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Hello guys, This os is for “SHIVIKA” the one year of love, hatred, pain and trust. What if Shivay proposes Anika after one year

26th June
Oberoi mansion is shown.

All are very busy as tomorrow Oberoi empire’s 51st anniversary was there

Dadi’s POV
Tomorrow is a very big day for us because tomorrow is 51st anniversary of Oberoi as well as a big day for Billu n anika because tomorrow is thier first meeting anniversary hope they remember.

Scene shifts to kitchen where all Obro’s are having thier cold coffee and Shivay was in deep thoughts.

Om -shivay…..shivay….(shouted ) shivay

Shivay – yes yes…

Rudra – kaha kho gye bhaiya ?

Shivay – Yarr I want to give her a special surprise.

Rudra – Who ??

Om – Of course, Anika

Rudra – Oh, I thought bhaiya made a new girlfriend. xD

Shivom – Shut up rudra !!

Rudra – okk…

Om – haa toh bol Shivay tu kya keh rah tha.

Shivay – Yarr tomorrow is our first meeting anniversary. Exactly one year before we met and my life totally changes into a magical world. Their scene flashes in Shivay’s eyes how Anika breaks Shivay ‘s car windscreen with lots of attitude in her eyes .

Shivay – That was very beautiful day, Om.

Omru were shocked to see shivay like this

Shivay – Now I am not getting, how to give a special surprise to her….

Om – Shivay, I think you should propose her.

Shivay – What!! Om I don’t love her.

Om – Ohh my god shivay! Now also you think u don’t love her. shivay u love her but you are not accepting it. shivay u also know that u love her.

Shivay – yes I love her….I love her more than anything

Shivay get ready anika tomorrow you r going to get the most precious gift of your life.

At night
Shivika ‘s room

Shivay was smiling and thinking something

Anika – shivay apki is khidkitod smile k peeche kya raaaz hai

Shivay – anika tell me what is special abut tomorrow?

Anika – tomorrow is 51st anniversary of Oberoi empire

Shivay – uske alava

Anika – tomorrow is Tuesday

Shivay – other than that

Anika – I don’t know shivay….and now let’s just sleep

Shivay in mind – tomorrow is a very special day anika a very very special day

Anika wakes up and see that shivay is not there, she gets ready. She was coming downstairs then she saw saumya and Gauri are also ready.
( this time mahaarthi is in morning )
Pinky – oh my maata u three are looking very beautiful let’s go

Anika – but where is shivay, ma?

Pinky – he has already reached there .

They went to the temple

Anika still can’t see shivay there.

Panditji – who will do the mahaarthi?

Pinky – Oberoi khandann ki sabse badi bahu, Anika.

Anika was finding shivay when Shivay comes from behind and put his hands on anika eyes

Shivay – u r looking very beautiful

Anika – main aapko kabse dhoondh rahi hoon shivay where were you?

Shivay – areee ab main aa gaya na

Jhanvi – shivay ,anika come here

Jhanvi – anika go and perform mahaarthi with Shivay

anika goes to panditji and told him something

Then anika announces
Anika – I can’t do mahaarthi

Pinky – ohh my maata anika yeh tu kya keh rhi hai

Anika – let me complete ma

Anika – I’ll not do this mahaarthi all alone gauri and saumya will also do with me anika forwards her both hands for gauri and saumya they were so happy
Anika ,gauri,saumya all are shown doing mahaarti together. flashback is shown how obros together does mahaarti. Dadi is so happy

When mahaarthi was done

All were knowing about shivay’s plan except anika.

Shivay – anika so do u know speciality of today?

Anika – offo shivay kal raat se paka rhe hai aerreee ajj oberoi empire ki

Shivay – uske Alva

Anika – ajj apke dadaji ka happy birthday!

Shivay – happy birthday nhi birthday hota hai aur uske alvaa

Anika – patani yaar -_-

Shivay – today is our meeting anniversary ajj se theek ek saal pehle hum pehli baar mile the

Anika oohhh…..main toh bhool gyi thi shivay areeee ajj hi ke din toh Maine apki car ki windscreen todi thi na aur

Shivay – baass…anika car mein baat karenge we are getting late

Anika – but where we are going

Shivay – zyada savaal mat poochu jaldi. Chalo

Anika – par…..

Shivay takes anika to car

Oberoi family – all the best shivay!!

Shivay – thank you

Shivika went

Shivay first take anika to temple where they had their first meet

Shivay – do u remember something from this temple anika

Anika – yess shivay hum pehli baar yahin par toh mile thee…..

Shivay smiles

Shivay – let’s go

Shivay anika went to temple
Shivika are taking ganeshji blessing

Shivay – thank u god for giving me a such a beautiful wife and a loving family. *_*

Anika – god I was a orphan but you have given me, my love, Shivay and a loving family too thank you so much

Shivay – let’s go anika

Anika – where shivay??

Shivay – ek bhot pyaari si jagah hai chalo. *_*

Anika – but where

Shivay comes close meri panika let it be a surprise.

Anika blushes okkkk……..

Shivika went from there

Anika was remembering each n everything happened when have met first time how anika slaps Shivay with bundle of notes how they are showing tadi to each from where tadibaaazi love story begins

They reached their destination

Shivay puts his hands on anika ‘s eyes

Anika – shivay what are you doing

Shivay – chup raho anika just come

Shivay – see

Anika ( shocked ) shivay yeh toh….

Shivay – (completes ) vahi jagah hai jaha hamar shaadi Hui thi….

Anika was so happy
And Shivay was also feeling happy as her lady love was happy.

The place in was decorated very beautifully and there was table at centre

Shivay – today we have our lunch here

Anika – wow this so exciting…..

Shivika sat on their chairs

Waiter – your order sir

Anika – anika opens the lid and shocked to see aloo puri

Anika – shivay aloo puri

Shivay – yes sweetheart aloo puri

Anika – kya baat hai shivay ajj toh surprise pe surprise

Shivay – anything for u anika

After having their food

Anika – shivay now let’s go home

Shivay – anika wait now come with me

Anika – ab kaha.

Shivay – just come

Shivika went to one chawl like place

Anika – why are we here?

Shivay – this is the reason.showing a vendor with budhiya k Baal.

Anika – ohh my god shivay
Anika runs to the stall

Shivay also comes near the stall

Anika – bhaiya jaldi Karo I can’t.wait to have this

Anika – but shivay I think I know this place

Shivay – anika remember that bhaangoor nagar jhankar dance classes case.

Anika goes in flashback.that how they had caught the culprit.

Shivay – yeh vahi jagah hai and same.bhudiya k Baal vala

Anika – wah shivay singh oberoi toh bade chupe rustam nikle

Anika was eating bhudiya k baal n shivay was looking her lovingly ( ishq hai aansu plays )

Anika – app bhi khaiye na shivay

Shivay – shivay eats the cotton candy which anika was eating

After that

Shivay – now I m going to take you a very very special place

Anika – now I’ll not ask because I know u will not tell me

Shivay – very smart anika chalo

Shivay takes anika to oberoi manision

Shivay – anika you be in car I’ll just come

Shivay calls gauri

Gauri comes there

Shivay – take Anika with u

Gauri – chaliye anika bhaooji

Anika – aree……but where

Gaiuri takes anika with her n get her ready

After some time

Anika was ready she was looking so pretty in red gown

When she came down she realize that there is no light

Anika was at the centre of hall

And suddenly lights came back

Anika was relieved as she can see all oberoi all family is standing there in a half circle she turns and shocked to see shivay on his knees

Shivay – today I m going say the most beautiful words of my life I LOVE YOU anika I love you more than anything.I know its very late because we are already married but as I have told you that we do every thing different. So do u love me?

Anika was soooooo……happy that shivay finally confessed his feeling to anika she wanna dance with happiness but she can’t ( all oberoi family is standing what will they think about anika ) she finally confessed, I LOVE U TOO shivay

They hug each other

Shivay – u know what, today is the perfect day for our love confession after one year

Anika smiles

Rudra – chalo ab ek chota sa surprise aur

Anika – ek aur surprise!!

There was a projector
All oberoi family sat front of projector

Projector was showing the beautiful moments shared by shivika from begining
It also shows that pool party incident has anika n Shivay got drunk and dancing shivika are shocked to see this and

Anika – par yeh vedio toh humne delete karr diya tha na phir

Shivay – vahi toh main soch raha honn anika

All family members are laughing soo hard

Rudra – voh actually yeah sab khanna ji ki recordings hai…..

Shivay – yeah khanna ek din marvayega

Then vedio also shows shivika wedding and it ends up showing there love confesion

Rudra – finally their love story ends

Dadi – oye khotiya their love story is started now.

At night 10 pm

Shvika are in their simple night clothes

Anika – Shivay come with me

Anika takes to pool side area it was decorated by candles and was looking so beautiful

Anika – this surprise day should end with my surprise

Shivay – this so beautiful

Anika switch on the music. They dance on tumko paya hai

After their dance. they were just siting

Anika – shivay tell me how much you love me?

Shivay – anika I can do anything for you I can put my heart on your feet’s I can give you all stars from sky.

Anika – shivay…..I’ll never ask you to bring the stars for me but would love to sit and watch them with you.

Shivay- Acha Anika, now you tell me how much you love me? <3

Anika- Shivay. ILOVEYOU from the top of my heart. <3

Shivay- You mean bottom, right?

Anika- Arayyy, bottom se to sabhi krte hai. Mai to top se krti hoon. xD

Shivika are just watching stars

Shivay – soo can we sleep now

Shivay stands up for going when anika pushes him in water


Shivay – what are you doing anika?

and another SPLASH!!

Anika also jumps in water.

Anika – Shivay jab hum ajj hamari saari special places pe gye toh yeh kyun nhi iss jagah se bhi hamari bhot yaadein Judi hain.

Shivika laughs

The end

So guys this takes a lot of time to write a os. My hands are also paining plzz plzz vote for me.

Luv u.

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