Ahalya (Manmarziyan) FF Part 2

Two girls tightly hugged each other, after all they are meeting almost after six years.Radhika Mishra & Samaira Khanna both are childhood friends. They both studied together in same school from Nursery.While studying in Third Standard, they became the best friends.But both were different. Radhika from childhood was brilliant in studies,whereas Samaira was much more interested in acting, dancing & fashion. In any cultural events, Samaira always used to bring the first prize in dancing or in acting & Radhika was a specialist in Debate.Their teachers used to say both the girls are special in their own way. The main strong feature of their friendship bond is their trust on each other. Their batch mates used to say that they are actually sisters, by any chance they were lost in Kumbh Mela. They passed Board exams together. After passing Higher Secondary, Samaira took admission in FTII as she was very much serious in taking acting as profession. Radhika did M.Sc in Physics. Then also, they were regular in touch with each other. After that, Samaira started playing lead roles in Theatre. In her First show, Radhika was present. After that, Radhika became busy in cracking UPSC & Samaira became more busy in acting. Soon, they lost the contact with each other & became more busy in secure their career. Radhika got the news that Samaira getting married to Arjun Mehra when she was in IPS training. She congratulated Samaira, but unable to attend her best friend marriage. After Training, Radhika started getting her posting in different cities. She got the news that Samaira got a lead role in Television & her show was getting extreme popularity. But she changed her old number. Before four month, suddenly Radhika got the personal mobile number of Samaira through an old friend. She immediately called her. But she was living with her husband in Shimla & Radhika was posted in Chandigarh. They talked, but not like before. Then, unexpectedly Radhika got the Shimla posting & they met.
Samaira- I cant believe Rads that you are standing infront of me.But hold on,where is the cute chubby Rads?? You are looking so fit & more confident. I am very happy to see you. How are U Rads??
Radhika- I am fine Sammy.
Radhika keenly noticed her friend.
Samaira- We meet again Rads. ( in a low voice).
Samaira- arre why are you silent? & what are you looking in my face?? Is there something in my face?
Radhika- Everything is fine in your face, but I think you are not fine Sammy.
Samaira- me not fine?? Come on Rads, you know me, I always stay Happy & Bindaas.
Radhika- You always used to stay happy & bindaas, but meeting with you after 6 years, I think, I lost my bubbly friend somewhere.
Samaira- Rads you are thinking too much. Come on, you are meeting with your best friend after so many years, & without feeling nostalgia, you are busy in analysis.
Radhika- But who is sitting infront of me?? My best friend or famous actress Samaira Khanna. Don’t try to hide your feeling at least infront of me. I know you better than you Sammy. So, please leave this fake mask.
Samaira bytes her llips.
Samaira- Thanks Rads, at least you proved me lucky in this relation. I still have my best friend with me.
Radhika- What happened Sammy?? Tell me.
Samaira- Why you don’t get married Rads??
Radhika- Sammy, I asked you first. Hold on, everything is not fine between you & Arjun, right??
Samaira- Just say naa, why you don’t get married Rads??
Radhika- because, till now, I did not find my dream man. Happy???
Samaira- I found mine 5 years back. We got married also. But I think I made a mistake, I tried to fulfill my dream & in this process I lost everything.
Radhika- So, Arjun believed in those crap gossip news about you & your serial’s lead actor Deepak.
Samaira- You never believed in those Articles??
Radhika- I know my best Friend Sammy. She cant cheat. Do you try to clear the misunderstanding?? You both talked freely???
Samaira- After so many years, I am talking freely with you Rads.
Both girls stayed silent for some times. Samaira Sighed.
Samaira- Lets stop discussing this topic. Everything get complex in my simple life in these years.Coffee- shop is not an appropriate place to discuss about my relationship status. If any Gossip magazine got to know, again I will become a topic of their silly news.
Radhika- I can understand, Afterall you are Samaira Khanna.
Samaira- Don’t tease Rads. By the way, Why you get sudden emergency posting here?? Nothing dangerous right??
Radhika- naa re Sammy, I am here just to investigate a murder case.By the way, time changes, now IPS Radhika Mishra is the threat among the criminals. They are all afraid of me.
Samaira tightly pinched her hand.
Radhika- ahhh, Why are you pinching me Sammy?? I am sitting infront of you, You are not watching any dream.
Samaira- I was just checking your strength Rads. By the way, do you watched my show??
Radhika- Of course, but the uploaded version in Internet. There was always a nagging feeling to punch your on-screen mother-in-law & that churail sister cum sauten.
Both started laughing.
Samaira- Thanks Rads. After so long, I am laughing heartily. I am feeling so nice. Please don’t leave me again.
Radhika- From now on, you will always find me with you in your every problem. Pinky Promise Sammy.

Bonnie- This Arjun Mehra has a beautiful, attractive wife, who is also an actress right??
Jishnu- You are 100% right Bonnie.
Bonnie- & you will be staying with her.
Jishnu gave her a dramatic sad look.
Jishnu- Do I have any choice darling??
Bonnie started searching something in her purse. She took out a small box of vermillion.
Bonnie- You are constantly saying My Jishnu is dead,you are Arjun Mehra, now you exactly looked like him. You changed everything about you.Its almost impossible to notice the change. But still you came to me & reveal yourself. You Love me, I know. But life taught me a lesson, not to trust men blindly. Marry me Jishnu.
Jishnu just gave her a mocking smile & pinched her nose.
Jishnu- Darling, for legal marriage, we have to give notice at least before 30 days. Then, Police will trace me & I will directly landed in jail. & all the plans will be fail before starting.
Bonnie- Just fill my mang. I can’t slept with any other man. I want to be only yours. Please.
Jishnu rolled his eyes & took some vermillion from the small box & filled her mang. Bonnie just closed her eyes tightly. A small droplets of tears escaped from her eyes.She put her lips on his. Took her bag & left from the hotel room.
Bonnie urf Barnali, a girl from a small village of Assam, came to Delhi before 3 years in search of work to support her family in village, but fall in the trap of Prostitution. She lost her father in childhood & her mother is suffering from Cancer. Her younger sister looked after their mother. Every month she used to send money in her home in village. She first met with Jishnu as a customer. Soon, she fell in love with him. She knew, he was a criminal & she never trusted him completely, but when he came with a changed face & identity & reveal himself to him & said she is the only woman in his life, she just trusted him. Her mind constantly saying stop being childish, but her heart turned deaf. She belonged to Jishnu. She took out a small mirror from her purse & looked herself. She felt complete.What more a pr*stitute can expect??
“Ek chutki Sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano Arjun babu???” Jishnu patted his own shoulder & laughed heartily. “This is the most cheapest deal I ever did with anyone. Ek chutki Sindoor & the stupid girl is in my clutch.”

Arjun Mehra entered into his cabin in Research Lab & tightly closed the door. He was breathing heavily. He drank water. He was feeling that someone is following him 24 hours. Droplets of sweats visible on his forehead in the AC Room. With a shaking hands, he opened a small secret locker. He took out a file. He is holding the formula of a deadly Virus, which he mistakenly prepared while experimenting. He himself gave it a name- “AHALYA”.

Part 2 Updated. Waiting for the reviews.

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  1. goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I so love it

    and I am waiting for it badly dear

    what else to say plssssssssssssss update the next u make the suspense

    it is now a suspense thriller movie like

    love u dear madhu keep smilng

    1. Madhumita

      Hii Nisha. Thanks a lot for the lovely comment. I am glad that you are liking the suspense. Next part, coming soon. Loads of Love to U too dear & Keep smiling.

    2. nishuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu its been a long time since I saw u…………how r u ??????????????? r u free now ?????????????

  2. Is this ardhika or raneil ff? In other way is this nesam or samjun ff?

    1. Madhumita

      Please don’t expect any jodi in this FF. Sorry. Its all about Characters. I cant reveal more. Thanks for reading.

      1. Wow that’s totally new.. ?
        Waiting for suspence ??

    2. Madhumita

      Thanks. Hope I can live up to your expectation.

  3. Jessie

    Aiyo… this is suupppperr!!! Rasam meet was so lively…hope she speaks out.. Wonder., wat this jishnu s up to.. made bonnie a emotional fool..its now more interesting with Ahalya- d virus..will he be killed or sam… very much eager 4 next update…Madhu… update it soooon….

    1. Madhumita

      ohh, Thanks Jessie for your lovely comment. I am glad that you liked it.Thanks for liking the RaSam part. Soon, it will be revealed what Jishnu is upto. Next part, Coming soon. Till then, keep guessing.

  4. Brin

    Super interesting, waiting for next episode. 🙂

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Brin. I am glad that U liked it. Next part, coming soon.

  5. Sweetie

    Lovely episode dear.. ?

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Sweetie. Glad that U liked it.

  6. Lakshmi05

    Nice story dear..

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      Thanks Lakshmi. Glad that U liked it.

  7. It’s awesome madhu … Update soon

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Bhabya. I am glad that U liked it. Next part, coming soon.

  8. Sammy

    Omg omg u updated a next chappy .. fabulous .. poot bonnie ….and radhika is awesome …and the virus name ahalya wao wao 🙂 🙂 amazing madhu ..thank. u so much …a lot

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Sammy for your lovely comment. I am glad that U liked it. Why you are giving me thank U??? I am thankful to all of you for accepting my works. Loads of love & Keep Smiling.

  9. This really good ………is radz gonna help Sam n Arjun or fall for arjun

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Shreya. I am glad that U liked. Cant reveal more now. Keep Reading.

  10. Tooooo good madhumita

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Apra. Glad that U liked it.

  11. Shravanrishi

    superb episode

    1. Madhumita

      ohh, Thanks Rishi. Glad that U liked it.

  12. such a nyc plot….lke it alot. Sam nd rads bonding was just fabulous…

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Angi. I am glad that U liked the plot. Thanks for liking the RaSam Bond.

  13. Awesome Madhu 🙂

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Gauri.

  14. well its awesome…………………plzzz update chakrayuh soooooooon

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Aastha. I am glad that U liked it. Will definitely update Chakrabyuh soon.

  15. superb epi dr..sam rads jst amazing…loved it..waiting for nxt..love u..tc

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Ritu. I am glad that U liked it. Thanks for liking RaSam bond. Will Continue soon. Loads of Love to you too.

  16. thirlling story…interesting episode……..eagerly waiting next one..tc

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Subha. I am glad that U liked it. Will continue soon.

  17. hey aasthu offcourse I remember you dear how r u

    I am so happy to see u dear

    its been a time but really very very happy to meet u


    I was more a silent reader these days

    comment less read more

    but all are gone here manmarziyan group our old group miissing old days badly sometimes

    love u dear and yeah what about ur ff where is my search ends in u

    keep writing and keep sharing your heart love u dear keep smiling

  18. Awesome, wowwww madhuuuu. ….missed you sooooo sooooo much….mind blowing update n awesoooooome narration. …keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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