Ahem Returns to Modi Mansion with A bang ep 8

Mansi feels that Pramila has ditched her. She decides to fake about her mental illness this time as no one can suspect her. She starts destroying things. Pramila is unable to control her. She screams, “Ahem cannot do this to me. He loves only me. His is mine.” Pramila calls up Krishna to take control over the situation. Krishna comes in & ties her up. He then gives her a stronger injection. She feels drowsy & goes off to sleep but when the injection lost its effects, she again craved for Ahem & she broke down. Pramila & Krishna could not see her state.

Kokila decides to get Ahem & Gopi remarried. The couple agrees to refresh their marriage vows. All the wedding preparations are made. Ahem dresses up as a groom. Meera & Vidya dresses up Gopi & bring her down to the mandap.

The wedding rituals take place. Then there is a song
Satrangi mausam ho,
Ya gham ke badal ho
Phoolon ki sej ho ya,
Kaanton ki raahein ho
Mere hum kadam, mere hum safar
Raah mein chhod na jaana,
Har kasam todd na jaana
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya
(Vocal Break)
Sooraj ke sang kiran,
Deepak sang baati hai
Sagar ke sang leher,
Aise hum saathi hai
O… mere sanam, ho khushi ya ghum
Na churana humse nazar,
Sang rehna umr bhar
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

They all take elders blessings. Back in their room, Gopi takes out her jewellery. Ahem too helps her. He said, “You are looking gorgeous. It looks like we are newly married couples. You don’t look like Meera & Vidya’s mom but you are like an elder sister to them.”
Gopi said,”You are looking very much dashing. You too don’t look like their dad.”
Ahem: Let it be. Don’t make me sit on top of the sky.
Gopi: No Ahemji, it is a fact.
She further says, “Mother can be an elder sister to her children & father can be their elder brother.”
Ahem: I agree with you on this.
Both come downstairs to have their dinner. Ahem & Gopi feed each other & are eating in a single plate. All are amazed to look at this scene.

Kokila: I have not seen this when both of you were newly married couples. This is my happiest day.
Hetal: Kokila is right. I wish your love be the same for the rest of your lives.
A + G: Don’t worry. It will be the same.
Doorbell rings. Kokila goes & opens the door. Everyone is shocked seeing Pramila.
P: I know that I have troubled Gopi a lot. Mansi’s condition is getting worse. More than the medicines, she needs Ahem’s attention. I have come to ask for your help as a mother. Please don’t refuse.
Kok: Stop this drama & get out of this house.
Dr. Krishna: I can understand your position. Mom is right this time. I’m not asking Ahem to spend most of his time with Mansi & neglect his wife & family but at least for few hours.
Kok: Can we see her before taking the decision?
Dr.Krishna: Sure.

Everyone goes to Krishna’s place to see Mansi who is acting insane. Ahem and Krishna hold her. Krishna ties her hands and takes her to the room. He unties her hands and ties her on the bed. As soon as she saw Ahem, she became quiet.
Mansi: I love you Ahem. I can’t live without you. Please say something for God’s sake.
Pramila gets the food for Mansi and said, “Mansi has not eaten anything.”
Ahem reluctantly feeds her. When he is about to leave, Mansi holds his hand.
Ahem: Sorry, I need to leave. I have my life and my family. I cannot neglect them in the process of looking after you.
Krishna gives her the injection when she began to behave violently.
After coming downstairs, Ahem tells Krishna, “How long should I do that? Mansi too needs to make an effort from her end and that too without any medicines or injections. I cannot be with her all my life.”
Krishna: I can understand. You try this for at least a month. If there is no improvement whatsoever, I’m afraid.
Kokila: Have faith in God. Everything will be fine.
Ahem: Gopi, I hope you don’t mind when I spend some time with Mansi.
Gopi: I can understand. If anyone else was in her place, you would have done the same for her.
Ahem: Thanks for understanding. I am always yours and will remain with you forever.
Meanwhile, Mansi is inwardly happy. She thinks, “My plan is working. At this rate, I can lure Ahem to my side.”

Precap: Krishna calls the hospital authorities to make a bed for Mansi in the mental hospital. Mansi overhears and said, “I am not mad. It is all my drama.” Krishna is shocked.

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    mansi is so cunning that she faked mental illness 2 get ahem.bcz of that ahem is forced by pramila n krishna 2 b with her.but precap is so nice.cant wait 2 c mansi getting exposed.gohem remarried.nice.gohem moments were so romantic.plz show Shravan Vidya n Dharam meera scenes too.if u can plz make meera pregnant again

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