Ahem Returns to Modi Mansion with A bang ep 5


Everyone in the Modi House rejoice that Ahem is back. Kokila apologizes to him saying, “I’m sorry my boy. I have made such a big mistake.” Ahem said, “Mom, I understand. If I was in your place, I too wold have done the same.”
Sahir and Samar said, “Why don’t we make a party since bade papa is back?” Urmila supports them. Gopi too supports that idea. Kokila happily agrees. Everyone makes the arrangements for Ahem’s Welcome party. Gopi informs Meera and Vidya about the same.
Mansi and Pramila visit Gaura in jail to befriend her. Gaura said, “I don’t know you people and I don’t need anyone’s help for destroying the Modi family. I’m enough for them. “
Mansi said,”Well, I don’t force you but it will be beneficial for you if you befriend with us. More than the Modi family, I want to destroy Gopi. Since we both are the enemies of Modi family, we can join hands.” Gaura said, “Get lost, I can do my work”
Mansi said, “Think over it & get back to us.”
Mansi & Pramila leave.
At Modi Bhavan, all are done with the arrangements. Meera, Vidya, Priyal, Dharam & Shravan come for the party.”
When Ahem was about to cut the cake, Mansi & Pramila enter & leave them the legal notice from the High Court. She said, “You guys can enjoy as much as you want now. We will meet in the court.”

Gopi said, “Even if you get the notice from Supreme Court, it won’t make any difference to us.”
Kokila backs her saying, “Yes, no one can change the fact that the person staying with us is our Ahem. We have all the proof.”
Ahem said, “Mansi, you’ve been with me for 10 years & you don’t recognize me? I can also act. I have done a lot like that in my college days. Get lost otherwise; I will be forced to push you all out.”
Mansi said,”Yes, for now, I will leave but will be back very soon.”
The Modi family resumes with the party & give snacks to all. Jigar is guilty. He goes to Ahem & confesses that, “I’ve mortgaged the house to Mansi. But I have repaid everything but she has not given the property papers.”
Ahem gets angry & asked, “Whom did you consult before doing such a thing?”
Jigar said, “It was my own decision. I was not in good terms with Kaki & Gopi bhabhi as they always accuse Paridhi when anything goes wrong.”
Ahem said, “It has always been like that & you know it very well. You were the first person to stand against your marriage with her & today you have become so blind in her love. Unbelievable!”
He then calls the family advocate for the legal advice who comes at 4 pm in the evening. The family tells him the facts. The advocate said, “You have to get it altered from the person who made the will.”

Jigar decides to leave for USA & get the will changed. He carries all the receipts with him.
As expected, Mansi, Pramila & Krishna comes there. Krishna decides to keep a watch on Pramila & Mansi. Mansi calls her advocate but he said, “I can’t take this case.”
Mansi asked, “Why?”
The advocate said, “Your brother Krishna withdrew the case.”
Mansi gets irked.
The advocate Thackral said, “I’ve studied the case thoroughly. All the evidences are against us. I have not lost a single case & I’m sure to lose this if I take it up. I am not accustomed to lose any case nor can I digest defeat.”
Mansi said, “Whatever fees you want, I’ll pay but please fight my case.”
Thackral said,”Sorry, my reputation is more important to me.” He then cuts the call.
Mansi then goes to Krishna & said, “Why did you take it back? Is Gopi more important to you than your own sister?”
Krishna said, “For me righteousness is important. I always stand for what is right.”
Mansi said, “You know what Ahem & his family has done to me.”
Krishna said, “Yes, I understand everything. That is the reason I kept warning you to stay away from them. You knew very well that Ahem is a married man & can reunite with his wife though he is upset with her. I told you not to stay with them & look after the girls. But you chose to do that. It is your fault. What made you to think that Gopi won’t come back & claim for her Ahem & her daughters? I will keep dissuading, opposing & discouraging you whenever you are wrong. If this continues, I will have to admit you to the mental hospital again. And mom, you are supporting Mansi though you know she is wrong.”
Pramila said, “As a mother, I feel bad for you that you lost Gopi & I lost my DIL. So I’m supporting Mansi.”
Krishna said, “I know your intentions. Else I will forget that you are my mom.”
Pramila & Mansi are shocked.

Precap: Meera & Vidya come to Modi House & are shocked to know that Mansi captured 49% the house by illegal means.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    here too mansi acquired midi house by cheating jigar.nice to see krishna withdrawing d case without informing mansi as he wants to support the righteousness.he even stood against pramila 4 troubling modis.wish it was shown in d serial too.jigar has gone to US.hope he returns soon unlike d serial where he won’t return in the near future

    1. Krkavita

      I’m correcting the CV’s version.

      1. Jasminerahul

        that’s nice.thanku 4 that.if possible bring a new girl 4 krishna

  2. nice update
    party time
    ahem tells his mom did correct.. really ahem? ur wife was tortured in her new in laws house.. still it was correct?
    this man wil never chnge..
    good to see krishna positive here

  3. Heather Hassan

    mansi trying everything for her payback but shes comin up short
    first with guara not agreeing to join them
    n then the lawyer refusing to take their case
    glad to see krishna standing against his family n withdrawing the complaint
    he also warned them
    lets see what they do next
    thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

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