Ahem Returns to Modi Mansion with A bang ep 9 (Last Part)

Krishna & Pramila are worried about Mansi. Krishna said, “I cannot help it. She needs to get admitted to the hospital.” He calls the hospital authorities to make a bed for Mansi in the mental hospital. Mansi overhears and said, “I am not mad. It is all my drama.” Krishna is shocked. He slaps her & said, “Your plan is excellent but I won’t allow your evil plans to succeed. You are not thinking straight so you need to get treated.” The ward boys come. The ladies drag her to the hospital van. Krishna admits her in the mental hospital. However, he instructs them to take utmost care of Mansi.

Pramila cries thinking about Mansi’s condition. Krishna asks the nurses to test Mansi. Nurse toes to Mansi’s room & tests her. The pathologists complete their task & give the report to Dr. Krishna.
He then remembers Ahem’s words & realizes there is point in what he says. Mansi wants to kill Gopi & is behaving violently. He arrives at a point that reverse psychology is the solution though it is risky.
He goes to the conference room & consults the doctors from abroad. They said, “Yes, that is the only way. If the patient has to get normal, reverse psychology is the solution. That risk has to be taken.”
Krishna goes to MM. Kokila asks her, “How is Mansi now?”
He said, “I called the hospital ladies to take her. Mansi said she was just acting but I admitted her as she is not thinking straight. There is only one way for her to get normal but it is risky. Only Gopi can help her out.”
Kokila asked, “What she needs to do?” Krishna said, “I feel bad & weird to tell this. But I have to give her this therapy. Mansi wants to kill Gopi so she has to go near her.”
Ahem gets angry. He said, “I was with her for sometime expecting that she will be fine but she didn’t improve. What is the guarantee that she will be fine if Gopi goes there? What if she really kills Gopi? I cannot take the risk to send her there.”

Krishna said,”I can understand your feelings. But it is neither possible nor desirable to give her medicines & injections all the time as it is her mindset & psychology.”
Gopi comes out from the kitchen. Krishna tells Gopi, “Only you can save Mansi from destruction. You go near he just once.”
Gopi agrees. Ahem & Kokila are dismayed about her decision. Meera said, “How can mom do this?” Vidya said, “I’ve confidence that Krishna’s therapy will work on Mansi & nothing will happen to mom.”
Ahem said, “Gopi, how can you put your life at stake n the pretext of making somebody fine? When she can do drama in my case, what is the guarantee that she won’t do this to you? She can fool her mother 7 brother but not me.”
Gopi said, “I would like to try once. If it does not work, then I’ll do whatever you say. Please Ahemji.”
Vidya said, “Dad, please allow the doctor to give one more try. Who knows it might work.”
Kokila said, “I think Gopi & Vidya are right. All that we need to do is to pray to Lord Krishna that nothing happens to Gopi. If Mansi gets fine & moves on in her life, what else we want?”
Ahem reluctantly agrees.
Gopi gets ready to go to the hospital. Kokila gives her dahi in the form of her best wishes. Ahem, Meera & Vidya said,”All the best.” Gopi goes to Mansi’s ward. On the other hand, Ahem & Kokila does the havan for Gopi’s safety & Mansi’s recovery.

Gopi & Mansi meet each other face to face. Mansi said, “Ahem is mine. You have taken him away from me.”
Gopi: It is kanhaji who decides about the relationships. It is not in our hands.
Mansi: What rubbish? Where is your kanhaji?
Gopi: He is everywhere.
Mansi: Do you know what is going to happen in your life?
Gopi: I don’t know but am prepared to face anything that comes.
Mansi: Then I will see whether your kanhaji will save you now.
At MM, puja becomes more intense. Gopi is absolutely fearless.
Mansi comes forward to grip Gopi’s neck but she is unperturbed.
Mansi: After taking your life, Ahem will become mine forever.
Gopi: You are free to do that.
Mansi is surprised about Gopi’s faith & confidence but refuses to accept defeat. She grips Gopi’s neck but Gopi does not scream for help. Suddenly Mansi’s hands begin to shiver and her grip becomes lose. Mansi faints.
The doctors & nurses come to the ward. Gopi is absolutely fine. Dr. Krishna comes in & puts Mansi on the bed.
He asked Gopi,”Are you fine?” Gopi said,”Yes, I’m fine.”
Gopi gets choked. Dr. Krishna gives her water to drink. Gopi drinks it & asks Dr. Krishna, “Can I leave now?” Krishna said,”Yes, you can. I’ll keep you updated about the development.”
Gopi comes back. She sees everyone engrossed in havan. Gopi joins them. At the end of the puja, the Modis are happy to see her back.

Kokila asked, “When did you come? If I had known I would have stopped as the purpose is served.”
Gopi said, “Half an hour back.”
Ahem asked, “How was the experiment?”
Gopi said, “She had literally gripped my neck but suddenly she fainted. Mansi is under observation now. I hope everything becomes alright from now.”
Kokila said, “It will be fne.”
Dr.Krishna, Pramila & Mansi comes to MM with good news. He said, “Your Gopi has done it. Mansi has recovered. She won’t bother you all anymore. I apologize to all of you for the trouble.”
Mansi goes to Gopi & said, “I’m sorry. I had tried to harm you.”
Gopi said, “No problem.”
She then apologizes to Ahem saying, “I am sorry. I tortured Gopi a lot & tried to lure you. You are lucky to get a partner like Gopi.”
All 3 of them take leave. Mansi decides to remain unmarried all her life.

Vidya: I knew that you will definitely do it.
Kokila: I believed it with all my heart.
Gopi: All that happened only because of kanhaji’s blessings & the family support.
Gopi goes to Ahem who looked upset. She tries to pacify him
Ahem: No need to say anything. I never had that much faith in kanhaji like you had. I’m not upset with you but I’m upset with myself.
Gopi: No, you are upset that I took that risk. I’m sorry. Hereafter…
Ahem puts his finger on her lips & takes her in his arms.

The story & the episode ends with gohem hug.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    mansi exposed herself n krishna admitted her in mental hospital.but its gud that he did his duty as a bro by trying a way 2 cure mansi with gopi’s help.mansi gopi scene was thrilling.thankfully mansi is fine.loved mansi apologizing 2 gopi.wish on d show too mansi had turned poditive again.but wish mansi had decided 2 marry someone who luvs her.bcz if she remains unmarried it mayb like she loving ahem now also.last scene of gohem was nice.never knew it will b the last part.but nice ending

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