Ahem Returns to Modi Mansion With A Bang ep 4


Gaura abuses Naiya for getting caught by the cops. She said, “I know that you want to take revenge from Meera & Vidya but you did a very foolish thing by kidnapping Priyal. It is not Meera who should have made Shravan & Vidya to sign the adoption papers. If you had done that Priyal would have been yours.”

Naiya said, “Initially, I thought that way but what is the use of keeping a girl child? Once she marries, she will go to her in-laws place & I don’t intend to go to my in-laws place after being blamed by them for Devang’s death. I’ve decided to move on in my life with Prakash.”
Gaura said, “You want to marry the car driver? Have you gone mad? What can he give you? If you have wooed Samar instead, it would have been profitable for us.”
Naiya said, “As if Samar will agree. Even if he had, Paridhi would not have accepted me. I’m an under-graduate & on top of that, I’m a widow. Leave all these talks Baa. We have to think about how to escape.”

Gaura said, “I tried every way. No I’m trying to be in the good books of the court so they would release me. If you have any idea, please tell me.”
Prakash & Anurag too plan to get out.
Prakash asks Anurag, “Why didn’t you think about escaping all these years?” Anurag said, “Where was the scope to escape? I could not even find the gutter wherein I could escape & take revenge from the Modi family. I am happy that Ahem died so I could woo Gopi in my life.”
Prakash said,”You can do it only when we come out. I think there should be a gutter somewhere. We have to look for a chance.”

At Modi House, everyone goes to the City Hospital laboratory to get the DNA report. Mansi had thought of tampering with the report but she could not do that as there is a tight security & Kokila is very much watchful & vigilant. Gopi is no less.
Mansi thinks about diverting saas-bahu duo so she can think about manipulating the report. Mansi goes to Kokila pretending that she has reformed but Kokila refuses to believe her. She then tells Krishna to tell Gopi & Kokila to prepare sweets & treat everyone as Ahem will be back in their lives. Krishna goes to them & says, “I think you people are exhausted. I will be here.”
Kokila said, “I trust you but if you get an emergency call, no one will be there to collect the report. I don’t trust Mansi or Pramila even a bit.”

Krishna said,”Oh I have not thought about that.”
He gets an emergency case. Krishna goes to attend the patient.
The DNA reports are out. The advocate, Kokila, Gopi & Ahem look at the report stating that Ahem is Kokila’s biological son & not his lookalike. Everyone is happy that Ahem is back.
All go to the court. The judge sees the report & declares that Gopi’s marriage with Krishna is invalid as it is proved that Ahem is alive.

Krishna apologizes to Kokila & the Modis for getting the proposal for Gopi.
Kokila said,”It is allright. Whatever had happened was out of our ignorance.”
Krishna said,”I apologize to all of you on behalf of my mom & sister. If you need any help, feel free to call me.”

Krishna leaves.
Pramila tells Mansi,”If you had succeeded in manipulating the reports, Gopi would have been with us. You are good-for-nothing.”
Mansi said,”If you had helped me in diverting Gopi & Kokila, I could have done that.”
Pramila said, “We have to think about something else.”
Mansi said, “We have to appeal at the high court for Gopi’s custody.”
Pramila said, “That is better. But it should not be known to Krishna till we win the case.”
Mansi & Pramila appeal at the High Court. The Modi family gets the notice yet again.
This time Parag, Kokila & Ahem take the DNA test with their hair. The report is positive yet again.

Kokila said, “Let them go to any court. But whatever is true it is true. Ahem is alive & the person who is staying with us is none other than him. No one can change the fact.”
The Modi family once again proves in the court that the man who is staying with them is Ahem who is very much alive.

The advocate appeals to the judge to punish the people who waste their precious time.
The judge warns Rahejas against troubling people, police & the court on baseless cases.
Mansi & Pramila think about hurting Gopi in a different way. They decide to find out who are the other enemies of the Modi family.

Precap: Mansi & Pramila find out that Gaura is their enemy & decide to visit her.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    gaura feels naiyya shud’ve wooed samar instead of car driver prakash.ha ha.they cant change.anurag thinks ahem is dead so he wants gopi back.so cheap man.its proved that its ahem.so krishna moved away from gopi’s life with dignity.thx 2 u 4 not making krishna -ve.but pramila n mansi tried all d tricks 2 prove that its not ahem n get back gopi.thankfully but all d attempts failed.but now they want 2 join hands with gaura to win.wish krishna had known this n prevented his mom n sis from doing all this crap

  2. lubna khan.........ameena671

    Awesome update loved it thank you for pm.

  3. well written update..
    thanks for the pm..

  4. Nice
    Thank God mansi wasn’t able to get near the test
    Dna test proved ahem is ahem modi n gopis husband
    Krishna bows out gracefully but his family is another story
    Can’t believe how determined theyre to get gopi one way or another
    Just hope they’re plans keep flopping
    Thanks for pm N plz keep em comin

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