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Hello peeps… ?? How are you all??? We are so much happy with all of your response and now time for you all participants to rest.

So we’ve received your entries and now how we’ll move further that is most asked question by almost participants so here your answer is we 6 admins will post serial wise entry from our personal account.

Nansshivika :- Ishqbaaz
Tulasi :- Dil Boley Oberoi
Saba :-Swabhiman
Anah :- Kumkum Bhagya
Mystery_Me :-Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi
And rest all by me.

Now time for Information of voting

Strictly for writers you can vote on your entry but don’t try to give any kind of hint to any one that, that entry is yours (Let’s have fair competition peeps… ☺☺☺) and readers you’ve to comment ‘I vote for it’ (this comment only will be count as vote) and in same comment you’ve to rate that OS out of 10 (don’t give more then 10 else that point won’t be count).

As I said earlier first 20 but now we cut it to 10 so Top 10 entries will be selected by reader’s view and then… (Yet this is secret…) ???

Time for Prize

1st winner :- Your interview will be taken and there will be no barrier on your entry in next competition means you don’t need to worry for entry deadline. And shout out of one of your work will be done in my one work.

2nd winner :- Your interview will be taken and there won’t be any barrier in your entry in next competition means no need od worrying for entry deadline.

3rd winner :- Your interview will be taken.

Hope everyone’s every question is answered now and doubts are solved nie still you’ve any doubt then drop comment or PM me(only).

Good morning to all. Have a nice day… ☺☺☺

You can find all competition entries on THIS PAGE.

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  1. Vigneswari

    when will this voting starts di?

    1. Pri_24

      As soon as your serial’s admin post entries.

  2. Farie

    hi dhi.. i don understand that u have written u will post serial wise entry from our personal account..what was that meant? nd there is list of serials..what is that?is that the winning entries..nd does we vote for that?

    1. Pri_24

      Nope sweety they are not winning entries but they are admin of that serial so that person will post that serials all entries from her own personal aka her TU account.

      1. Farie

        oh thanks dhi

  3. Vigneswari

    where it will posted in this site?

    1. Pri_24

      By today midnight entries will be posted.

  4. Vigneswari

    I mean in fanfiction or other?

  5. Pri_24

    Swabhiman’s admin is saba2001

  6. NAPSHa J

    hi di.. I have a 3 queries..
    1. will winner be announced serial wise? coz a serial may be less popular than others so it may receive less but good ratings..
    2. will the entries be posted under OS COMP….?
    3. many ppl are still unaware of the comp.. so if they normally leave their comments without reqd words and rating, will that be counted?
    plz reply

    1. Pri_24

      Dear you are competing with all the serials and yes entries will be posted with title Is competition and voting comment will be left there by me so chill.

  7. I forgot all about it ! Can I submit today ? I have an account so dont worry

    1. Pri_24

      Sorry no deadline is over.

  8. Aarti32

    Wat is d voting procedure??

    1. Pri_24

      One have to type ‘I vote for it’ and give rating out of 10(can’t give more then 10).

  9. Aliza111

    When will u post the is . And result ?

    1. Pri_24

      All entries will be post by today midnight. And 3rd June is deadline for voting.

  10. Santhiyalathamanian

    What is the deadline for voting.

    1. Pri_24

      3rd June.

      1. Santhiyalathamanian

        thank u for replying

  11. Fidato

    Priya… Writers can vote for their own OS.. I really don’t understand…Can you please explain..? I did a mistake while sending mail added my TU username in subject…I didn’t see the comments… Username should not write on subject line… Please tell me is that a problem…Or you disqualified my entry…??

    1. Pri_24

      We have not disqualified your entry and you can vote for your entry by typing ‘I vote for it.’ But you can’t give any hint which reveal tgat , that entry is yours.

  12. Sowji

    When will u upload all forum in TU???…how many days u will give vote for them….when will you announce winners???…how many it will take to announce our winners??…

  13. Sowji

    How many days u will take to announce our winner?…may I know how will you choose winner…if u have any rules…

    1. Pri_24

      On 5th June winner will be announced and all Is will be publish by today midnight. Top 10 entries will be select by reader’s view and remaining details will be out after that.

    2. Hamna

      I am sorry may be I missed something but it’s 6 June and I cannot see any article related to winner’s names or further information

  14. Purvi128

    Hey pri…!
    When will you post all os???? Nd the writer of the os can vote for their own os???
    Do reply??

    1. Pri_24

      By today midnight entries will be out and you can vote for your entry but don’t try to give any hint that is your entry.

      1. Purvi128

        Ok… thanks for replying…??

  15. Riana

    Hey Pri…It means our Os will be published on respected admins Account and people will vote for it…Right naa ??…

    1. Pri_24

      Yeah exactly.

      1. Riana

        Thanks for replying ?

  16. Savera

    I have a confusion is os will be posted on respective serial tell update or main site of os competition plz tell me will be waiting for ur reply

    1. Anah

      It’ll be submited to TU only so in fanfiction it’ll be available.

      1. Savera

        Thank u anah

  17. #nairanlover:-)

    I am waiting for swabhiman and naamkaran entries.Post asap

  18. Devihaa

    Hi Dr… U said that we can comment on our os..But we should give hint that it’s our os… I but we have mentioned our name in os na…. So if we comment.. readers will get to know that it’s our os …
    Do reply.

    1. Pri_24

      We’ll post it Without your name dear. 🙂

  19. NAPSHa J

    thanks for replying to my previous comment di.. by the way, what does “And shout out of one of your work will be done in my one work.” mean??

    1. Pri_24

      I’ll promote your work in my fan fiction that what it means. 🙂

  20. Shivika__Oberoi

    I have some queries…
    1) will the os be posted in a regular way…?
    2) deadline of the competition
    3) what is that about top 10 entries… I mean is it like top 10 stories of a particular serial or simply top 10 stories…
    4) is it opened for every FF writers??

    Ok that’s all…
    Plz do reply soon

  21. NAPSHa J

    di.. will the names of the authors be disclosed once the voting is closed??

  22. Pri_24 can we vote for more than 1 OS??

  23. Farie

    one more query..does this resultcontain 1st prize for ishqbaas, and also for other serial..or only one 1st prize comparing all of them

  24. Aashi26

    Pri dhi when will you announce the winner please do it fast I can’t wait anymore….

    1. Pri_24

      I am submitting it sorry for delay but I was (and yet) down with viral fever. 🙁

      1. Hope you get well soon???

  25. Riana

    Hi Pri I am eager to know when the result is coming ??…pls tell…

    1. Pri_24

      I am submitting result.

      1. Riana

        Thnkuu ??

      2. Where will it be posted?

  26. Ananyagour

    When result will be anounced ????

  27. Pri_24

    Today dear.

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