Ahalya (Manmarziyan) FF Prologue

Small Info about the title,In Hindu Mythology, Ahalya is the wife of sage Gautama. She was seduced by Indra, cursed by her husband for infidelity & liberated from the curse by lord Ram.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Samaira Mehra was rolling over the big bed. Sleep already left from her eyes. She got up & sat on the bed.She hold her head & banged her hand on the bed in frustration. Its her 5th year Marriage Anniversary & she is sitting alone in her bedroom,infact, in the big bunglow.Tears started flowing from her eyes.She opened the windows of her bedroom. It was almost pitch dark outside, only some stars are twinkling in the sky. Samaira’s life also filled with darkness. She was a famous actress in theatre. She is married to Arjun Mehra, who is a scientist. But loneliness is killing her. Her husband is always busy with his experiments. Their married life is over long ago. Samaira herself forgot when they had their last s*xual encounter. She has another grief that they tried but she was unable to conceive. What problem? Whose Problem? Arjun never cared to know. He never consulted with any doctor though he is a scientist himself & she is still craving for motherhood. Many time, she thought of Divorce, the most easiest solution, but soon she realized that not possible. She can’t live without him. Now, she is living in Shimla with her husband, who is busy in his life’s most important project. Samaira wanted this break for a long time.

Some people removed the cover from Jishnu’s eyes. By profession, Jishnu is a contract killer. He kill people in cool mind & without leaving any trace. He is still a mystery to the Police. Jishnu looked at his kidnappers. An old man was sitting before him.
Jishnu- How dare you guys?? You people don’t know me.
The Old Man- Of course, We know each & every details about you. You have to do a work for us. Don’t worry about money. You will get what you never imagined.
Jishnu- really?? & what that work??
The Old Man- You have to kill someone.
Jishnu- Whom?
The old man gave him a mocking smile. Another man came & hold a mirror infront of Jishnu.
The Old Man- You have to kill him whose reflection you are watching.
Jishnu- What nonsense??
The Old Man threw a photograph infront of Jishnu. “Look at him, he is Arjun Mehra. Your height, figure, eye colour just like him. Only the look differs. So you have to kill yourself to reborn as Arjun Mehra.”
Jishnu looked at the old man with his mouth open. The Old Man threw a blank cheque on Jishnu’s face. “now, are you ready? But let me tell you this is your first cheque, not the last.”
Jishnu took a deep breath. His eyes were shinning with greed.” But how is it possible?”
The Old Man- meet him, He is Doctor Culbert, the famous Plastic Surgeon. He will make it possible.

IPS Radhika Mishra sat in her own car & was watching the beautiful landscape outside. Now, she is on the way to Shimla, their she got her new posting as a special Investigating Officer in CBI. She wondered what the emergency that her higher authority ordered her to join soon. She was posted in Chandigarh, their she was investigating the murder of a businessman. At first, she was not getting any clue. But she is a sharp-minded Officer & she always believe that perfect Crime is only possible when there is loopholes in Investigation process. After working hard for some days, she got a face & name. “Jishnu”. But Alas!! She got her next posting before arresting him. Though she gave full details to the Officer who took charge in place of her. Radhika sighed, Above all, she is very much happy because her best friend from school life, Samaira Khanna is now in Shimla, & its time for reunion.

Author’s Note

This is Madhumita again. People who already read the prologue I know may be you guys are shocked.
Just wanted to know people’s reaction.I know this concept is hard to accept.But still, I posted it. Please no rotten eggs & tomatoes please.
What to do, always this kind of ajeeb ideas came in my mind & I torture all my readers.
I know, first what question is coming up, is it Sam-Arj or Ar-dhika?? Let me tell you people, its none. Here is no jodi, though here two is married.But they are not couple in usual terms.Here I took only characters.
Its a story of bertray & deceive. Is cunningness more powerful than truth??
Thanks for reading.

Next week, I am coming up with the updates of Checkmate & Chakrabyuh.
Loads of Love.

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  1. Awesome 😀 and thank you for telling its not sam-arj and iam really waiting for your other ffs

    1. Its neither Ar-dhika. I am very sorry to say. Dont expect any jodi in this FF.Thanks.

    2. Thanks for your comment. Other stories update coming soon.

  2. ❤?Natasha?❤

    A very fresh concept….sounds very interesting……..waiting for the 1st chappy eagerly…

    1. Hii Natasha. Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you liked it. Replies are totally unexpected. yes, I am going to continue it.

  3. New concept. U r very daring. Pls continue.

    1. Thanks Rg for commenting. No dear not daring. It not possible for me to write love stories, these kind of concept always comes in my mind. You are saying about Checkmate, it is a Sam-Arj story. I dont think about it. First I was unsure Telly Updates will post it or not. & about readership, I am fine. I know about my limitations. Thanks for reading.Loads of Love & Keep smiling.

  4. A new story that too in new track with my favourite Actors and actresses..OMG..waiting for ur nxt update..its a totally different track and loved the way you started..keep on writing…

    1. ohh, Thanks Kavya for reading & for your lovely comment. I am glad that you liked it. Honestly, here Aham Sharma is in a negative character.Loads of Love & Keep smiling.

  5. O Madhu ..o madhu ….Na mansu Na Di kadu …….(its song ) love it honey ………plz be soon …….but why ahalya ……can’t get it…..plz be soon

    1. Hii Shreya. How are U?? So after a long time. Okay, I love the song & your lovely comment dear.Why Ahalya?? Its a metaphoric use.You will understand as the story will progress. Loads of Love & Keep smiling.

  6. Madhu be frank the track is too gud so pls go head……..hw r u ????? I missing ur FF dr waiting fr next week to u to update both of ur FF….til den luv u ala lots …….tc dr

    1. hii Gayathri. How are U dear?? I am fine. Thanks for your lovely comment. I am glad that U liked it. Next week, I am going to update Checkmate.Lets see. But will continue soon.

  7. interesting.update soon,tc

    1. Thanks Subha. I am glad that you liked it. Loads of Love & Keep smiling.

  8. I like your concept its very interesting, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Hii Brin. How are U?? Thanks dear for reading it & for your lovely comment. I am glad that you liked it.Loads of Love & Keep Smiling.

  9. Yayyy!! Another MMZ FF.. I’m really excited to know what happens next.. You are writing two FF’s already.. My bad, I didn’t check them.. But I’ll surely read them.. 😀 Crazy about MMZ.. So can’t help it.. 😉
    Stay blessed and be happy 😀

    1. hii Sweetie. Welcome to my thread. Thanks a lot for reading & for your lovely comment. I am glad that you liked it. I am crazy about Aham Sharma. Loads of love & keep smiling.

      1. Hii Madhu.. Thank you so much for the warm welcome.. 🙂
        Hehe.. Same pinch.. Even I’m crazy about Aham Sharma.. 😀
        I just completed reading Chakravyuh.. Nice plot BTW.. Checkmate is next on the list.. 🙂
        OMG!! Your FF’s are so mysterious and interesting.. I just love them.. 😀
        Stay blessed and lots of love to you too 🙂

  10. As usual madhumita…I will say it again TU is honoured to have a writer like you…iam your biggest..fan …and really this concept is supercool…. pls update… checkmate…. And chakravyuh..asap ..love u a lot:-) 🙂

    1. Lol its Sammy

      1. Hii Sammy. How are you?? Again, after reading your comment, I am speechless. I am honoured. Thank You. Glad that you liked it. Yes, Checkmate & Chakrabyuh update coming soon. Loads Of love & Keep smiling. I was reading your Horror FF.

  11. Looking forward to this Madhu as usual ur stories are amazing. Stay blessed ?

    1. Hii Gianna. How are U?? Thanks a lot for your lovely comment. I am glad that you liked it. Loads of Love & keep smiling dear.

      1. Am good Madhu, thanks for asking. Hope u are great too. Loads of love to u too ?

  12. Hey……….its a different concept that you have tried here……….I’m happy that its not sam-arj……anyway its good and unique………plzzz update chakravuh…sorry if the spelling is wrong…………….love u Madhu…………..TC……..

  13. Meghna shanti

    Really how do you such amazing concepts
    Okay as usual it’s fabulous

  14. Awesome, marvellous, wowwww madhuuuu…your ajeeb ideas r blessings for us…you’re not torturing us but it’s our pleasure to read these amazing stories. ..I’m totally addicted to Youuuuuuuuu and Your stories. ..I feel being in my dreamland. …keep it up honeyyy. ..I’m in for this lovely story. ..plzzzz continue dear…love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 😉 🙂

  15. Hi madhu how r u???…thanks for the 4th one.. Nice n different plot….pls continue soon…srsly saying ur stories r interesting n perfect…n post ur other ffs too….love u lot…tc…

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