Ahem Returns to Modi Mansion With A Bang ep 2


The Modis are surprised and happy to see Ahem. Kokila said, “Ahem, my boy, you are back. We thought you are no more.” Ahem on the other hand sees the house and senses that Gopi is missing. He asked, “Where is Gopi?”
The entire Modi family is shocked to hear about this question. He then goes to his room in search of her. Then he goes to the kitchen but does not find her.
He again asks everyone, “Where is Gopi?” Jigar said, “Gopi has remarried. Your mom has got her married to Dr. Krishna forcefully.”

Ahem is shocked. He said, “I don’t believe that. Gopi can die without me but she cannot think of any other man in my absence. He then asks Kokila, “Is it true what Jigar said?”
If you guys don’t answer me, I’m leaving this house forever. He is about to leave. Kokila stops him and said, “Yes, I got her remarried as I thought you are dead. Gopi was in a trauma and could not bear that. She was under Dr. Krishna’s treatment for 5 years and had come to normal after seven rounds of her wedding. She refused to marry but on my insistence she had agreed.”

Ahem said, “She was getting her married and no one had even bothered to stop that wedding.” Jigar said, “We had opposed but she didn’t listen. Mom and Baa had gone abroad & your mom wanted to join them. She stayed back saying that it is for Gopi. But inwardly she wanted to get rid of her. That is why she forced Gopi in this marriage.”
Paridhi said, “Dr. Krishna had brought the proposal. Initially she refused. We had also kicked him out but later she agreed to get her married to him. She has lost her head.”
Ahem said, “Enough both of you. I know if mom had done any such thing it cannot be without any reason. Mom, I want to hear from your end.”

Kokila said, “After you had left, we saw the body and were in grief. Gopi got a mental shock and had got into the trauma. She had tried to kill herself but we did not allow her to do that. We had to get her treated. The entire house atmosphere had changed. Jigar, I would not have got Gopi remarried if you had taken care of her. And you Paridhi, “Did you not think about Gopi before I got her remarried. Both of you were busy in your own world. When I gave you the small responsibility to sleep with Gopi in her room for one night, you didn’t do that. You had increased the speed of a/c and made her shiver. When her room was burnt with fire, did any of you come forward to save her? It was Krishna who did that. After kicking Krishna out, did any of you bother to call another doctor? What not did Gopi do for you? If you are in this house as our daughter-in-law, it is only because of her. You do not fit the bill as a daughter-in-law here. You have got no gratitude. And Jigar, if I had to join motabhabhi and baa, I would have taken Gopi with me & got her treated there. I would have done that if there was no problem for her passport. It would take five more years to get her passport renewed because she was convicted by the court for more than five years. For the sake of your daughter, she killed her own sister and didn’t care even if she had to go to jail. For you people, she had put her relationship with Ahem and her girls at stake. Moreover, I also informed Baa and Motabhabhi about it. They had also agreed.”

Ahem said, “So this is the story. Jigar, you had never disobeyed me & Gopi when I was there. When I had refused to accept Gopi as my wife, you had stood for her. You tried to brigde the gap between us. How could you change so much?”

Jigar hung his head in shame.

And Paridhi, “You are Gopi’s younger sister right? How could you forget what all Gopi did for you? When the whole family was against you, Gopi was the only one who stood by you. For you, she had also left the house. She took all the pains to find out about your ex-fiance. She tried to convey something about him to me as & when she was getting the proof but I didn’t show any interest. She had convinced us to save you from his clutches. And could you not stand by her in this crisis? When I didn’t accept Gopi after she came from jail, you had tried to reunite us. Where is your concern now?”

Monica said, “So do you want us to fall at her feet for these reasons?”
Ahem said, “When we elders are talking, you have no right to talk in between.”
Monica said, “If you were alive, why didn’t you come back? Don’t tell me that you were kidnapped.”
Samar said, “Shutup Monica.”
Monica said, “Why should I?”
Samar slaps her & drags her near the main door. He said, “If you don’t have any respect for your elders, there is no place for you in this house.”

At Raheja House, Krishna takes Gopi for shopping. On the way, Gopi asked, “I want to ask you one thing.” Krishna nods. Gopi asked, “Why did you marry me?” Krishna said, “Well, when you were not keeping well, you needed more attention. In these five years, I didn’t know when I got these feelings for you. I was concerned about you & had begun to like you. So I’ve married you.” He stops the car near the shop and asked Gopi,”What do you want as a gift?”
Gopi said, “I don’t want anything from you except one thing.”
Krishna asked, “What do you want?”
Gopi said, “I want divorce. Your mom & sister are torturing me in your absence & I still love Ahem. Is divorce available in any shop?”
Krishna is shocked.

Precap: Krishna tells Gopi, “I’ve married you because I love you but I also respect your feelings for Ahem. I don’t want to ruin your happiness.”

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  1. lubna khan.........ameena671

    wow wonderful update loved it thank you for pm.

  2. Jasminerahul

    loved ahem’s faith in his mother even in d case of KriPi marriage.Samar dragging out Mnica giving her a slap was nice.U reminded me of what Krishna did 4 Gopi.Soch things can’t be a drama.But cvs made all his gud deeds a drama in SNS.Thank God in ur ff Krishna isn’t evil.KriPi conversatin was nice.Gopi wants divrce.feeling bad 4 Krishna.Hope he gets his soulmate.Waiting 4 gohem meeting.

  3. Jasminerahul

    plz solve priyal’s issue too n get naiyya n prakash get their punishment

  4. nice one
    this is so lot better then d on going story on show

  5. Very good Samar slap Mona
    Where Willhappiness next time

    Kavita pls contuineeee

  6. Thanks for PM,Dear.
    It was Awesome Part.
    Ahem Part was so Nice.
    The way he trusts his mother was so Nice.
    Samar Slapped Mounica was so Nice,I Likes it.
    Gopi WANT Divorce from Krishna,it was so Interesting.
    Please Update Next Part soon.

  7. Heather Hassan

    ahems back with a bang
    jigar n paradhi trying to put all blame on kokila
    but once ahem heard truth he soon put them in their place
    as for monica has she been kicked out or was it just a threat??
    Gopi asking krishna for divorce n looks like he might give her it for her happiness
    but will he believe her that his family is torturing her
    N will ahem come for her to get her back??
    thanks for pm nplz keep em comin Heatsha8176

  8. WOW!! amazing update dear…loved it

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