Ahem Returns to Modi Mansion With A Bang


We all know what is happening in the current track. All the gohem fans are patiently waiting for Ahem to return. Well, here is the good news for you. Modi Industries is in huge debts. Mansi had suggested Jigar to pledge the house for business purpose who agreed to do that. Sona had given birth to 2 girls. Gopi successfully repays Beljibhai the advance amount and sends him off. Next day is the naming ceremony for the new born babies. Sona said, “I want to name them as Sita and Geeta.” Everyone looks at the babies and agree with the same.

Paridhi looks at the girls very happily but her favorite DIL is Monica who has not yet given her the child. Monica feels insecure that now Paridhi is going to love Sonakshi more than her. Monica thinks of harming the new born babies without anyone’s knowledge and see that blame falls on Sona so she can retain her place.

Gopi knows that she has to leave to her in-laws place immediately after the naming ceremony. She is very much reluctant to go with Krishna and Pramila.
Kokila comes to her and said, “I know what you are thinking about and I can understand your feelings. You have done a lot for our family which I cannot forget. If only my son Ahem was alive, there wouldn’t have been a need for me to get you remarried. I wouldn’t have if Jigar and Paridhi were not inhuman. All I can say is that you have to win Pramila’s heart and serve them unconditionally like how you did here. Leave the entire thing to Lord Krishna. He will take care of everything.”

Gopi said, “Yes you are right. All though Ahem is not alive, he is very much there in my heart & will always remain till my last breath. I have married him only because you have insisted me to do so. I will fulfill all the duties of a wife but I cannot give him that love. I cannot love him as much as I loved Ahem.”
Kokila said, “It took time for Ahem to accept you wholeheartedly & I believe that you will accept Dr.Krishna as your husband one day.”
Gopi said, “But Pramila is not understanding like you.”
Kokila said, “But Dr.Krishna is a nice person.”
Both of them hug.

The Modi family gives a farewell party to Gopi. Paridhi hugs her & asks Gopi to forgive her for the mistakes she made. Pramila takes Dr. Krishna & Gopi to her house.
Paridhi is now engrossed with her grand-daughters, spending time & playing with them whereas Sona & Urmila feed them from time to time.
Jay & Veeru play with Sita & Gita. Sona finds her girls to be very silent as everything is given to them.

Meanwhile, at Pramila’s house, Gopi performs all the duties of a wife & daughter-in-law but Pramila tortures & bullies her in every way. Dr. Krishna does not involve in these matters & on the contrary he starts confronting Gopi, covering for Pramila’s mistakes. Gopi is struggling to adjust in that house & thinks about Kokila, Hetal & Baa who had helped her.
Mansi enters the house. Pramila introduces Gopi to her. Mansi said, “I know her very well. I took care of her daughters in her absence but her husband Ahem treated me like dirt as soon as she re-entered Ahem’s life.”

Mansi smirks about her evil plan that was successful. She recollects how she fooled the Modi family into believing them that Ahem is no more. Ahem was kidnapped and she had sent someone else as his lookalike.
Meera and Vidya search for Priyal who has been kidnapped. Shravan blames Meera for getting his daughter kidnapped. Meera retorts saying, “It was your foolishness that you people signed the papers without reading them. Priyal is now my daughter in the eyes of the law.”
Vidya said, “But she is our biological daughter and no power in this earth can change this fact. If anything happens to her, I will forget that you are my sister. I’m ashamed of calling you as my sister. You don’t deserve to be a part of Modi family or Mom’s and Dad’s daughter.”

Shravan said, “Vidya, you too are responsible for that. This is the love your sister has for you. Go and stick to her more.”
Vidya said, “Whatever has happened has happened. Now we have to search for Priyal instead of blaming each other.”
Naiya smirks and enjoys seeing them blaming each other.
Someone enters Modi Bhavan. All are shocked to see Mansi entering the house. She straightaway goes near Ahem’s photo frame and throws it on the ground.

Jigar shouts at Mansi saying, “How dare you drop my brother’s photo frame?”
Mansi said, “What emotional fools you people are! Ahem is not dead in the first place.”
Kokila said, “5 years have passed and you are saying that he is alive. We also saw his dead body”
Mansi laughs and said, “He was not Ahem but his lookalike.”
Paridhi said, “So you are Ahem’s killer, you murderer. It was because of you that Gopi was in such a trauma.”
Mansi said, “Stop giving the lectures. I had taken my revenge on Ahem for rejecting me for Gopi. Whatever I did in the hospital was just a pretense. ”
Jigar said, “Get out of this house before I call the police and withdraw my pledge.”
Mansi said, “Now it is not possible as your loans have already started processing. Be prepared for your ruins.”
Mansi laughs and leaves.
Ahem enters Modi Bhavan. All are shocked to see him alive.

Precap: Ahem holds the Modi family responsible for Gopi’s marriage with Dr. Krishna

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  1. Wha???? they bring him back eh? I hope they end this show now. this is a waste of time to watch poor dr Krishna trying so hard but Gopi still loves her ahem.

  2. Sarayumane

    wow, wonderful, really a very good start

  3. Wonderful written keeps its more

    I love Gohem <3

  4. wait is it a new story or spoiler???

  5. lubna khan.........ameena671

    wow awesome update loved it thank you for pm.

  6. Thanks for PM,Dear.
    It was so Interesting Part.
    Poor KRISHNA,He tried to get Gopi’s Love.
    It was nice that Gopi loves Ahem only.
    Please Update Next Part soon.
    (MISSING KSG and KABHI So Much)

  7. is it in real or a fan fiction

  8. Jasmine Rahul

    sona’s twins sita n gita.wow..so mansi kidnapped ahem n made them e\believe that ahem is dead.wonder what will happen to meera vidya shravan priyal n naiyya.plz dont make krishna negative.give him a new heroine or make him unite gohem peacefully

  9. Jesse Ferrigno

    After the 10-year leap in Saathiya, things are no longer the same as earlier. Soon after Gopi left for jail to compensate for killing the evil Radha, a major upheaval broke the equations between the members of the Modi family. Gopi returns to the Modi house with a heavy heart and blasts every family member for not stopping Kokila and Ahem when they took the decision to leave the house. Finally, she resolves to find Ahem and unite the whole family.

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