I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB (Prologue)

Heya friends; this is AditiB, I hope some of you might have known me as the skeptical analysis writer. I am really sorry if I have offended any of you with my views; it’s just that I say what I think. But this is an ff, so don’t worry it’s a story that I have written already and it’s very much framed, so if there are any changes and if any one of you want any changes I would be the happiest one to entertain it.
Also this the first time I’m writing an ff and it’s based on my Shivika, so please do support me with all your lovely comments.
If you like it, do comment; if you love it, tell me about it; and if you hate it, then definitely tell me about it.
I am an impatient person; I know how it feels to wait for a ff update. So I’m giving you the list of characters and the prologue together. Enjoy!

Annika: An employee, Hardworking, beautiful, dutiful, an amazing woman with a secret motive (I have kept it mysterious, guys please wait for it to unveil)
Shivaay: A business tycoon, Annika’s husband-lover-admirer, an amazing guy with sea blue eyes (the very much KANJI aankhen), inexpressive (very much like me!), crazily in love.
Om, O, Omkara: the cousin to Shivaay, elder brother to Rudra, an artist-sculptor-painter and a poet with shiny long hair (that’s why Rudra calls him Tarzan!), very good at heart.
Rudra, Rudy, Ru: second cousin to Shivaay, youngest of all, a fierce Lawyer by profession and a child at heart, world’s biggest Dramebaaz.
Badi maa and Bade papa (Janhvi and Tej): OMRU’s parents, the uncle and aunt to Shivaay.
The parents of Shivaay: Pinky and Shakti(there’s a twist to Shakti’s character, wait for it!)
Annika’s mom, her dad is dead (there’s a twist here too)
Dadi: the Oberoi matriarch.
The Oberois: Shivaay’s family
The Singhvis: Annika’s family.
Done with the characters, there are more but they would appear with the twists and as the story unfolds.
Guys, this story is based Point of View wise, so you would read it either from Shivaay’s POV or Annika’s POV. I hope you would like the story line and it’s 100% original.


I ain’t sorry for loving you – The prologue

Shivaay’s POV:
It takes my breath away every time I see her approaching. It has been a long time that she joined my office. The scene was breathtaking. I don’t know how she managed to look that enchanting every prospective day of her arrival. I just kept ogling her as all the other male employees in my office did. Yeah, it sounds a bit creepy, but that is how it is. My office was turned upside-down every time she entered. Not that she sported those every-man’s-eye candy-short skirt-wearing-girl looks, but it was a topic worth debating that she wore those top-to-bottom covered kurtis and still was so sensual. Hey! Where am I heading? Watch your thoughts, damn it, why am I the boss!

I saw her again, in her ethereal looks, but yeah, she’s my employee. I was not satisfied with the fact that she was just my employee. She was more to me, a best friend, a support and a problem-solver. And my first crush, my all-time love. I had come across such breathtaking ladies as a student studying abroad or as a rich-brat, but never was a woman so special to me. I have been this very sensible, rational guy who was never swayed from the path to success. She was not a distraction, but my inspiration, a bower, a solace to my seemingly problematic life.

So how’s it? Don’t forget to share your views. The next part would continue the POV, and I might be a bit late in posting it due to my plus two boards and yaa, Shivika would get married, but not now. Finally, am a Bengali so Shubho Naboborsho (Happy Bengali New Year) to all my friends, lot’s of Bhalobasha 
Copyright: AditiB
(Be unique, be original, be you)

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