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7 Days To Falling In Love

Shivay Singh Oberoi: He is a 25 years old, tall and handsome young business tycoon. He is
very kind and generous in his ways, though most often arrogant and short tempered. He
believes in honesty, truth and dedication in all his work. His strict and disciplined nature
helped him to reach from the foot paths to Page 3. He appreciates individualism and detests
people who talk a lot unnecessarily. He worships time more than anything. For him Love is
just a waste of time. His mother Pinky is all that he is concerned about. He is a great
devotee of his mother. What will happen when he comes across that special one? Will
Shivay ever fall in love? Will there be anyone who can change his title from ‘Mr.Arrogant’ to

‘Chocolate boy’?
Annika Mallick: She is a bubbly girl of 19 years, a Psychology graduate from Delhi University.
She is doing an internship in psychology at a hospital.She believed that everything on earth
can be owned with love. She is very humane, loving and caring. Being the daughter of the
famous Industrialist, Mr.Rehan Mallick, she is supposed to be a girl of qualities, well
behaved and well cultured. But Annika is something and again nothing of that sort. For her
every day is a new adventure. She even escapes from the house in the middle of the night
only to have a scoop of her favorite Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream. Sometimes she gets too
mischievous, though most often for a good cause. But even after repeated warnings from
her dad, her mischievous activities are increasing day by day, due to which Mr.Mallick is in
great tension. Finally he decides to get her married. But will he be able to choose her a
perfect one? Will her husband be able to get her in track? Will she be well behaved in front
of him? Or will she get him in trouble too with her antics?
What will happen when both Annika and Shivay cross paths? What will happen when
‘Mr.Disciplined Arrogant’ meets ‘Miss.Notoriously Lovely’?
…………………..Here the story begins…………………
It was drizzling slightly. The coffee shop was as usual crowded with people. On the
sides of the coffee shop were a few Flower shops. The florist was busy arranging the
flowers. The lane was decorated with string of colourful lights hanging above. Wind
chimes, and pompoms swayed as the winds blew past them creating a magically
romantic environment. The coffee shop was warm with the aroma of different flavours
of the coffee, totally opposite to the exterior, which was cold with an earthy smell.

Voice : Life is what we make it. Some people get what they want because they put all
their dedication into getting it. All these people you see, have an aim in life. While
some of them work towards it, the others wait for that to happen just like that..
Wait..wait..wait.. Do you really think it is that easy to get things?? Do you think
everyone gets everything for granted without perseverance and hardwork??
A girl is seen walking towards the coffee shop, all drenched and cold. She was
cladded in a black sleek skin-tight jeans with a white crop top. “Believe in yourself”
calligraphed boldly on her crop top. She also wore a black coat on top of it, paired
with black hobo bag and pumps. She had her hairs open over her shoulders. She
quickly made her way towards an empty table at the corner but as she reached,
another young man reaches up there. (face not revealed.) Both looks at each other
and says “You may sit here!” simultaneously and then smiles.

The boy’s face reflects upon his laptop screen as he looks at the girl secretly. He
shakes his head of whatever it might have been thinking. The girl curls her lips to a
smile, at the waiter, upon ordering her cup of coffee. The boy could not take his eye
off her, her way of talking, her messy wet bun(as she ties up her wet hairs in a bun…),
those big glasses that sat upon her nose, they way she enjoyed her coffee and did
her paperworks..Most importantly, she spoke less. There was something unusually
attractive about her. He comes out of his reverie upon hearing his phone ringing. The
girl notices him,

“Excuse me.. Do you want some privacy??” she questions, raising her eyebrows and
pointing towards his phone by her eyes.
“No.. It is absolutely okay… it is not that important call..”
The girl smiles and sits back. She finishes her cup of coffee.
“Take care, young man.. And thanks of the silent company..” she winks and waves
him a “bye!”
The boy wonders what has ever happened to him. Why could he not keep himself
from staring at her??

As he was about to leave the table, he notices a few papers, he picks them up and
smiles, “Miss.Annika Mallick! Pretty name!! Is she Mr.Mallick, the Industrialist’s
daughter?? Or is she not??”

Annika is seen walking through the lane. The wind flew through her hairs. It was a
lovely weather and a lovely day. She was laughing and talking to her friend over the
phone. She does not notice the speeding car and looks on in horror, when someone
pushes her to safety. She stares at the boy, while he stares at her.
“Miss.Annika.. Right??!”
“Stalking me..huh??”
The boy flashes her papers in front of her saying “no”. Annika smiles..
“Nice to meet you!! I was actually looking for those papers.. And then.. Thanks a lot!!
Your name??”
“I thought you would— Shivay.. I am Shivay” he says extending his hands towards
Annika reciprocates. “So… Mr. Shivay.. What are you doing here?? I mean, this
place is a common hangout for girls..”
“Uh.. I came to buy a saree for my mother, it is her birthday today.. And I was
“Mind if I help??”

“No.. Not at all..”
They both walk through the shops and looks through the designer collection.
Annika bargains and buys a beautiful light pink designer saree with a much lesser
price. Shivay gets amazed by her witty attitude.
“So, Miss. Annika… coffee??”
“No.. Some other time.. I have got to go for shopping too.–”
“Then let me help you out..–”
“Come on…”

Annika smiles and once again they are back inside the malls. After going through a
huge collection of dresses, she settles down with a royal blue anarkali. Shivay
notices her simplicity and falls for her more harder. As Annika leaves to do the
payment, Shivay hold her purse for her, when suddenly someone texts her. He
looks at her phone..
“ Gauri
Happiest Birthday Ani……..”
Flashed up on her phone screen. “It is her birthday today??!!” He thinks to himself.
He walks up to her :
“Annika, actually I have got to go…”
“Oh.. Yeah sure..! Sorry for wasting your time..”
“That is okay…” he smiles and leaves.

‘Wasting your time’ banged in Shivay’s ears. That was one thing he detested the
most.. But somehow, his life went out of track meeting her. He realised he
grumbled less now and was more amicable than always. Everyone could see the
change but nobody dared to say anything to him. He did not know what it was that
he was feeling. He did not know whom to share these feelings with. He walks out of
the mall as it began to drizzle again. He looks up at the sky, as the rain pattered
upon his face.
He looks around and calls someone. He smiles as he disconnects. Annika comes out
of the mall surprised to be welcomed by a flower shower. She sees a lovely band
playing ‘happy birthday’ song, so many balloons, and then a huge human sized
teddy handing her a gift. She was extremely surprised.
“Who could it be??” she thought. She looked into the packet but there was nothing
in there except for a dress, a dress she longed for. “Shivay??” she thinks. “But.. How
did he—” she wonders.. A mixture of emotions bursts into her.

Day 3

A man is seen entering a building. The board outside had the letters “OBEROI
GROUP OF INDUSTRIES Ltd.” written boldly and in pure gold. He speaks with the

receptionist, and then follows her to the conference room.A man is seen standing,
facing the glassed walls, playing with a crystal ball, as the meeting continued.
“Buy it.. What would be it’s worth.. 15 crores??”
“Mr.Mallick.. (He turns towards him. His face reflected in the mirror behind
Mr.Mallick.) punctuality… The order is supposed to be delivered by the 7 th of
June.. And I don’t want any other excuses.. If you can’t buy the machine, then..(he
signs a cheque and hands it over to him..) blank cheque.. Write whatever price
you demand…”
Mr. Mallick bows his head down. He was quiet. He had heard about Shivay before,
but today he saw his attitude too. Despite being one of the top industrialist, he
had to be in trouble all because of his doting daughter.

* flashback#1 *
A girl is seen walking tip toe around a moonlight room. She hurts her feet,
“Ouch”. She has a torch in her mouth and lights it. She looks around the
room. It looked like a office room. She pulls out a box. (Her face is not
clear due to the darkness.) She smiles and opens the box, jumping on seeing
it’s content. She does not notice the candles and mistakenly hits her
hands, thereby leading to a fire. Horrified she pours water over the place
to prevent the fire to spread around. She flashes her light upon the stuffs
that had got burnt. Biting her tongue, she throws the papers out of the
window including a file, “CONFIDENTIAL” written over it boldly. Little did
she know that the file contained receipts of machines and other stuffs her
father had ordered for his new consignment. She quickly leaves the room
without noticing that a wire was sparking. As soon as she leaves the
building, one of the rooms bursts out as though it was bombarded. She
stands in shock, panicking.

“Today I am going to dead.. If dad learns of this.. Noooo.. I must do
something..” she runs out of the place.
Mr. Mallick was jerked out of reverie by Shivay. Shivay raises his eyebrows in
questions, while Mr. Mallick shook his head and leaves the room, his eyes glued
on the cheque. He sighs and puts the cheque inside his pocket and leaves.
Shivay calls out his assistant and asks for a cup of coffee. The word ‘coffee’
reminds him of Annika and brings up a smile on his face.
“My Miss.Wetty Shabby Messy Annika..”

“Hmm.. You have owned space in my mind.. But.. — why Shivay..why?? Why do
you have to think of a girl, who was wetty and shabby when you first saw her..
But yet she looked cute….—” his thoughts were disturbed by his assistant who
came with a cup of coffee. Shivay was in a dilemma about his feelings.
He paces about in his room thinking about his new found feelings. It began to rain
all of a sudden. Shivay looks at the window panes that were banging and the gush
of water that was about to enter his office room. He rushes to close the window
and then something catches his eyes. A girl, dressed in a pale yellow salwar suit, a
beautiful bouquet in her hands, getting all drenched in the rain. Her face was not
clear due to the heavy rains, but she was struggling to get a lift. He stares at her
for a while and then calls his receptionist.
“Tina, there is a girl outside, in a pale yellow salwar suit, go and get her in here!
Also give her a towel and a cup of coffee, cappuccino preferably..”
Tina was shellshocked. But she just agrees hesitantly.
Shivay walks down the stairs towards a room, where the girl was busy drying
herself. Shivay gets into the room and walks closer behind her.

The girl gets startled and turns, her hairs brush past his face. Shivay puts his head
away. Both stare at each other.
“Shivay… What a pleasant surprise!!”
“Destiny has planned to make us meet every single day I guess!”
“Hahaha.. May be… I mean see, this day is almost towards the end.. I thought we
would not—” Annika abruptly stops and then continues.. “By the way, how did
your mother like the saree…”
“Uh… A-a…”

“She did not like–”
“No.. She loved it!!”
“Are you hiding something from me??”
“Annika, get your hairs dried.. You will catch cold… And what is there to hide??”
“I hope so.. Friends??!”
“Yes sure!! And yes, you can take the car…”
“Are you planning to stay in the office??”
“No.. But— you must be going somewhere…-”
“Should I help you with your hairs??”
“No.. It is fine I guess…”
Shivay smiles and leaves the room. Tina sees this from far and fumes.
Annika is seen walking through the park. She reminisces her encounters with Shivay and
smiles. She opens up her diary and begins to write down her feelings about Shivay, and how
things began to change with him around. Her dad, Mr.Mallick, walks up towards her with a
corn in his hands. He hands her the smoking hot corn and ruffles her bangs.
“What is my daughter thinking??”
“Papa… are you not mad at me??”
“Initially I was.. But then you are the reason I am still breathing.. How can I be angry with
my princess??”

“Love you,Papa!”
“Hmm.. But.. Promise me.. You won’t be mischievous anymore.. And you will be a good
girl…you are 20 years old now..”
“Papa.. I am trying to be a girl…–”
“I can see that.. For whom.. May I know??”
He pulls her nose, while she hugs him tight. She was afraid to speak about love to her father.
And then she had a good reason to be afraid about love.

* flashback#2 *
A little girl is seen running around a big house and playing happily, when
the bell rings. A drunk girl, in shorts and crop tops is seen walking
inside the home, with a shirtless boy.
“Rhea! STOP RIGHT THERE!! And who is this guy???” shouts a middle aged man.
The little girl drops her toys at the way her dad scolded her older sister.
She hides behind the chair.
“Papa please.. I am tired of living up to your Sanskaari Avatar. I have a
life.. This is too much.. Probably because of your such nosy attitude Mamma
left you… and yes… this boy is my BOYFRIEND… I LOVE HIM.. ANY PROBLEM???–”
The little girl was shocked… “mamma left..” she cried and wailed.
The man looked on upset and in tears.

“Rhea.. If you feel I was at fault then please go ahead and live with your
mother, that mother who left your 2 year old sister and never looked back…
because she was in love with my boss”
The girl just turns and walks out of the house, screaming, “you had nobody
to love you.. That is why you have problems with other people in love.. You
will always be alone with your orthodox self”
Tears roll down her eyes reminiscing those days. Annika knows her father was not against
love, and definitely not orthodox, but the thought of love scared her father, as he felt Love
only snatches peace and happiness between people. Her mother who loved her father like
crazy left him for money, while she was just 2 years of age. Her sister forgot her own father
because she wanted to live with her love. Her father was around 65 and she did not want to

leave her father and accept her love. She wanted her father to do her ‘ bidaai ’ with lots of
love. Annika notices her father in tension.
“Papa.. What happened??”
“Nothing.. I have.. I wanted to ask something from you..–”
“Papa.. Tell me.. What is it??”
“I choose a boy for you… Are you– are you ready for marriage??”
Annika was lost in thoughts… she just nods her head in agreement. Her father blesses her and
walks away, while she walks towards the bookshop.
She looks through several books, and then notices one, As you like it by William Shakespeare.
“Ah… and she reads outloud:
All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:—”
“–They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts.” said a manly voice behind her. She turns around
in surprise.

“Shivay.. Here??”
“The Game of Destiny! Haha!!… you read Shakespeare??”
“Why?? Have you read this one??”
“Yes.. I am well educated you see…”
Both sit across a table lost in the world of romantic novels, until a young girl walks up to
them saying:
“Ma’am, sir! It is time to close the bookshop, if you haven’t signed the book yet, please get it
signed, we will be closing in another 10 minutes….”
Annika looks at the time.
“Gosh!!! It is almost 9:30..!!” she hurries to get her books signed and then walks down the
road with Shivay. It was cold and dark outside.

“Strange.. Normally at this time it used to be busy.. But.. –”
“Forget all that.. Unfortunate thing is.. My car broke down.. And we have got to walk.. Mind
to come for a midnight walk with me??”
“Ofcourse not!”
Both Shivay and Annika walk side by side like long lost companions, having the mysterious
moon and secretive stars as their witness. Annika notices a tea stall just about to close.
“Let’s have a cup of tea.. And then Abdul chacha makes amazing tea!!”
“You know Annika! You are very different from other girls..—”
“I mean.. The way how others behave around me.. You don’t behave that way.. And I am glad
to have found you!!”
“Hmm.. This is like our 4 th destined meet.. You don’t even know me well.. How do you know
about my personality?? I mean my papa is already tired of my everyday antics and
mischievous acts…”
“Antics.. Mischievous?? You?? Impossible.. –”

“Okay.. Show me some of your mish–”
Shivay stands shocked as Annika throws the cup of coffee on him and laughs hysterically,
while Shivay closes his fists in anger as she continues,
“Shivay this is the real me.. I talk all day like a non stop radio… I get upset if my father
forgets to bid me bye.. Dad always faced trouble because of me… I escape from my house in
the middle of the night to have a scoop of my favourite ice cream… I love to enjoy life and I
accept life as it comes to me.. Shivay, I lost my mother, before I could even know what
motherly love was…. I lost my sister when I was of 2 years… it was just my dad and I.. Since
then… And Malini aunty.. Unfortunately.. God was jealous about my happiness that he
snatched her away from me.. Whatever… Shivay.. I am sorry to spoil your suit.. But I am
very mischievous, and I talk a lot… You don’t know me.. —” Annika had tears in her eyes.

Shivay did not know how to react. He holds her hands and squeezes them tightly into his.
“Annika I am sorry…–”
“Why are you sorry??!–”
Her loud ringtone diverts her attention. It was her father. She bids Shivay a quick good bye.
“Hope we will be friends forever…!” she says waving him goodbye and running through the
lane into the sheer darkness of the night. Shivay sat pondering about Annika.
The warm sunrays peep through the doors, awakening Annika. She was
surprised to see her dad all awake, sitting on her favourite swing in her room.

“Annika, I will not be there around you always, but I hope you will mend your
ways at least after marriage… the guy I choose, he is very strict and
disciplined… hope you will…——”
All his words drowns into deaf ears as all that Annika thought about was
SHIVAY. He had occupied a special place in her heart. She did not know what
to do, she just kept nodding to her dad.
After a while:
Mr.Mallick is seen walking towards Shivay’s office room with an envelop. He
notices Shivay standing against the glass wall and in deep thoughts.
“Mr. Oberoi.. I know you love punctuality, discipline , truth and honesty.. I will
abide by everything… But the cost.. I have written what I want in here… do
check it when you have time..”

“Hmm” Shivay just nods. All he thought about was Annika and the way how
she threw a whole cup of tea on his face.
Suddenly Shivay gets a call. He rushes out of the office room hurriedly and in
tears. He drives up towards a hospital and races up towards the ICU.
He notices Annika in a white apron, with blood all over her.

“Mrs.Pinky.. Is she you–”
“My mother..where is she?? What happened to her??—”
“Relax Shivay,
* flashback#3 *
Annika is seen walking out of her house, she notices a middle aged woman
buying flowers. She smiles and waves at her, “hi!! Aunty!!”. The woman
smiles at her and both continues on their own ways. Walking slightly
further,Annika notices a car. The driver had his face covered. She notices
the middle aged woman crossing the road, the car too begins to drive and
Shivay sits down on the floor, in tears.. completely broken.
“Shivay.. Don’t worry!! I did not know Mrs.Pinky was your mother. And I noticed
the car number… MH 1972…. We will find him..”
Shivay just brushes her away and walks aimlessly towards the ICU. He notices
his mother laying on the hospital bed, bandaged up.
As soon as the doctor comes out, Shivay rushes up towards him.
“How is my mother??”
“Listen.. She is in a very critical condition, if she doe–”

Shivay holds the doctor by his collars,
“Take whatever you want but nothing should happen to my mom…” he shouts
at the doctor.
“How much do you want??? Tell me..”
The doctor stared at him in horror.. And stammered. Annika tries to take him
away but Shivay pushes her away…
“It all happened because of you… –”
Annika was shocked at his allegations..

Annika looks on in confusion.
“I said quiet… I thought of you as a different person, unlike others.. But you-”
“What have I—”
The doctor comes and calls Annika for her checkup and also tells them to keep
silence and peace among themselves.
Annika walks away silently with tears in her eyes and a broken heart. She had
no clue why Shivay screamed at her.
The doctor informs Shivay about his mother’s condition getting stable and better.
Shivay goes in to see his mother. A nurse comes to check her vitals.
“Mr. Oberoi, you are very lucky as you have a lucky charm with you. If Dr.Annika
would not go and save your mother, and get her here, then today at this time you
would have already done her cremation.. She cares a lot about your mum, earlier too
several times she brought your mum here for check up.. And then you see she broke
her arm trying to save your mother still she did not hesitate to go to the police station
and inform the police about the incident..and she also told the police to come today
after things get normal as you would all be disturbed… really Annika is such a lovely
girl.. That all her loveliness out does her mischievous acts…”
Shivay was shocked on learning the truth from the nurse. He reminisces how he
scolded and shouted her as he felt she did not try to save his mother from the
accident.. When actually she did.. Getting a fractured limb in the process… He walks
out of his cabin and notices Annika with other doctors, sling around her arms. It was
only then Shivay noticed Annika’s half broken limb. He begins to feel upset about his
behavior and walks back to the cabin where his mother lay asleep.
Later that day, his mother regains consciousness.
“Shivay.. Now with my bad health.. Who will take care of me.. You will be busy with
your office works.. –”

“Maa.. You don’t have to take tension.. I will get as many nurse–”
“Nurse?? Is that what you are thinking?? I told you to get me a DIL??”
“Daughter in law.. if you would have married then I would have accompanied her..—”
“And how would that help you prevent the accident??”
“I would get a cautious DIL—”

“How is keeping Nurse going to prevent me from getting in accidents??”
“Someone planned your accident—-”
Pinky looks on. “Shivay.. I have chosen a girl for you… and I want you to get
married.. And then you see all my enemies will disappear..”
“Shivay!!!.. Please… you will not listen to your mummy… then… I will ask police to
tell me that man’s name and I will—-”
“Okay.. I will.. Who is she??”
“Here is her number…call her.. In Front of me…”
Shivay looks on at the slip. He reminisces his times with Annika and then looks at his
mother… he sighs and dials the number.
“The number you are trying to call —”

“Mom.. Number switched off–”
“Uh… then you try this number(handing him another piece of paper..)”
Shivay dials that number and a female voice responds..

“Hello…who is it??”
“Umm.. Uh.. Actually(Shivay looks at his mom).. I..”
“Are you going to say something??–”
“Yeah… Could we meet??–”
“Excuse me??–”
“An agency gave me your number saying you required a job…–”
“Oh… yes.. When and where??–”
“Your name? I could not actually understand–”
“Ok.. I will text you.. When and where..”
Shivay looks on at his mom.
“Let me go and meet your DIL..”

“God bless you..!!”
Some time later, Shivay is seen waiting at a restaurant. Pinky notices Annika in the
hospital and rings a bell. Annika walks in and speaks to her for a while.
“Did you not get a message some time ago??”
“Was I supposed to get one??”
“Yeah.. No.. I mean.. I told my son to text you…”
Annika looks upset and then smiles, “Aunty leave it.. I did not get any message.. –”
“Your number was switched off.. You check your other number… My son never
disobeys me..”

“But aunty, the other number.. I gave that to Malvika… she wanted to fill her
admission form and required a number.. Probably the message went to her… but
what is it with the text??? You can tell that to me… –”
“No.. No.. I.. Could you get me a cup of coffee–”
Annika looks surprised… “yeah sure”
As soon as she leaves,Pinky calls Shivay.
But he does not notice the calls.
Tired of waiting, Shivay leaves angrily.
“God knows what kind of girl did mom like…no sense of
time…! Annik–” he shakes

his head off her thoughts thinking about agreeing to marry the girl his mother chose
for him. He walks into the hospital and notices Annika taking care of his mother,
despite her broken limb. (mile ho tum humko..plays in the background..)
Pinky sleeps off peacefully as Annika puts her to sleep singing her a song. Annika
notices Shivay and turns away as tear drops trickle down her cheek.
She leaves the room avoiding Shivay, upsetting Shivay..but he did not have the guts
to stop her, after all it was all his fault. His anger… he sighs.
Annika notices the paper where she had drawn a pencil sketch of Shivay and her
together… She had thought to gift it to him… but little did she know.. Destiny would
play such a dirty joke on her.. She tears the paper angrily and throws it into the bin
reminiscing all the words Shivay had shouted on her.. Shivay notices her crying
silently and he knew he was the reason behind her tears.. He goes to his mother and
lays his head upon her hands crying bitterly. Pinky was disturbed by her sons’ tears.
It of course had to be something very serious.
Annika arranges her stuffs and decides to leave the city for a while, until Mrs.Pinky
gets released from the hospital as she had no interest in seeing Shivay. She gets
onto a bus to leave the city. Meanwhile Shivay is seeing getting ready happily. He
reminisces his mother telling him that she had chosen Annika for him and not any
Malvika. He sighs happily and dances all around in joy. He pulls out the comb from
his table and notices the envelope that Mr. Mallick had given him. He wonders
what it must be that Mr.Mallick wanted in return. He pulls out the cheque from the
envelope and smiles. He puts the cheque into his pocket.

Shivay walks out of his house whistling happily. The driver stared at him and
reminisces how Shivay had once scolded him for whistling. Shivay pats him and
hands him bonus and gives him a holiday. The driver smiles.
“Sure.. Sir must have met some angel..”
He leaves happily as Shivay drives towards the hospital to meet Annika. As Shivay
drives the car towards the hospital, Annika is seen in the bus, tears rolling down
her cheeks, as the bus crosses his car. Shivay fails to notice Annika. He drives onto
the hospital driveway.
“Hello, Dr.Annika–”
“Annika.. Annika Mallick.. She just left from the hospital, giving her resignation..”
“Yes… Actually….that… actually–”
“What is it???”
“Actually that accident… — in that accident…– I mean the fracture had caused
nerve injury and she cannot use that limb any longer.. She is going to undergo
limb amputation..and with right hand gone… she —”
Shivay falls down on the floor… shocked.. And in tears.. He did not know what he
must do..
“Where would she be going??”
“Umm.. Not sure… But I heard… Mr. Mallick is planning to take her to Singapore.. If
you race up.. Probably you will get to catch her up at the airport…”
Shivay rushes out of the hospital towards the airport. He calls someone.He
reminisces all his times with Annika… how she had actually been so perfect for
Annika sits in the lounge,waiting for the final call. Her lips curl into a smile as she
notices Shivay racing up towards her. She runs towards him and hugs him tightly.
“Annika I know I am very bad.. I am very arrogant and self centered.. But trust
me.. That was my past.. Ever since I meet you.. I kept wondering what such

relation do we share, that I forget to be arrogant.. And rather I become more
friendly.. Annika.. I was wrong to misunderstand you… You are the peanut butter
to my jelly… you are my coffee and everything better.. No best..– I don’t know
how to phrase a proper proposal… but You are my favourite mistake… And such a
mistake.. That…I would love to do that a gazillion times..without minding…
Annika I love you… !!!”
“Ah… Annika you are just my kinda girl!!!!!” he hugs her tight..
Just then someone taps on Annika’s shoulder. She turns around to find her father
looking at her.. She realises all this was just a dream. She hugs her father and
cries.. While her father consoles her..as they board their destined flight to

Shivay rushes into the airport and hears the announcement for the passengers to
board their destined flight to Singapore. He rushes towards the gates and finds
them closed.. He cries bitterly…
“I can’t lose you so easily… I just can’t…”
He walks up towards the airport officials and requests them to make an
announcement in the destined flight to Singapore… though initially the officials
refused to do so… they agreed upon the huge sum they would be given. Shivay
quickly takes the mike from them…

“Annika…do you hear me???–”
Annika who was crying her heart inside the aeroplane… Was surprised to hear his
“Annika… I am the worst guy you would have ever come across… but this arrogant,
self centered boy fall for you… and I am very selfish… you know.. So I need you for
(Annika laughs hearing him confessing…)
But you see.. Only you can change me… And I have already began to change ever
since we met… Annika.. Please give me one chance to rectify my mistake… I will

never give you the chance to complain.. I promise I will listen to your non stop
GROW OLD…????????
If you feel I deserve a chance… Then please meet me outside terminal 1..”
Annika looks at her dad.. Who broadly smiled back at her… she walks out of her
seat and the plane and rushes outside the airport terminal 1.. As she steps outside,
blood smears upon her face…
“SHIVAY!!!!!.. SHIVAY!!!” the atmosphere echoed the words in a tearful voice..
A few years later
Annika is seen sitting on a bench. Shivay walks up behind her and combs her hairs. She smiles at
him and kisses him upon his cheeks. Both hug each other. Shivay then gets a plate of food for her
and feeds her.. She eats them happily yet with tears… the building outside is shown. The gate had
the words “ MENTAL ASYLUM” boldly written.((kaun tujhe plays in the background..))

* flashback#4 *
Shivay gets hit by a racing car, as Annika steps outside the airport. All the
placards, heart shaped balloons and roses petals toss above and fall…as Annika
gets crazy with his sudden death. Annika notices the bits of paper taped
together to form her pencil sketch of the two together..and.. “How did you like
your birthday gift outside the mall???”…. Annika breaks down into
tears…while…the cheque shows Mr.Mallick had written “Marry my daughter
Annika…” instead of a sum..
((humari adhuri kahani tune plays in the background…as the credits roll…))

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