Ain’t you jealous?? (OS BY~SAIRISH)

The morning was extraordinarily beautiful not because of the lovely weather outside but due to the beauty within the spirits of oberoi mansion .
happiness seemed to return after a very long time. The pairs finally got together and tighter after facing all of the mountains and valleys .
In order to celebrate the unexpected good times oberoi’s threw an unexpected party as well.
The most cutest couple ..shivika were no where to be seen , for they had been burdened by the preps for the function . Though it was for the reunion shivaay had his own plans regarding the boum .
The house plainly was magnificent. the hall apparently was drowning into Scarlett as though it had been blushing furiously . While rose pink and black combo in the ‘dress court’ enhanced the. beauty of the ruddy appearing hall.
And there she was her room getting ready for the function . being a simple headed woman , she opted for a gorget Saree with netted pallu along with a blouse . She looked like a veela , breathtaking. well…she just had finished putting vermilion in her hairline. A pair of peering blue orbs got locked with hers’ of coffee Brown shade which belonged to her husband. She saw him grinning under his breath . was he upto something ?? He was dressed in a kurta pyjama in the very same shades of the ‘dress court’
After a long deep sigh closely followed by an airy silence . he broke the ice
“someone’s looking very nice today ..isn’t it?”
“’re genuinly looking very nice ” a moment of suspenseful silence continued “but unfortunately less than me..good luck mr. oberoi..see you downstairs then?”
And he was left forced to think of a flashback to register the incident that had just taken place . Getting sick a cold and dry reply from her wasn’t something he ever expected at least not when everything’s at pace with them . was she upto something??
A tensed smile was there at the corner of his lips which very soon was brushed off and he again was grinning . something’s big definitely gonna happen.
party was about to start when shivaay finally decided to have a thorough revision of his plan!
“okay…so I had called Akansha and she’ll be arriving any moment ..i’ll just have to dance with her to make annika jealous and as I know it too very well she’s a mess and will surely split out that she loves him and it sounds great . well..yeahh then ..get ready annika”
He said under his breath . He knew annika loves him and he knew it much better that she’ll never admit it coz she’s a tadibaaz but this was the best possible way to do it. well.. the similar situation was with him as well…only God knew to how much bounds he loved her but never admits .

{I don’t know about the real story guys..I haven’t watched IB for ages. it’s just a mere thought that came into my mind and here they both haven’t confessed their feelings}

Akansha was a very.. very close friend of shivaay..a college mate whom he respected and loved ‘as a friend’ and she was equally pleased with their relationship too. she was a pretty looking fella with an apt height and a beautiful soul of course .
She whole heartedly accepted to help him up .
(‘ of course you’re my best friend..I can atleast do this much for you’)

While his eyes searching for his lady love he unexpectly found his close friend . She indeed too was looking very pretty in a peach coloured long skirt with a kind of top or blouse of the same colour till her navel .

“heyy akku.. how’s you ?” he greeted her with a pleasant smile

“lovely ..and seems you’re too?!” she warmly said ” well…I hope you haven’t forgotten the reason why I’m here ?”

” Not at all”
He felt as though his kitten was in his pocket . He at the moment saw Annika and for a moment got distracted
(* why not she looked too pretty for him today*)
“Heyy Annika ..?” he called
She made tiny tot little steps towards the duo .
“yess??” she asked confused..” you need anything shivaay”

” No ..but meet Akku i mean akansha..she’s the best girl i have ever seen ..I mean we have been besties ever since our college started . isn’t she so pretty” …he definitely made on a first try now gazing of akansha ” and seriously look too pretty today ”

but his words didn’t seemed to affect her. She stayed as calm as ice .

” hi ..beautiful..THIS word is too less for her. you’re sooo gorgeous lady..I’m soo pleased to meet you ..and btw shivaay why did you ever not made me meet her ”

This left both the friends staring bewildered at each other as she left to attend the other guests.

” err??…why wasn’t she jealous” akku asked
” I’m wondering the same …but don’t loose heart . I’m sure when she’ll eye both of us dancing together the fat would be in the fire then ..okay?”

” well..I’m not in agreement with your thoughts but then since you’re my bestie ..I’ll do it .”
” alright ”
” Ladies and gentlemen…thank you loads for coming on such a short notice”
the audience broke into fits of sheer apprehsion .
” I would now request you please to get comforted here..and till then we’ll have dance ..should we ” ..shivaay finished with his welcoming note to the visitors .

The song started and as a part of plan he paired with Akansha no matter how much his heart wanted to have annika in his arms at the moment . but he has to do it

the dance hadbeen perfectly perfect according to the plan but to the utter shock of both shivaay and Akansha …Annika had been standing beside her loving mother in law with a huge smile on her face . insecurity negligible at her face..not even 0.1% jealousy could be embarked .
He felt as if a huge stone had been trying to pierce his heart as he saw her standing as calm and patient ..he never have seen.
A bit of anger rouse in his heart ..he straight away went to her ..

“Ain’t you jealous?” asked a shocked he ..he certainly wasn’t expecting such kind of response from her at least at this topic . How can she be so calm as ice .

“huhh?..what?” questioned his wife who seemed to enjoy the scene

” I asked ..Ain’t you jealous?”
“ can you not?”
“well..why do I have to be jealous?”
“coz you LOVE ME”
“and how do you reckon it ?”
“arghhh…coz I LOVE YOU!”
for a second he stopped to Have a look of her and try to make her jealous but he saw her grinning at him .
He finally confessed! ..everyone flooded the hall with gleeful clap along with akansha who had a layer of tears in eyes due to her extreme happines .
She asked forgiveness from annika for attempting to make her jealous and being a part of her friend’s plan . they both soon were new besties
and finally a genuine dance performance was required of #shivika..and they did do so..
admist the beautiful party shivaay and annika might themselves not knowing the no. of times shivaay had asked the same question to annika…

and the reply was the. very same as the previous one . well…why do she need to be insecured. She knew her husband loves her more than anything in this world and when there’s love ..there’s No space for jealous or insecurity .

the guests left and Akansha too bid the couple a genuinly warm bye and left.

hello!..A sudden idea popped in my head and so finally wrote it in the form of a one shot. hope this was nyc ..
well..Akansha’s the name of my prettiest fella ..AAPI..LOVE YOU ..I reckon you really like IB.
anyways ..guys thanks a zillion times for the strong support on A SIMPLE LOVE STORY . shot 8 have been published long back.
loads and loads of love

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