I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 18 & 19

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I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You:

CHAPTER – 18 Her Fears and A Dream:

Shivaay’s POV:

Related to her Dad? What? How could it be? She left me more confused. But I knew she was hurt now. I had clearly tried to avoid her, part my ways to her and I could see, she was shivering in sleep too. We fought for the first time, and I couldn’t bear that and had left the room. After coming back to the Room, I saw the angel of my life, sleeping. It was my entire fault. I kept on loving her all the time, she saw my angelic side all the time, I was the lover to her and now, how could I, just all of a sudden, turn my face away? I knew I was wrong in behaving like this to her, I shouldn’t have shouted and being angry. What if she fears me now, gosh!

I went to her, she was slumbering and shivering. I could fathom the impact of my stupidity. I muttered sorry, while stroking her hair, and she responded to the sensation, with a shiver.
“Don’t…….don’t…….leave…..me….don’t” She kept repeating them. I was shocked.
“Sorry, Dad……explain…..Dad……..so…….” and she got quiet.
I knew she was dreaming of all that happened today. Holding her hand, I reassured her, that I won’t leave her, come what may and quietly took her in my arms, with her resting on me………….


I felt really guilty to have being angry with her and losing my control like this. So the thought og apology struck me immediately. She was nowhere at home, I got to know, she was in the office to look for some papers.

I rushed to my Office, bumping on Ramesh, nearly getting bruised, and got her in her Cabin. But as I entered I looked around to find her, a pair of hands came encircling my waist and I started inhaling her presence greedily. I held her, apology was filled in my words and she sobbed all the way. Impatient, I had been, the whole morning to grab a look of her, hold her in my arms. But there were no words, I just kept her in my tight embrace and forgot everything.


CHAPTER – 19 The Case and A Confession:

Shivvay’s POV:

Rudy held the paper before him and without even thinking for a second, declared – “A Subpoena, Bhaiyaa.”
“What the hell is that?” O was very impatient.
Rudy blurted out : “It’s a court order for witnesses. Chhoti Maa has to appear as a witness.”
“But they are the prosecutors no, we are in for the defence.” I was confused.
“Bhaiyaa, defence has asked her presence, she’s our witness.”
“What the hell, Shakti, you’re fighting a case?” Bade Papa voiced all our thoughts. It was clear that someone else, other than Annika, was also hiding the truth.
“Bhai, I had to seek remedy, I had no other choice.” My Dad was as usual, hopeless.
“And what am I to do now?” My Mom looked on us, for a way out.
“Nothing, go and answer the questions.” Rudy said, maturely.


The Court proceedings began and the prosecution had the hard core Netra Sharma. Even the best lawyers feared her presence in the courtroom. She had the upper hand, as she was supplied the best of evidences, by my own wife, against my own Dad.

Then came the judgement day.

Bade Papa was very concerned, for his brother as well as his business. He had smartly averted the media, so virtually no one else knew of our case, other than the judge himself.
My Dad won the case, the murder blame was averted by my Rudy’s swift arguments.
But then, I wanted to confront my father.
“Are you a murderer?” I shot the question, directly.
“Means?” He answered with a question.
“Did you do it or not?” I wanted him to be honest.
“Honestly, I did not….”
“What????” I was surprised.
“The murder claimed to be me. He had actually deceived everyone.” He gave an explanation.
“The witnesses claimed that they saw you moving after he was shot????”
“I did not shoot Mr. Singhvi, the one who shot was there at the party, standing beside me, and pushed me, to pretend I had shot him. He was a rival of me and Vijay Singhvi, we had an argument, and while he wanted to get Vijay killed, he tried to frame me as the murderer. I think the Singhvi family still took as the murderer and brought up this case.”
I knew who this Vijay Singhvi was, I had been possessing one of his favourite belongings, and I still kept it. Summing up all the things that Annika had told me during our fight, I indeed got the fact; I had his Daughter as my Wife.

I could fathom the pain she held, how tough it was for her to do all this. My heart was stung with the truth, but a question sprang in my head. Where did all this happen and where was Annika then?

“It all happened in the birthday party……..”
“Birthday party?”
“Yes, his daughter’s birthday party, she was barely four years old then. The innocent spirit, lost her Dad so early in her life, and may be, she still blames me for all this……”
Indeed, She blames you, My Dad, but she never told me all this. ‘Cause she knew, it would hurt me the most.
But the biggest of the shocks still waited for my family.

Copyright: AditiB.

(Be unique, be original, be you.)

Friends, here is the next update. There’s only one chapter left, and then there’s the epilogue. I had started this story from Shivaay’s Point of View, but would end it with the thoughts of his better half Annika. Just wait for the shock; it’s the final twist, that would set everything right, Annika would realise again what all she had gained in her life in the form of her husband. I hope you all would like the ending, and yaa, all this was done by Annika, for avenging her Dad’s death. A sad edge, but this story has a happy ending.
Would see you all if I write anything…..

Lots of Bhalobasha,


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