I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 16 & 17

Hello friends, am back with the next two updates as I had promised. My friends, many of my readers don’t know of the comeback, it was reflected in the comments only, so if anyone of my previous commenter’s don’t know of the previous episode, the friends who are reading it, do inform them of this chappy. Thanks a lot dear readers, I’m always satisfied with the comments I get, and my approach is that I write for myself, I write because I can write and am in love with it. So thank you to all those friends, who are still supporting me and please try to support me till this story ends. I won’t bother you all after this, hehe…..so do read this, because I really don’t know if I’ll at all be able to write anything after this. So shower as much love as possible, because you people might not find me on the updates section after I Ain’t Sorry. So enjoy!

Here’s the previous chappy:
Chapter 15

Hope you all would like it.


CHAPTER 16 – Damned, my Heart…..

Shivaay’s POV:

She entered the room with a thud. Gosh! She was afraid I would get to know everything. I looked up at her, her face pale with tension and fear. What did she think I’d do? I saw her coming closer to me. I held her hand tightly, made her sit near me. Finally she spoke “What do you know?”
“Nothing, perfectly nothing. You never bothered to tell me. Now, I want to know.”
“You……….you got………..got those papers, right?” She shot the much awaited question.
“Yeah, so you’ve used me……all this the love, the care…..was a lie right?” I was broken into pieces, she knew me well, but didn’t she know how I would feel?

She looked up at me, holding my hand tightly, which was the opposite of what I’d thought she was doing. Tears rolled down her eyes “I’m so sorry……so sorry Shivaay…….”
“You need not be sorry sweetheart, it’s OK, I am………am perfectly…….perf…….ectly…..fi…..fine……ya…” I said choking, tears welling up in my eyes.

“No, am sorry and you…….you have to……know…….” I cut her statement midway “Enough, I’m done.”
But I was not done in fact. I wanted to hear why she did it. But my heart disallowed “Enough,” it said, “enough of this pain, it would kill me.” I relented and left the room.


CHAPTER 17 – Torn Apart…..

Annika’s POV:

How is it when two individuals are one but apart, that was the case. We were one at heart, thinking of each other every second, but I couldn’t face the person who had become my everything. I had been fearful, not because my mission had the chances of failing, it couldn’t fail as it was well planned; my fears lying in losing the new found breath of my life – my love,Shivaay.

Bade Papa informed us of the trips to Singapore and Dubai, both meant for business, he could not go because of some of his commitments. So he thought of sending me and my Husband. We both could have gone to both the places, but my husband had something else in his mind.
“See, it’s better that you people go together, but my son is of the opinion that he goes to Dubai and you go to Singapore.” Badi Maa voiced my husband’s opinion.
“Fine, Badi Maa” I accepted my defeat and got a sweet kiss from Badi Maa instead.
But I had to face my love.

“Why is it that you want to go with me?” He glared at me, and I already had tears as the answer.
“’cause I love you and I want to be with you, despite of everything……..Period.” I replied with a helpless voice. It seemed to fire him up.
“That is why you used me, right?” I had nothing to say to this.
“I love you, so how can I use you, you seriously think so; without knowing a word of the truth, you’re jumping into conclusions.”
The fight had begun.
“So what if I am jumping into conclusions? What you did has no explanations.”
“It has, I can explain RIGHT NOW!”
“Do it then, I am all ears….EXPLAIN!!!!”

He was damn angry and certainly had well meaning reasons for it, he was commanding an answer. But I just couldn’t explain it now, or I’ll lose the game. I was collecting the proofs for years. If he knew, he won’t let me avenge the murderers.
“An answer, I want an answer.” For the first time I was facing his anger and I shivered.
“I…..I……I would ……explain it…….honey…..but….but not…..not now. All I can say is…..”
“Is?” he was red now.
“Is…it’s rel….rel…….related to my Dad……” is all I could say.
His hands got released, his fingers red, but the hurt expression was gone. I hope he got my point……

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NOTE: Only three more chapters, and I think two more updates to go, and I’ll be done with this story. I hope I’ll come up with a new one someday……..I don’t know when…….so if you people want me to come up with a Brand new and original story…….do give your opinions here:


Further, I’ll explain the matter behind Annika’s motives, using a conversation, you all would get it when it comes. There won’t be any explanations from Annika’s side, but as my dear friend Nita asked me, it would be a part of the story. Love you all……..and I’ll always cherish this joy of writing, so I’d come only when I have a story in my mind. Thank you for all the comments and support. Hope I’ll see you people soon again.
(And my dear Aashi, you can call me Adu di….and you’re my chhotu sister……love you loads…..and keep reading….)

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