, I also want to go home early my daughter isn’t well today”
“ok ma’am since Divya also left I will go home”
If not both Divya and Naina practice until 9 because their interview will be take place in near future.

Naina closed the door and walk through the corridor. There are few people still in the academy. Then someone bump on to her. He just bows his head and walk in to the academy. Something drop from his pocket.
“wooo… he bumped on to me and left without saying sorry…aaa this is Divyas lost key tag”
She picked which was on the floor. Then she saw Harsh was still waiting out side. So she slowly walk near to Harsh

“hey harsh still here…?’’
“hey Naina…. What hell Divya doing there she says she will be back in five mintues but it’s already pass fifteen min”
“WOOO… calm down …. I will go and check on her. I am 100 % sure where she is”
Naina gave a smile to him and walk back to the academy. She was on her way to the washroom and heard Divya was screaming.
“HELP……. HA….RSH……”
Just then naina entered to wash room with a heavy stick which was used to chase monkeys

Naina saw divya was lies on the floor half conscious. She was critically injured and man with an ugly mask stand near her. His hand covered with blood.
“GET OFF FROM HER…” naina hit his hand which made him loose the knife
Killer got furious and try to attack naina but she was faster than him because naina was extremely angry and scared made her motor system work fast. She started to beat killer continuously while screaming for help then they heard some people’s footsteps coming towards to the washroom but before that he pushed naina to corner and ran away with a disappointment.
“divya are you ok…” she hold divya just then harsh and two securities enter to the washroom.
Divya was admitted to hospital and naina was taken to police station. still naina was in a great shock so officer gave her a cup of tea
“Miss can you tell us what happened?”
Just then three people entered to the police station like a storm and all the officers salute to them
“ from now on he will be in charge of this kidnap case’’ old officer pointed at young military officer. Naina looked at him and got surprised he was none other than her school time crush Karan , Karan Singh Chauhan.
Now karan works for Military intelligence. This chain kidnaping case became a headache for all the people so case was handed over to karan.
Karan looked at naina and got surprised but didn’t utter a single word. Officers had few discussion and team was assigned to karan and left.
“sir this girl saw the killer”

Karan sat near naina, this move made naina uncomfortable
“sooo you saw his face”
“no … I didn’t” naina tries to fix her hair while looking at the floor just then karan blows
“you got hurt…. At this state you all took her to the police station instead of hospital”
A Naina hand got buries. “No sir we tried to take her but she insist to come here”
“Look sir … you need to be hurry up he is not an easy target” naina told everything what happened. After that Karan took her to the hospital.
“I will talk with the doctor about your friend. If you want go and check on her”
Naina walked in to the room while karan went to see the doctor. Harsh was standing next to her
“is she ok”

“ya…. She wasn’t injured badly”
“go and freshen up I will stay here” naina sat near Divyas bed
“ok then I will go.. I need to inform her parents about this too… I just afraid to leave her”
Harsh left the room .
Meanwhile karan was talking to the doctor.
“looking at her injuries attacker didn’t try to kill her”
“what do you mean doctor.. he didn’t try to kill her”
“ he wanted to make her unconcise but divya tries to escape from him.. he was stabbed her mistakenly”
“it means he wanted to kidnap her…. So this also one case belong to chain kidnaping case”
“yes I think he will be back to take her”
Naina was resting near Divya . then doctor came inside to the room . he was covering his mouth
“Excuse me miss we need to take her for a checkup”

“What checkup?”
“She was stabbed. We need to scan and see whether there is more damage”
Naina looked outside who were guarding Divya . they also look calm so naina let the doctor take Divya to scaning room.
Doctor took her just then naina got a call from karan
“where are you? Is your friend ok?”
“ya… now doctor taking her to scanning room. I am just following her”
“What? Doctor? Now I am with him”

“What????” naina looked at the doctor but Divya and doctor both went missing
“He was gone karan… he took divya”
They searched entire hospital but couldn’t found single trace of Divya. Naina was still in a shock she could not believe what happened in front of her. She couldn’t save her friend. She couldn’t utter a single word. Her fear brock in to tears. Harsh looks like a mad man. Divyas parents also there with tears. Harsh and divyas father trying to calm her mother.
Naina looked at them, she still can’t breathe properly then she looked at Karan eyes who was in a deep thought.
“karan I think I can recognize him”
Karan looked at naina he saw anger which filed in her eyes
“I heard his voice and I saw his eyes”
“naina you need to take some rest let me take you home” karan tries to hold her but naina broke in to tears once again
“No … no… no….. We need to find her we can’t rest….” Karan hugged her and tries to make her calm. While naina hugged him tightly and started cry.
Karan took naina to her home and found out she was living alone in an apartment.
“Where is your parents?”
“They went Europe for a tour. So I will live here until they come”
Naina gave karan a cup tea and make him more comfortable.
“you should sleep now. I will come here in the morning to take you” naina felt insecure when karan said he will leave her alone. Then karan stand to leave naina quickly hold his arm.
“karan can’t you stay”
“Naina you don’t have to worry I will ask two officers to guard you”
But still she was holding then she felt weak and Karan hold her when she was about to fall.
“naina are you ok..”

“I am fine karan it’s just really a bad day”
Karan helped naina to get on to the bed. She was sleeping peacefully so Karan decides to sleep on couch. Karan thought about their school time how he admires about naina. He also had a crush on naina but he was afraid to open in front of her. He still can’t figure out why. All the time he tried to do that something stopped him. But now she is with him destiny want him to protect her. Karan made a promise to himself he will protect naina at any cost
It was dawn and karan heard naina was asking for help so he rushed in to her room and found she was having a bad dream
“naina… naina… wake up… nothing will happen to you…”

Niaina wakes up and found karan sitting near her. She quickly hugged him. She was all wet with sweat.
“karan… we need to find divya… before something happen”
“shhhh… naina… naina… we will we will find her now calm down and sleep”
“I can’t sleep karan… his face appears in my dreams and his voice is ghosting in my head”
Karan think for a while and walk near nainas desk took a paper and pencil,
“then can you explain his features man who bumped on to you and the doctor”
While naina was explaining karan made a sketch of the criminal. Then Karan got surprised to see the person.
“Are you sure this is him?” even though some parts are missing karan recognized the person
“Yes I am pretty sure… why?? You know him?”
“Actually I saw him. He also witness one kidnapping case. First one which was happened one week ago”

“What do you mean?”
“he came to the police station to give a testimony …. Why… killer came to the police station..”
“to give wrong information” naina had a point
“that can be…. His testimony was useless because he saide he saw with a distance so couldn’t recognize them… it’s more like he came there for another reason”
“What do you mean???”
“He needs to be careful with police. If I am the criminal what should I do?”
“If I know what police will do to catch me I can be more careful” naina said without thinking but she made the right point.
“Exactly he came for that… I think we can catch him this time”

Karan gave a call to his assistance “Vishal I need you to find about that man”
“what man?” vishal was confused what the hell his sir talking in middle of night
“man who witness first kidnap case”
“oooo that garbage boy…”
“yes sir he owns an old recycling vehicle junk yard”
“ooo really… then I need the plan of that yard”
Call ended.
Karan still doesn’t have any proof none other than naina. Karan dropped naina near dance academy and went for his work. He secretly searched in the police station and found small camera was planted. He pretend he didn’t notice and thought
“ooo this is how you escaped, let’s see what will happen next”
Evening karan went to pick naina and saw garbage boy was near the academy.
“hello…” karan approach to him first but man got confused because he never saw karan personally but karan knows he knows about him.
“excuse me do I know you?”

“I guess not but I know you” karans rude eyes stopped in his eyes so man tries to escape
“i am sorry I have to go” but karan hold from his hand tightly
“why you look so in a hurry I told you I know you… don’t you even want to ask how I know you”
“excuse me mister I don’t know you and I don’t want to know how you know me’’
Man quickly left the place.
Just then karan got a call from his assistant
“hello Vishal any news”

“Sir I think you are right about that person”
“meet me at the coffee shop right now and don’t forget to bring what I asked”
Karan and naina sat in the coffee shop while having a cup of coffee. Naina was bit lighten up to see karan and she feel safe when he was around. She remembers how old karan behave. He was really cheesy and always mad fun around naina. But now he was completely different. Naina tried to touch his hand but just second vishal sat with them.
“here are the things you want sir”
“oooo nice job Vishal” karan carefully examine the details
“this guy is a psychopath sir”

“psychopath???” naina got really confused
“hmmm… I guess he wanted to recreate a drama” karan said while analyzing the details in the file.
“What??? What deama????” naina couldn’t figure out.
“look at this he watched every show I think he is very fond with this seven bride drama”
“aaaa I also watched twice…. Story is about man sacrifice his all pure innocent new seven brides to evil daemon and become immortal”
“then he need only one bride”
“what… you guys think this idiot trying to become immortal” naina feels like joke but just then her smile vanished

“you don’t have to be worried naina he will not do single thing until he capture last bride”
“ sir he will keep memento before he kidnap the girl. First one was neckless, then breslet , hair pin, headset, ID, key tag”
“it means no matter what, he will kidnap that girl, that’s why he came to hospital to take Divya”
All this time naina kept silent coz she was thinking how that man bump on to her and drop the key tag which belong to Divya. Then looked at her hand
“aaaaa my ring”

Both karan and vishal looked at naina “what ring?’’
“my mother gave it to me. I never wear off it. See the patch”
Naina show her finger to karan. Karan head got lightning and he looked at vishal who had the same thought. Karan felt something will happen in near future. Naina realized what karan was thinking.
“it mean he will…” nainas voice was shivering because of the fear that sink in her heart. Tear fall from her eye. Just then karan hold her
“nothing will happen to you…. And I am not going to let you happen anything ok…. Look at me naina ok…”
Vishal and karan made a plan to catch the criminal and naina wants to join them because deep inside she had the guilty feeling towards Divya. So she wanted to become the bite for the criminal which mad karan angry.
“No No NO you hear me… we can’t take any risk”
“but karan…. He is not an idiot; he will definitely find it wasn’t me”
“then it will be too late for him. Can’t you understand how risky this is?”
“but karan…..”
“I don’t care….. anymore naina I am just worried…. I lov…haaa”
Karan got up went near to the window. He can see entire city through nainas apartment window. Stars are shining in the sky like it’s their duty while karan was thinking about his own duty to protect naina. Naina slowly came near to karan and hold his hand.
“do you remember..”

“how cheesy you were when we were schooling”
“aaaa… because of that I lost my chances”
Naina looked at him, she know what he was talking about. In many ways when people become cheesy help them to open up but for karan it never worked.
“karan I don’t need cheesy I love you, just hold my hand and tell me ‘I’m here for you’ that’s all I need”
Karan looked in to her eyes he hold her both hands
“I was, I am and I will be there for you naina… but no for that ”
Naina look so disappointed “aaaaa….. karan ….”
“How dare you try to seduce me… my dear naina I work for MI”
“Fine then what you going to do about me”
“Tomorrow you will come to the police station and you have to tell me you are leaving the country so I don’t need to protect you anymore”

“Then where should I actually go”
“My home”
“aaa before that I need to go to academy”
“For what?”
“It’s about my admission”
“You can go there evening”
Karan took a small box out from his pocket and gave it to naina. Naina looked confused and looked at him.

“open it”
Naina open the box. It was a beautiful neckless with a beautiful pendant. It was a key
“It’s the key to my heart” karan smile like old karan
“It’s a gift, from now on can you wear it for me like you wear your moms ring”
“You want me to wear it not take it off”
“Yap” then karan hugged naina tightly and wish ‘for god in sake please don’t take it off naina’
Next day naina did as what karan asked her to do so. As they expect abductor was observing them.
“hahaha…. Looks like my seventh bride trying to escape from me….. Don’t worry you will come to me with your two foot”

Naina got in to the taxi and she was left to karans house.
Karan and his team replaced a professional detective for naina and she went to the airport. Everything was ready and all they needed to abduct the girl by the criminal.
Naina was waiting for karans call. Suddenly nainas phone began to ring

“sir I think he didn’t went out from his yard” vishal was talking to karan through phon.
“what do you mean?”
Then someone tap karans shoulder “ sir I searched everywhere he is not here”
Karan felt something is not right. He ran to his vehicle.
Naina was standing middle of completely isolated yard. She was wearing tight jean and hooded shirt with sneaker. She was holding an Iran stick with her shivering hands.
“I told you to wear beautiful dress…. Then why you look like that”
Tall well-built man appears in front of naina looking at him made naina more surprised, he came to nainas home yesterday early in the morning with a delivery box. It was bag which she was ordered online and still she was holding to that bag. Then she realized what she had done. He was listening to them all this time. She throw bag away
“Let Divya go…. I came here as you asked”

“ooooo what do you think how could I let my sixth bride go away”
“you lier….” Naina started to run and suddenly he appeared in front of her like ghost
“AAAAA” naina tries to escape from him she tries to hit him with the stick but it was useless coz he grabbed it and pull it toward him. He hit naina with the stick. Naina fallen to the floor with full of blood.
Karan was on his way “what the hell she was doing in the yard”
“hello vishal broke in to the yard naina was in trouble HURRY UP”
“yes sir”
Naina opened her eyes she was locked in cage underground. She slowly looked around and all the other girls also locked in cages just like her. And all of them wearing bridle dresses
“NAina… are you ok…. Blood all over you…..?”
“aaa I am fine… you?”

“this man is a psychopath he said he is going to be immortal”
“I know….. we need to escape from here”
Then another girl “no use no one hear us we tried to make noises”
“I want to go home….” Another girl started cry
Then that man enters to the room with a beautiful wedding dress.
“Shut up all of you….. This will end soon since I got my seventh bride” he opened nainas cage and took naina out. Naina was helpless coz her hands were tightened. He smoothly touched nainas face which gave degusting feelings to naina. Naina was struggling to escape from him. Then he slowly touch her neck
“My…. Beautiful…. Wife….. What is this?” he touched nainas neckless with key pendant. Criminals’ happy face suddenly changes in to fear. He looked really angry
“AAAAAAAA….. You… ruined it…..” he pushed naina to the floor and took the knife to stab her. Just then someone shoot to his hand, naina and all the other girls scream with fear.
“aaaaa….” He again try to catch naina but too late for that because karan entered to the séance and beat him to half dead until vishal and other officers hold him.
Karan took naina to his arm who was half unconscious
“you …. Ca….me…..” naina was looking at karan
“I told you I will protect you at any cost”
“I love you karan…. I wanted to tell you before it was too late”
Karan was still holding naina . police and emergency service people were busy around them
“I love you too naina….”


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