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Hello peeps… ??? How are you all??? I hope you all are enjoying summer vacation… We are so much happy and overwhelmed with all of your response…☺☺☺

Okay now time for further informations and details but wait I’ve mentioned in previous article that name of participants will be announced and here we have long list so instead of mentioning name of all I am mentioning name of person whose entry is at doubt or may be disqualify due to some whatever reason (most probably not following mentioned information.)

Disqualify entry

1. Aditi9 (serial and couple’s name is missing)
2. Yuvani (you just have asked question)
3. Sree.. (You’ve not mentioned serial and couple’s name.)

Doubtful entry.

1. Sanjana
2. Tahseen M.
3. Prajakta
4. Edge Black

Above mentioned four people from your entry is as guest member so if you are guest member only then sorry to say you can’t participate and if any of you are registered member then you are in.

Now further details and Informations.(Here you can say rules instead of details and information.)

You peeps have to send your entry to

[email protected]

And in entry mentioned your TU username and mentioned serial name in subject of mail.

You all can send your entry till 30th may 12 PM IST (entry after that will be disqualified)

And one participant can send one entry only. (If any person send more then one entry then all entries of that will be disqualified and that participant will be out.)

One more time I am reminding you all that

– Your story should end in One Shot only.

– Story required 1400 or more words.

– You need to use one of following (or if you want then you can use both) two lines in your story… (Beginning, end or somewhere in middle where ever you want…)

And lines are…




Okay, now time for procedure for winner selection here we’ve two round

– Top 20 entries will be decide by reader’s view.

And after that Top 3 from that will be decide by okay that’s secret… ☺☺☺???

Time for Prize

Let’s keep that too secret. ???☺☺☺

Now start writing. Send us (this means I am not alone) your entry…And don’t break any rule peeps else we will disqualify you.

ALL THE BEST… ???? Waiting for your entries… ☺☺☺

You can find all competition entries on THIS PAGE.

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  1. Sowji

    Thank u priya…if I have any doubt…I will ask you further in commentline in this page…

    1. Anah

      you can

  2. Garu_2401

    Namaste priya_24 …
    I am for the very first time participating in is competition so I have query(that must be stupid but I need to know)

    can I use email or gmail to send the story on the given gmail I’d?

    1. Garu_2401

      Sry its gmail app*

  3. NAPSHa J

    hi Priya di.. “send ur entry to……”means?? do we need to mail our OS by 30th?

    1. Pri_24

      Yup you’ve to submit = mail OS by 30th May. ☺

  4. Sree1603

    Are you mentioned me in disqualify entry

    1. Pri_24

      If your previous user name is Sree.. then yes I’ve mentioned you in disqualify entry.

  5. Sunanda12345

    Hiii this is sunanda…writing os on vivida and atharv (vitharv )
    Serial-Jana na dil se dur

    1. Pri_24

      Hey entry time is closed now.

  6. Hales

    What is the dead line of submission of the story?

    1. Pri_24

      30th May 12 pm IST is deadline for submission.

  7. Karthu

    OK I have one doubt. My shot should sent on this mail then only I can participate right?

    1. Pri_24

      Yes but along with this you must have entered in competition before this.

      1. Karthu

        Yes I’m already sent msg for entry..

    2. Pri_24

      Then you can send your OS entry to above mentioned email address. ☺

  8. IME

    I have a doubt!!
    How to vote for the story??

    1. Pri_24

      That will be out on time when voting will start.

  9. Optimistic

    One doubt friend can we write our story in word upload as attachment in mail while sending?
    Also where we have to write TU username while sending mail?
    In subject we have to write serial name that I understood

    1. Pri_24

      Yes you can submit Is as attachment file and about mentioning your user name any where in mail excluding subject

  10. Fidato

    Hi… Priya.. Waiting for your details… Actually I have a doubt… About writing os.. are expecting a whole different story from serial or can we just plot a situation in the serial story and bring those characters into the situation..with a happy or sad Ending… Please do reply….If you have time…

    1. Pri_24

      Out can write whole different story or you can continue from current track or continue with serial plot whatever you want.

      1. Fidato

        Oh…Thank you so much… Priya…

  11. Nivedita

    Hi Priya-
    Do we post the OS on TU page also? Or do we just mail our unpublished story at the email provided?
    And deadline 12 pm meaning 30th afternoon right!
    Thanks for the competition!??

    1. Pri_24

      You don’t need to and can’t publish your story on TU page. Yup deadline in 30th may 12 pm.

      1. Nivedita

        Ok Thanks! ??

  12. Anagha

    One doubt dear…should we just send the O’s to the mail?.. shouldn’t we publish it on the telly update website??

    1. Pri_24

      Yup you just have to submit only don’t publish in TU page.

  13. Mansi

    One doubt dear if we send it via mail then can we also upload on TU too????where to write TU username while sending mail???how can we add a display picture if it has to be sended on mail???

    1. Pri_24

      You can mention your user name any where in mauk but not in subject and don’t need to and can’t publish your shot on TU page.

      1. Mansi

        Thank u dear??

  14. Kanfi

    I missed this-.–ao entry closed now???? I cant partcipate now????shit….!!:-( 🙁

    1. Pri_24

      Sorry dear entry time is closed now.

    2. Anah

      participate next one dr

      1. Kanfi


  15. Purvi128

    Hey dear..!
    I have a doubt..! We have to write it on word nd then send as attachement to the id..!
    I m confused..!
    Do tell me soon…
    As i have to write it..!
    Nd we have to send it till 30th..
    Nd don’t we have to post it on TU..!
    do reply soon
    Waiting for ur reply..

    1. Pri_24

      You can submit as attached file or directly copy paste what ever you like and yeah you don’t have to post it on TU.

      1. Purvi128

        Hey Pri..!
        I mentioned that I will write os on Kaira nd Avneil..!
        But ryt now I just want to write on one couple so can I exclude Kaira now?
        Do reply me soon..! As I have to write..????
        Please…! Allow me to exclude kaira…??
        I hope u understand…..????

    2. Pri_24

      Yeah dear you can exclude any couple.

  16. Varshni

    Actually do we need to submit the whole story in the gmail

    1. Anah


    2. Pri_24

      Yup you’ve to submit your story at gmail as one shot story.

  17. Shraddha-DBO

    Hay dear, can we upload the story in tu?
    Can we add a display picture also in the mail?
    Can we write in word and attach in Gmail?

    Sorry for asking too many doubts?

    1. Anah

      hi sraddha… u r same sraddha who pm me and also on wattpad then check ur wattpad massage dr..and u can’t update ur os which u give for competition…bcoz we didn’t reveal ur identity before result announcements

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Hey Anah, I had send a pm but not in wattpad dear.
        Anyway thanks babe…

  18. Nita D

    Hey Pri
    I had one question.
    We only need to mail u the ff.
    We are not supposed to post it here at TU?

    1. Pri_24

      Yeah exactly you can’t post it at TU just submit us.

      1. Nita D

        Plz clear one more thing,
        Top 20 entries will be selected on reader’s views, but we are not suppose to post it on TU then how will readers vote??

        Secondly, can we vote for any other os?? (Except our own)

    2. Pri_24

      That all thing done by us dear.

  19. Farie

    entry means my story rit?

  20. Farie

    another doubt TU means “telly user name”? if that so should i enter TU name and Serial name in subject of the mail?

    1. Pri_24

      Yes TU means TelluUser name and you can mention it any where excluding subject.

  21. Pri_24

    Yes you can write IB word nd attach to mail and can send display picture too and you can’t publish in TU. And don’t be sorry for asking hope your doubts are cleared now.

    1. Farie

      thank u..now Wat is IB word?

      1. Pri_24

        Its typo I am typing it and IB is typed by mistake.

  22. Neethu

    Can some phrases be written in hindi too??

  23. VHM

    Hi Pri_24,

    This is a bit confusing so please clarify…in the rules menioned above you have clearly stated the following :

    ”You peeps have to send your entry to

    [email protected]

    And in entry mentioned your TU username and mentioned serial name in subject of mail.”

    which makes me understand that we need to write our TU Username and Serial name in subject of email……….

    Then when i read the comment section you again stated:

    ”Yes you can submit Is as attachment file and about mentioning your user name any where in mail excluding subject ”

    which makes me understand we cannot use our Username in Subject line…….

    So please let me know whether we need to use Telly username in subject line of mail or not !!

    Thank you

    1. Pri_24

      Whatever your serial is suppose you are writing fir Shivika then mention

      Ishqbaaz in subject and your Tu username in mail not in subject it can be before OS or after OS.

  24. Anagha

    One more doubt. So in the subject we have to write the serial name. If iam writing on SHIVIKA then in the subject I should mention ishqbaaz. Is that what you meant?…and I should write my name anywhere except the subject. Can I write it along with the title?…

  25. Sakash.

    Hi i am Sakash.Nice to meet u pri-24.Sorry i am confused.The story must be write only once.Sorry i sm not understanding.How me must send it?

    1. Pri_24

      I means yo say that you can submit only one oneshot story. And you can send it as word file in attachment or directly copy paste whatever way you want. ☺

  26. Sakash.

    Any ways thanks for ur reply.Sorry for troubling u dear.

    1. Pri_24

      Don’t be sorry sweety. I am happy to help. ☺

  27. Nikita18

    is the word count 1400 words or letters, as TU uses letters as standard word count.

    1. Nita D

      Good question, didn’t know that TU counter words in form of letters.
      What I have understood is it is 1400 shabdh (words).
      But I guess we should let Pri clarify that

    2. Pri_24

      I want words there dear.

  28. Hi pri di.i am not understanding whether I am register member or not.can u plz tell me??

    1. Nita D

      No dear u r not registered yet.
      I can click at the MENU button at the top of the page and get yourself registered.
      TU will ask for email id, password (u have to give a new one for your account), username and some other basic information.

      If u have already done that earlier, then just click on LOGIN BUTTON IN MENU BAR and enter your email-Id and password

  29. Hi pri dii.im not understanding whether I’m register member or not.Can u plz tell me???

    1. Pri_24

      You are not a registered member yet.

  30. Neethu

    Hello pri! I’ve already sent the os and I’ve not given a title for it is that ok? When will the winner be announced?

    1. Neethu

      And I’ve written my TU username in the subject ’cause it was mentioned so. But now i got to know(from comments) that we shud write not write it in subject. I hope that is not a problem.

      1. Anah

        it’s ok dr….

  31. Aliza111

    can my frnd write instead of me . ? iam not well i have a hand fractured i cant complete sometimes so can my frnd replacre me?

    1. Pri_24

      She can send OS for couple you’ve mentioned in comment not her choice else you just back out dear and take care of your hand and get well soon.☺

  32. ManyaPV5

    Pls can I enter my internet was not working and thus I didn’t knew about this competition. I have an OS ready and want to post it. If you permit then I am posting OS on Serial: Ishqbaaz and Couple: Shivika. If you don’t mind I am entering.

    1. Pri_24

      Sorry dear entry time is closed and we’ve long list of pending participants so I can’t allow you now and next competition is coming soon participate in that.

      1. ManyaPV5

        Ok no problem I will prepare for that

  33. Angel_writer

    we have to submit the story before 30th of may

    1. Pri_24

      You cab submit till 12 pm (IST) of 30th May.

  34. Ayesha51

    I have one question dear
    can I write the story on a piece of paper and take a pic of it and attach the file and send it through email?

    1. Prabhigya

      Yes Ayesha …. as much as I knw you can attach file and send as email…

    2. Pri_24

      Nope dear you can’t do like that either word file or directly in mail you can’t send picture.

  35. Prabhigya

    Hey Pri_24
    I have sent my OS to [email protected] as per ur instructions.
    Bt I ended sending it thrice.
    I hope I’m not disqualified for this.
    I wanted to inform u to consider my last posted ff,as it satisfied all ur conditions.

    And Plzzz let me knw if I’m disqualified.

    1. Pri_24

      You are not disqualified.

  36. AbhilashaM


    I have missed the contest this time.
    Will the contest be conducted anytime later?
    Also this time it was for on-air shows, any chance that a contest can be conducted for off-air shows?


    1. Pri_24

      Very soon after completion of this competition next will be up. And yeah there are chances.

  37. Aradhana

    Hey Pri_24..I sent my OS today to [email protected]..I think Ive satisfied all the conditions..Pls do let me know if Im disqualified..Pls..let me know..

    1. Pri_24

      We received your OS and you are not disqualified.

      1. Aradhana

        thankyou so much…pri_24 for rplying..

  38. Mansi

    Hii one doubt can I attach display picture too in the same file as the article is???Or should I send it in different file???Plz do let me know as I have to submit it…

    1. Pri_24

      You can send in same mail.

      1. Mansi

        Thanks dear?but I wanted to know in the same file as the article is???

      2. Pri_24

        Not in same file but in same mail.

      3. Mansi

        Ohh no I attached it in the same file n sended the mail?hope I am not disqualified??

  39. NAPSHa J

    hi priya di.. 🙂
    I have submitted my os sometime back.. can u plz see once and let me know if any reqd criteria has not been satisfied?
    thanks.. 🙂

    1. NAPSHa J

      I mean, I mailed at [email protected]

  40. Vigneswari

    I had sent my entry to that gmail id now and I hope you received it.

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