Ahalya (Manmarziyan) FF Part 3

Radhika- I studied the case file Neil & I think this case gonna to be one of the most challenging case in my career.
Neil- Mam, we investigated this murder case for weeks but we are unable to find a single clue.We are in complete darkness.
Radhika- First of all Neil, please don’t call me mam. I am feeling like an old lady.We both are going to work together.So, it will be good if we let aside all official formalities between us & work in a friendly atmosphere.
Neil smiled & nodded.
Neil- But you have to bear the old lady feeling.Its impossible for me not to call you mam.
Radhika ( with a bright smile)- As you wish.Now, lets start our work.
Neil nodded his head & sat in complete attention.
Radhika- First analysis the case with limited information that we have.
Neil- Okay, A Foreigner lady came in Shimla with fake identity,who was also a part of an International Smuggling Organization & in most wanted list of Interpol.
Radhika- So, here the main question is why she came to Shimla?
Neil- to hide??
Radhika- I don’t think so.She first created a fake identity,then made fake passport & Visa, Then came in Shimla & started living in a low grade hotel.Not at all a good hide plan for an International Criminal & also at that time when Interpol has no inputs about her whereabouts.
Neil- So, you are saying she came here with some other motive.
Radhika- Yes, & if we say about motive,then it must be smuggling something.
Neil- now, the question is what??
Radhika- Yes Neil, that’s the million-dollar question,what is precious here in Shimla that they want to smuggle??
Neil- According to Interpol Report,at first the Group only used to smuggle drugs in countries but later they started smuggling Arms & Explosives also.
Radhika- hmm, another striking fact is the use of Katta as murder weapon. Why Katta??
Neil- Its unlicenced may be that’s why.
Radhika- if killer used some other guns, should we able to trace it easily??
Neil- May be, the killer was a local contract killer, who killed the lady for money.
Radhika- possible. But who?? Then he knew the real identity of the lady.What is the motive of the killer??
Neil- Rivalry.
Radhika- But what about the s*xual activity before death?? That’s not forced. I am sure the lady will never allow her rival in her room & also s*x with him nor with any local gunda.
Neil- probably, both are different person.
Radhika- So, you are saying that she was with someone in the Hotel-room & after that someone left, killer came & shot her dead.
Neil- I was sure from the beginning, the hotel staffs are telling lie. We should interrogate them again, this time in more tough way.
Radhika- But you & your team tried before right??
Neil- yes, but I am not seeing other way rather than Interrogating them again.
Radhika- Neil, I want to visit the Crime-Scene personally.
Neil- sure, I already sealed the place.
Radhika- but before that, activate the local informers & try to find out recently any local criminal went underground or not & also try to find out more about Katta.

Arjun knocked & entered into Nandini Pandey’s cabin, his senior & also his friend.He called her Nandu.
Arjun- Yes Nandu, why you called me so urgently??
Nandini- Sit Arjun. I have to discuss some important topic with you.
Arjun- So, say what you want to discuss??
Nandini- What happened to you Arjun?? I can say that you are not fine.
Arjun started looking here & there.
Arjun- What are you saying Nandu?? I am absolutely fine.
Nandini- Okay, accepted as you are saying. Next I want to discuss about your research.
Arjun- Research??
Nandini- Yes, Research. I guess that’s why you are here in the Lab.
Arjun- I already told naa, my last research project was a failure.
Nandini- But you know instead of looking upset, you are looking tensed.
Arjun (with a forced smile)- Nandu, you are too much. Don’t say this type of dialogue in front of others. People will think you are researching on me.
Nandini (murmured)- I wanted. But you never gave me the chance.
Arjun- huh?? You said something??
Nandini- Listen Arjun, submit your last project details to me.I want to see where the research goes wrong.
Arjun face lost its colour.”Nandu, I told you that…………
Nandini- that the project failed. I heard it many times. Now, I want to see how??I want your Project report files & its an order.
Arjun( after few minutes of silence)- I know it’s a huge loss for you & the Lab. I am giving resignation from here.
Nandini raised her eyebrows & told Arjun to sit. She herself got up & closed the door,took a chair & sat near Arjun.
Nandini- So, you want to resign??
Arjun- Yes.
Nandini- It will not going to be accepted, so don’t waste your time in typing it. Arjun you still don’t know me. Whole day, I sit in my cabin but I have my own network. I know it very well that your last research was not a failure. What actually you prepared Arjun that you are not allowing anyone near your cabin??SPEAK OUT.
Arjun (desperately)- Trust me Nandu, its nothing.
Nandini started laughing.” Good joke Mr. Arjun Mehra. Now, I also want to share a joke with you. Look carefully okay”
Nandini took out her mobile & opened a video clip & put it infront of Arjun. Arjun’s eyes grew wide in shock. In the video, Arjun was with Nandini in a very compromising position.
Arjun sat there completely stunned. He is unable to react.
Nandini (smirked)- You must be thinking How?? When?? Don’t put too much pressure in your little brain. I am telling you. Remember the day, you were so upset after receiving your wife scandalous photos with her Boyfriend. You were drunk & venting your frustration in front of me. After that, you assumed me as Samaira & then the result is infront of you.
Arjun was sweating & shaking. He has no idea about it. He tried to remember. He hold his head.
Nandini- Don’t panicked dear, You did nothing. You passed out before doing anything. But if I say that you tried to molest me, this video is enough to prove me right naa?? See the position.ohh, my poor darling, you are sweating.
Arjun- Bastard, I thought you as my best friend….
Nandini- sssssssshhhhh Arjun, I never thought you as a friend. I wanted more. How many times I gave you hint?? But You, where I lacked that you chose Samaira over me??
Arjun was stunned.
Nandini- Listen, now I don’t care any more. I am giving you time till morning, just give me your Research Formula. Don’t you dare to cheat me. Neither you know what can I do. Now, Get Lost.
Arjun hurriedly came out from Nandini’s cabin without glancing at her. He almost ran towards his cabin & locked the door. He sat with a thud. He looked blank & shattered. He lost all power of thinking & reacting.
“Its over. I am finished. But I will never become the reason for others destruction. I will never give “Ahalya” to anyone at any cost. Arjun got up & took out the file “Ahalya” from the secret locker. He took out the lighter & burned the file. Tears escaped from his eyes, but he hold the file till it destroy completely. After that, Arjun rushed outside, sat in his car & drove off. His Personal Secretary Zubin looked at him & dialed a number.

Jishnu noticed a car approaching through a powerful Binoculars. He checked the Number plate, its Arjun’s car.
Jishnu- Bonnie, Its time for action. He is here. Just Stop the car.
Bonnie ( tensed)- What will you going to do with him??
Jishnu (roared) – that’s none of your business Bonnie. But if you unable to stop the car, then you have no idea what I will do to you. Just go & do as I said.
Jishnu roughly pushed Bonnie towards the road.
Arjun was driving the car. Its time to destroy the last copy also. Arjun put the break as he saw a girl in front of his car. Arjun rushed outside to check the girl.” Heyy, Are you fine??”
Bonnie was stunned to see the man in front of her. She gulped hard. She nodded her head, got up & ran away from him. Arjun only looked at the strange lady. He sighed. “Thank God, she is fine.”
Arjun again sat in his car & started driving. He need to hurry up, he don’t care for himself anymore. Suddenly he sensed somebody’s presense in his car. He looked in the mirror. He saw his reflection is sitting in the back seat & looking at him with a smirk. He rubbed his eyes & again put the break. He felt a needle pricked his neck.

Thats all for today. Sorry for the late.Waiting for opinions.
& Belated Happy Birthday to Gauri. May God Bless U. Sorry dear for the late wish.
& also I am feeling super happy that my sweetu Aham is coming back.
Love You All.

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  1. Wow.. superb madhu… its moving faster… Nandu the cheater.. guess zubin 2 be wit Nandu.. Eager 4 nxt update.. Aham.is back…which show… plsss tell na…

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Jessie for your lovely comment. I am glad that you liked it. Yes, Aham is back in a new show in Zee TV named Jaani Dushman opposite Krystle.

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, eagerly waiting for the next update, I have also heard that Aham is coming back in Ekta kapoor drama called Jaani Dushmani with the lead lady Kristle desouza the one who played Jeevika in ek hazooron mein mere beina hain, it will be shown on zee tv. 🙂

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Brin for your lovely comment. I am glad that U liked it & super happy for Aham, though quite afraid also as it Ekta’s show & also supernatural.Anyway, hope for the Average.

  3. Amazing Madhu, enjoyed reading this so much, loving the way the story is going. I also read the news that Aham is coming back so excited for his new show

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Gianna. I am glad that you liked it & I am also super excited to see Aham again in TV.

  4. Sweetie

    Hey Madhu!!Fast paced thriller..Now Jishnu and Arjun came face-to-face,that’s superb..Nandu as usual witch,blackmailing Arjun..?Aham in your DP is so cute yaar..?Waiting for the next..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Sweetie for your lovely comment. I am glad that you liked it. Yes, finally Jishnu & Arjun came face to face. Lets see, what happen. Aham is so cute.Yes, will continue soon. Loads of Love & Keep Smiling.

  5. Sammy

    Yippe ..I am dancing on Venus …my god madhu ..you updated wao ..man it’d was like iam seeing some movie . Awesome ..and here nandini and arjun are amazing ..Darling I love you ..muaaahh .. you should write your own book. .ahalya ….superb ..pls update next soon a loooonnggg one 🙂

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks, thanks Sammy for your lovely comment. I am super happy that you liked it. I love you too dear. Next part, coming soon. Keep Smiling & plz update Lost patience.

  6. Awesome madhu…u r good at mystery

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Gauri & you are expert in writing Romance.

  7. awesome episode………eagerly waiting next one .pls update soon.thank u …tc

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Subha. Glad that U liked. Will update soon. Loads of Love & Keep smiling.

  8. I like girls to b bold ,witty n strong…positive or negative don’t care…love all ladies here n concept…thanks a ton

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Rossy for reading & commenting. Glad that you liked all the ladies here. Thanks again for liking the concept. Loads of Love & Keep smiling.

  9. Awesome dear…I loved it..waiting for nxt..plz post soon..love u..tc

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Ritu. Glad that U liked the part. Will try to continue soon. Loads of Love to U too.

  10. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very very much. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads

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