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Guys, today I’m here with a Os on Shivika.
Here goes the Os
In Oberoi Mansion
Dadi : Jhanvi, come fast.
Jhanvi : yes ma, at last Shivaay agreed for marriage.
Pinky : ya, Om, Rudra and Prinku everyone is married only Shivaay was left.
Shivaay : ma, enough. Lets go.
In Malhotra Mansion

Oberoi’s comes there. Two girls comes down. One wearing Lehenga and other in salwar suit.
Anjali : they are my two daughters Riya and Anika.
Anika : (whispering) didi, jiju is very handsome.
Niranjan : so lets talk about the marriage of Shivaay and Riya.
Tej : we r happy with the marriage. But let Riya and Shivaay talk to each other.
Anjali : ok, Riya take Shivaay to ur room.
In Riya’s room
Riya : I want to tell u something.

Shivaay : sure.
Riya : I love somebody else, I don’t want this marriage. If I say no to this marriage then papa and mama will get hurt.
Shivaay : don’t worry, I ll handle it. He goes and Riya follows him.

In hall
Shivaay comes and sits beside Omru.
Shakti : Shivaay, r u ok with the marriage.
Shivaay : Actually, I want to marry Anika. Anika gets the biggest shock of her life.
Pinky & Omru : O my mata.
Jhanvi : Shivaay, r u in ur senses.
Shivaay : badi ma, I liked Anika, if I ll marry somebody then it ll be Anika.
Riya : papa, if Shivaay likes Anika then lets do their marriage.
Niranjan : ok. Tears roll down from Anika’s eyes. Shivaay sees this.
After few days the marriage has taken place. At last Shivika got married.

In Shivaay’s room
Anika : (thinking) Shivaay is so cheap, he came to see my sister and married me. He made my sister bad in front of others eyes. I can’t live with such a person. She sleeps on the bed. Shivaay comes there and sees her sleeping. He goes and sleeps on the couch.

Next day
In Shivika’s room
Shivaay wakes up and sees Anika sleeping. Shivaay goes to freshen up. After few minutes, Shivaay comes out of the washroom. Just then Anika wakes up and goes to freshen up. She comes out wearing a pink saree. She goes in front of the mirror. Shivaay comes there and holds her closer. Anika gets shocked by his sudden touch. She turns towards him. He sees water droplets on her temples and he blows it. She feels a shock in her. He moves closer ears. He smiles. Anika looks at him. She pushes him and moves aside but Shivaay tries to hold her but tores her blouse slightly. Anika gets scared and covers herself.
Shivaay : I’m sorry, I didn’t do it purposefully. She tries to go.
Shivaay : stop, I’m bad but not so bad. She goes.

In Kitchen
Jhanvi, Pinky are about something and Anika is cutting vegetables. Shivaay comes there sees Anika.
Pinky : Shivaay, r u going to office?
Shivaay : yes mom. Shivaay sees Pinky busy in some work and kisses Anika on her both cheeks. Anika gets a shock. She cups her mouth. Jhanvi sees this and smiles.
Jhanvi : Shivaay, u must have control. Shivaay blushes and goes. Anika goes.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay comes there and sees Anika standing near the window. He goes to her and hugs her from behind. Anika sees him and pushes him away.
Anika : don’t touch me. U r a cheat who can do anything, u spoiled my didi’s life, u made me and my sister fools. I just hate u. Shivaay gets angry but controls himself.
Shivaay : I didn’t spoil anybody’s life. Its ur sister who don’t like my proposal, she was in love with somebody else. She didn’t want to hurt ur parents so she didn’t say this to anybody.
Anika : I don’t believe this.
Shivaay : I don’t care. He goes.

Anika calls Riya. Riya tells her everything.
Riya : Shivaay is a nice person because of him I got such a beautiful life. Thanks to him.
She cuts the call. Anika cries.
Anika : (thinking) I’m sorry, I want u Shivaay, I love my sister a lot when I thought that u insulted her, I got hurt. I’m sorry. She cries. She was waiting for Shivaay. Just then Omru comes there.
Om : we have to go some where.
Anika : where? Om was crying.
Om : Shivaay…..
Anika : Shivaay…… Wat happen to him?
Om : he…. He….. Go…..got a accident, he is in coma.
Anika : nooooo……. She shouts.

After 2 months
In Shivika’s room
Shivaay was lying like a dead body. Anika was sitting beside him.
Anika : Shivaay, “I’ll never ask u to bring the stars for me but I would love to sit and watch them with you…..” Tears roll down her eyes.
Anika : I don’t want money or reputation, I just want u. She goes to him and hugs him. She cries.
Anika : I don’t want cheesy “I Love Yous” just hold my hand and tell me “I’m here for u.” She sleeps hugging him.

After 2 years
In Oberoi Mansion
In hall
Dadi : its two years, doctors left hope.
Pinky : u r my daughter, understand that Shivaay can’t come back, plz agree for another marriage.
Jhanvi : everyone r looking at u with pity and lust.
Anjali : beta plz….. Agree for the marriage.
Niranjan : beta, we r not able tu see u in such a condition.
Anika : I’m already married, I’m Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. She cries and goes.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay was lying there like a dead body. Anika comes there and closes the door. She takes out a knife.
Anika : I hurted u Shivaay, I was waiting for u from last two years, I’m ready to wait more but our family is forcing me for a second marriage. People r looking at me with pity and with lust. She cries.

Anika : I don’t care about this but now everybody started considering u as a burden of my life, I don’t want anybody to consider u as a burden. They… They may even kill u. I can’t see this. Tears roll down from Shivaay’s eyes. Anika cuts her hand. Just then she hears a voice calling her.
Shivaay : Ani…. Anika. She looks at him. She was shocked. She falls down on the floor on her knees. Shivaay sees her hand bleeding. He tries to get up but cannot due to tiredness.
Shivaay : Ani…. Anika….. I….. Want….. U…… Don’t…… lea……. leave me……..Hearing this words Anika gets up with struggle and ties her hands with a cloth.
Anika : I….. I….will…… nev….. never…. leave…… U……. She cries.
Anika : tell me go and call everybody…. She tries to go but Shivaay stops her.
Shivaay : No….. First take me to terrace……..
Anika : but Shi…. Shivaay…..
Shivaay : Anika plz…… At last she takes him to terrace.


Shivika comes there. Shivaay looks at Anika lovingly.
Anika : y r u staring at me.
Shivaay : don’t I have the permission to look at my beautiful wife. Anika blushes and soon tears roll down from her eyes.
Anika : I’m sorry, I misunderstood u.
Shivaay : forget it.
Anika : y do u want to come to Terrace?

Shivaay : “I can’t give u the stars but I can hold your hand and watch them with you……” I was not able to give happiness but now I can promise that I will hold your hands till my last breathe with the belief that I’m here for you……….. Anika was not able to control herself. She never expected that Shivaay was listening to her each and every word and giving so much importance to it. She couldn’t control more. She locks her lips with his. Shivaay was shocked but was happy. He reciprocated with equal passion. At last they break the moment due tu lack of oxygen.
Shivaay : I LOVE YOU ANIKA……
Anika : I LOVE YOU SHIVAAY………… They hug each other.
At last their marriage through misunderstanding reached at a life with understanding………..


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