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It was summer, yet the clouds blocked the sun which caused the sky look dull. So was Suhani’s mood. She was totally devastated at the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her, while Soumya, her Bestie was consoling her.
Suh: How dare he do that to me?? He went behind another girl leaving me?
Sou: Oh come on Suh! You guys have been going out just for two days now. Don’t make a big deal out of it
Suh: I’m so angry at him that if u bring him to me now I’ll tear him into pieces!
Sou: Don’t get irritated now..Why can’t u be with someone who’s trustworthy and be with u always ?
Suh: Seriously Somu? Nobody is permanent in my life and even if there is someone, life is no fairytale that ends with the phrase “they lived happily ever after”, isn’t it? So don’t argue with me over this..
Sou: I can never change your attitude towards life.. Forget about it and I’ll take u to your favorite restaurant
Suh: Really?? Then let’s go. I won’t compromise food for anybody and especially for that moron
Sou: Okay then get ready at 6pm I’ll pick u up
Its evening Suh wears a pink crop top with ripped denim. Later Sou comes to her house and picks her up and compliments her look. They reach the restaurant which was nearby the beach.And as soon as they get a table Suh hurriedly picks up the menu and starts ordering. The waiter gets confused as she orders a lot of dishes.
Sou: Suh, slow down. Are u sure u will eat everything?
Suh: I’m normally a foodie and to add on that idiot cheated on me. So I’ll eat everything
Sou: Oh god save me from this crazy woman!
Suh: Shut up and…..

She stops talking as she sees a guy(Yuvraj) walking past her. He was alone and he sits in the opposite table of Suh. She just couldn’t take her eyes off him. They were sitting in a position such that Suh could clearly see his face from her table. He took off his sunglasses, to reveal his dark brown eyes. She was spellbound. Her admiration was interrupted when sou snapped her fingers in front of her face.
Sou: Where are u lost?( she turns back and looks at him) Stop staring at him Suh, he might see you.
Suh: I don’t care.. Just look at him Soumya, his eyes, his beard and the messy hair.. I just want to
Sou: Stop doing that at once. U just broke up with Arnab and now you’re flirting with a stranger
Suh: But I can’t help it Somu.. He’s so
Sou: If u don’t stop that right now then I’m leaving
Suh: Okay okay… I’m not looking
Sou gets a call from her boyfriend Krishna while Suh holds the menu card infront of her face and looks at him from the corner of her eye. Just then he lifts his head and looks at her and she pretends to look elsewhere.
Sou(on the phone): No I cannot come now.. Please Krish… But…Okay now don’t get mad at me.. I’ll come(she hangs the call)
Suh: What is it?
Sou: Krish is calling me, as he planned something special. I’m sorry Suh but I must go
Suh: It’s fine..U can go
Sou: What about u?
Suh: I’ll go in a taxi after having food
Sou: Ok then bye.. Don’t flirt now

She leaves, while the waiter comes and serves the food. Suh, without anyone noticing, spills the soup on the table and then she blames the waiter for doing it.
Waiter: I’m sorry mam..
Suh: You’ve totally messed this table and my dress.. I can’t sit here(she looks at Yuvi but he doesn’t even seem to notice, so she speaks in a louder tone) This is the worst day of my life!! I need another table
Waiter: But mam, there are no other table available right now. We’ll clean this for u
Suh: No! I mean..where do I sit until then? I’m hungry
Yuvi laughs but still pretends as if he is not listening to all that was happening. Suh gets irritated as he doesn’t pay heed to her.
Waiter: Mam, maybe u can wait at the front.. There is a table available
Suh gives a deadly stare at the waiter and goes in front of Yuvi as she loses her cool
Suh: Oh hello! Why can’t u be polite and let me sit here?
Yuvi: Excuse me? Why should I be polite to a stranger for no reason and waste my precious time?
Suh: There is no use in arguing with you.. My life itself is a waste of time!! And today has been the…
Yuvi laughs and says,” Alright alright… you can sit..Don’t be so dramatic now”. Suh quickly sits opposite to him and eats salad.
Yuvi: I’m not going to grab it from you..eat slowly
Suh: Don’t judge me now..
Both of them laugh
Yuvi: By the way, I’m Yuvraj Birla
Suh: I’m Suhani Shivastav
They shake hands
Yuvi: Would you mind if I asked u something?
Suh: Please..
Yuvi: Why did u say that it was your worst day?
Suh: Oh that… Actually my boyfriend cheated on me
Yuvi: Hmm..Why wouldn’t he? I mean…you’re flirting with strangers
Suh gets shocked to know that Yuvi was noticing her all this while. She hits her head with her hand.
Yuvi: Its OK..you don’t have to feel embarrassed. I know I’m handsome
Suh laughs hearing that and they end up talking for a long while and they both get to know about each other well. Little did they know that they were going to end up together!
Yuvi: Why don’t u believe in love?
Suh: It’s not that I don’t believe in it.. I like to flirt and have boyfriends without any commitments
Yuvi: Hmm..So are u planning to be like this all your life?
Suh: Definitely.. I don’t think anybody can bear with me for a lifetime! I cannot be like u…
Yuvi(laughs): I think we should leave now as its getting late.

Suh agrees and so Yuvi hires a taxi for her and as she was about to enter, Yuvi held her wrist. She quickly turned towards him and signed him “what?”.
He said, ” I know we’ve just met and hardly know each other. But..Would it be appropriate if i asked for your number?”. Suh smiled and said,” Since you believe in one’s fate… If fate allows we’ll surely meet” saying that she got into the taxi and left. Both of them reach their houses and lay on bed thinking of each other and hoping to meet each other soon. But for one week nothing of that sort happened. They were again busy with their routine. Yuvi(Owner of Birla beauty products) goes to sign a deal with a fashion designer for designing clothes for their company’s ramp walk, only to find that it was owned by Suhani. Both were surprised to meet each other once again and they got to spend much time with each other. This paved the way to a beautiful feeling called “love” in both of their hearts, yet they decided not to tell each other since they feared that it might break their friendship forever. On one hand Suh thought he wouldn’t trust her because he knew that she doesn’t believe in love and on the other hand Yuvi thought Suh doesn’t take relationships seriously. With all these confused feelings, one year passed but they still continued to see each other, care and share their feelings. Between all this, Suh had to make a very tough decision of leaving her family and Yuvi and move to Paris for the benefit of her job. She cried everyday, not knowing what to tell Yuvi. But soon she informed him about this which left him shattered. They didn’t speak to each other after that. On the day Suh was leaving she sent him a message saying ” I’m leaving today at 7pm. I wanted to tell you something very important but I guess it’s too late now…” Yuvi read the message at 6:30pm and he understood what she meant. So he took his car and fled to the airport, but it was too late as the passengers had already boarded the flight. He hated himself for hiding his feelings and begged to god to give him a last chance to confess his feelings. Suddenly, he saw somebody running towards him and yes it was her! He ran towards her too. When they got closer to each other both of them came to a halt and gasped for breath. Before Yuvi could say something, Suh hugged him as tight as she could, he hugged her back too and caressed her hair. “I cannot leave you and go” she said. Without saying anything to her he took her to his car and drove her to the same restaurant where they first met. He held her hand and went to the same table where they sat and he went down on his knees and said, “I never thought that I would have such deep feelings that too for a girl who is completely opposite to me. But later I found you, flirting at me(Suh smiles) in this restaurant where I had come after having a fight with my colleague. Believe me Suhani, now I’m very nervous like never before, ’cause I want this day to be remembered by you forever. Okay so here it comes….I love..”. “Just a minute Yuvraj, I don’t need cheesy ‘I love yous’ just hold my hand and tell me , “i’m here for you”. Yuvraj held her hand and said” I’m here for you Suhani and I’ll always be there with you because I love you more than anything in this world! He pulls out a ring and asks her, Ms. Suhani shivastav will you marry me?”. Suhani had tears of joy pouring out of her eyes and she held out her hand to him and said “yes I’ll marry you”. He made her wear the ring and they hug each other and Yuvraj kisses on her forehead. ” I love you too Yuvraj! I never dreamt of having a serious relationship with somebody, for I was a person who hates commitments. But later, you made me realise how easy and wonderful this was. A year before I got a friend(Yuvi) who helped me get over my previous relationships and also made me understand that we were made for each other or in other words “soulmates”. I cannot define my love for you in mere words but I know that it is infinite. I love you Yuvraj, even more than the sky loves the stars, I just cannot imagine how empty my life would look without your presence.” They hug each other and promise to be together for the years to come.
One year later, it was the face of the year conducted by Birla company. Models are seen ramp walking and along with them Soumya &Krishna also walk as a couple. Yuvi’s brother Anuj is seen anchoring the show which is being held at Birla house.
Anuj: Last but not the least we present before you the head of Birla company along with his wife who is the owner Maroon Fashions. Everybody please put your hands together for Yuvraj and Suhani Birla!!
Suhani and Yuvraj walk hand in hand in the ramp and look at each other and smile thinking of their beautiful relationship which had now become a very strong and promising one. And this is how they both
lived “Happily ever after”!

The End

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